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Patrick Le Brun on Terrorism, Le Pen, Brexit, & Trump

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Greg Johnson talks to Patrick Le Brun about recent events in France:

  • The Muslim massacre in Nice
  • Two ways of being a “good Mulsim”: Plan A: piety, Plan J: jihad
  • Media evasions of the Muslim nature of terrorism
  • The failure of the strategy of trying to push Western decadence on Muslims
  • The idea that Islam needs a Reformation
  • The Christian Reformation led to centuries of horrific warfare
  • The Muslim Reformation already happened; it is Wahabism, which is the main problem
  • The difficulties that the French National Front faces in the 2017 elections
  • How Marine Le Pen could govern with referenda
  • The effect of Brexit in France
  • The effect of the Trump campaign in France
  • Nationalism: the hard way or the easy way
  • Reasons for optimism





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One Comment

  1. Claude
    Posted August 1, 2016 at 9:00 am | Permalink

    Patrick Le Brun is hands-down the best commentator is mainstream or movement media on the crisis in France. I urge everyone to listen to his Red Ice appearance as well. Glad to know we’ll be hearing more from him.

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