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Jews Are Not White People (a Response to a Response)

Dennis Prager [1]

Dennis Prager

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Recently, Jewish conservative Dennis Prager made the commonsense argument that Jews should quit supporting Leftist causes because the Left, as he says, “is not our friend.” His piece [2], which appeared in the Jewish Journal on August 31, describes quite clearly how leftist radical organizations such as Black Lives Matter, MoveOn, Code Pink, and others reject not only Israel’s right to exist, but also the rights of Israel-supporting Jews to be part of these organizations.

Yet Left-wing Jews continue to support them. Prager gives the example of prominent Jews such as Leonard Bernstein and Sidney Lumet who lent their support to the Black Panthers in the 1970s despite knowing what violent thugs the Panthers really were. But this love for left-wing causes, as Prager points out, “has never been reciprocated. The left (not traditional liberals, it must be noted) has been Jew-hating (and later, Israel-hating) throughout its history.”

Okay, terrific. Of course, Prager neglects to mention the deleterious effects the Left has had on white gentiles as well. Hopefully, such an argument would not be completely lost on the readership of the Jewish Journal. Either way, however, I find it fair to say that if all Jews were to emulate Prager and cool it with their Left-wing obsessions, then anti-Semitism (from the Right at least) would be somewhat alleviated. Much of dextral anti-Semitism these days stems from traditional-minded, race-realist whites who cannot help but notice prominent, influential Jews acting so energetically against white racial interests while remaining quite jingoistic about their own. I believe that Dennis Prager, who, as far as I have seen, has always been even-handed with white gentiles, is shining a light into a dark place, which is the endemic weakness diaspora Jews have for socialism. It makes me sad when I consider how lonely and dim that light is compared to the vastness all around it.

Such pious melancholy met its abrupt end, however, when I read the stunning retort [3] to Dennis Prager published in the Jewish Journal just one day later. It was entitled “Jews Are Not White People, or Why Jews Support the Left (a Response to Dennis Prager),” authored by Tom Teicholz. Honestly, I don’t know whether to be offended by Teicholz or to thank him for his candor. Essentially, Teicholz is not afraid to acknowledge the very things that white, judeo-criticial gentiles have always known: that A) Jews see themselves as racially distinct from whites, and B) Jews “always agitate for and support causes of the left,” which, of course, is tantamount to opposing the racial interests of whites. Teicholz, whether he knows it or not (and I seriously doubt that he does), gives anti-Semites almost everything they have ever wanted in a piece written by a Jew.

Never have I discovered so much Truth and Stupid in a single article.

First of all, Teicholz’s opinion piece quite cleanly illustrates the double standard found in the liberal media, which is mostly run by Jews. If Kevin MacDonald were to pen an opinion piece entitled “Jews Are Not White People, or Why Jews Support the Left” he would be excoriated as a racist and anti-Semite. Points A and B above are two major themes found in nearly every chapter of MacDonald’s famous 2002 work The Culture of Critique, and for this he gets labeled an “extremist” by the Southern Poverty Law Center. While it’s nice to see people on opposite ends of the political spectrum agreeing for a change, it would even be nicer if the powerful Jews in the media who can ruin careers and lives with the “E” word would apply their moral standards more consistently. Tom Teicholz just characterized Jews as a bunch of racially distinct Leftist agitators. Is he not also an extremist like MacDonald? Or, perhaps, since there some truth to what he is saying, we can absolve both Teicholz and MacDonald of extremism. I know how the Jewish Journal feels about the former since they decided to publish him. I guess we’ll have to wait and see about the latter.

Secondly, Teicholz’s main argument is utterly ridiculous. He claims that because Jews remind themselves during Passover that they had been slaves in ancient Egypt, they must today identify with American blacks because American blacks had also been slaves. Hence, Jews must support all sorts of black causes and look the other way when that support is not reciprocated. As he puts it:

Our support is not a two-way street, or an all or nothing proffer. The Torah does not hold others, particularly those we support, to the same standard as it does Jews.

Doesn’t Teicholz realize that he is characterizing Jews as drones who follow ancient traditions most uncritically? This is remarkable given how Teicholz obviously finds such an unflattering assessment to be a good thing. Doesn’t Teicholz also realize that white Christians have also been slaves? More recently than Jews, I might add, and I am not just talking about ancient Rome. According to two studies, M.A. Khan’s Islamic Jihad (2009) and Robert C. Davis’ Christian Slaves, Muslim Masters (2003), between 2.75 and 3.75 million white Europeans were abducted and sold into slavery in the Ottoman Empire by Barbary pirates or Crimean Tatars from 1450 to 1800. That is a hell of a lot more than the 400,000-odd black African slaves transported to North America since the 16th century. It’s more than the number of black or Muslim slaves brought into Europe during the same time period as well. Teicholz should also realize that the trans-Atlantic slave trade wouldn’t have happened if there weren’t already thousands of black Africans who were more than willing to capture and trade their human cargo for silver or ivory or whatever it was that served for money back then. And this says nothing of the black African slave owners who still exist today.

So, does this mean that Jews are obligated to “identify and support the cause[s]” of white Europeans? According to Teicholz’s tortured logic, it would.

Third, Teicholz claims that diaspora Jews support Left-wing causes because Jews do so much better under Left-wing regimes than Right-wing ones. Here is his argument:

How have Jews fared under the right? Far worse. In Egypt, or under the Greeks and Romans, in Spain and Portugal under the Inquisition, in Europe during the Reformation, in France at the time of Dreyfus, or in Hitler’s Germany or his Reichlands. Consider the fate of Jewish lives under right wing governments in Hungary or Poland – are they better off than they were under leftist regimes?

I don’t see how anyone can pin ancient, medieval, renaissance, or reformation-era anti-Semitism (if you can even call it that) on “the Right” since this concept originated during the French Revolution and didn’t really attain the meaning it has today until the mid-19th century. Yes, things were dreadfully bad for Jews under Hitler, but they weren’t much better under the ultra-Left-wing Stalin. According to Louis Rapoport’s Stalin’s War Against the Jews (1989) Stalin killed around 1.5 million Jews through executions and deportations to the gulag. He was also preparing to annihilate nearly all Soviet Jews at the time of his death. Yes, Teicholz is correct that Right-wing, nationalist movements in places like Hungary and France engaged in anti-Semitism. But what about fascist Italy and imperial England which were also highly nationalistic and conservative? These places had lots of Jews but very little anti-Semitism.

Fourth, Teicholz doesn’t seem to understand Jews very well. By linking Jewish liberalism to Passover and the Torah, he seems to think that religiously pious Jews are the ones taking up Left-wing causes, when in fact it’s the secular or Reform ones mostly doing this. Conservative, religious Jews like Dennis Prager vote Republican more often than not and, if they are not already in Israel, pretty much want to be left alone. On the other hand, Marx, Trotsky, Freud, Boas, Zinn, Alinksy, Chomsky, Soros . . . how many of these men and others like them observed the Sabbath and kept meat apart from dairy? Not many, yet they did more to harm Western Civilization than almost anyone by chipping away at the racial, cultural, familial, and religious cohesion of white people. As MacDonald pointed out many times in The Critique of Culture, Left-wing Jews with the will to power tend to abjure their religious ties but accentuate their ethnic or racial ones. In other words, like Teicholz, they identify as Jews, not as whites, and therefore tend to place their own priorities higher than the priorities of their host populations. And this often results in cynical alliances with non-whites who have similar anti-white agendas.

In places like pre-World War II central Europe and Czarist Russia where violent anti-Semitism was a fairly common occurrence, this kind of behavior may seem reasonable. In places like the United States or most of Europe since the war where violent anti-Semitism (at least from whites) is as rare as hen’s teeth, it most certainly is not.

This leads to my final point, Teicholz tips his hand and unwittingly reveals his utter contempt for whites. And since he claims to be speaking on behalf of the majority of Jews and is given a platform for this contempt by a site called the Jewish Journal, we have to conclude that many Jews share this contempt. Note how Teicholz reflexively considers the cause of blacks and other non-whites to be just:

Jews will always agitate for and support causes of the left, because we are commanded to be a beacon unto others and to see social activism and seeking Justice.

Atrocious writing aside, why does Teicholz find Left-wing causes of black Americans to be necessarily just? It can’t be because they are black. That would be tautological. It can’t also be because American whites oppress blacks today. With a black president and ubiquitous affirmative action and a strong black presence in our mainstream culture, they obviously don’t. Furthermore, high black crime and illegitimacy rates coupled with low black academic achievement can sufficiently explain the relative lack of success blacks have in America and other places.

It also can’t be because whites have oppressed blacks in the past. Teicholz neglects to determine if there were good reasons for this oppression. Blacks as a group have always shown tendencies towards violence, impulsiveness, and shiftlessness. These are unfortunate truths, yet truths nonetheless. Furthermore, in the absence of conclusive genetic evidence (which we still do not have today), it is perfectly reasonable to assume that this is just how black people, in the main, are. When confronted with millions of such people within your borders, as late-19th century white Americans were, something had to be done to prevent these people from dragging civilization into a more barbarous state. That something was oppression, i.e., segregation, Jim Crow laws, and the like. People like Teicholz, of course, find such measures repugnant because they presume an equality between black and white which does not exist. They also fail to see how humane such measures were compared to the alternatives, which were mass-murder (as practiced against millions of black slaves by the non-white Muslims) or mass deportations (as practiced against millions of ethnic minorities by the non-right-wing Soviets). Many of these Soviets, it needs to be said, were Jews.

American whites resorted to neither alternative, and instead tried to work it out with blacks in a manner which benefited the largest number of people while reflecting the manifest biological differences between the races. For this they deserve credit not scorn. Yet scorn from Teicholz and many Left-wing Jews is all we get.

There is no reason for this scorn except for one: racism. Vicious, closed-minded, anti-white racism. This is the core of Jewish liberalism. This is why Jews tolerate gross anti-Semitism from the non-white Left. This is also why philo-Semitic conservatives, even race-realist realist ones like John Derbyshire and Jared Taylor, win so little Jewish support. They’re white, you see. They are tainted. There is nothing they can do to redeem themselves other than renounce their own whiteness; to commit racial suicide, essentially, which is something many liberal whites readily aspire to do. I really believe that if all Right-wing, race-realist whites were to disappear tomorrow, Tom Teicholz and much of his readership would not be too broken up about it at all. At least not at first.

So let me conclude with a plea to the liberal, Left-wing Jews who may be persuaded by Mr. Teicholz’s arguments. Please listen to Dennis Prager. Please. It will be better for everyone if you lose your absurd negrophilia and europhobia and begin to show more respect for conservative whites who are the majority in and founders of the great nations of Europe and North America. Since World War II, Right-wing whites have exhibited remarkable restraint in their attitudes towards Jews. Even the ones who don’t particularly like Jews, such as Pat Buchanan or Jean-Marie Le Pen, have had positively benign attitudes when compared to Right-wingers in the past. You can also look at the Alt Right today. Despite whatever snark and criticism they may or may not lob at Jews, what leading light in the Alt-Right openly hates them or calls for violence against them? Not Taki. Not Brimelow. Not Taylor. Not Spencer. Not Vox Day. Not Molyneux. Greg Johnson, the editor Counter-Currents, recently described himself as an anti-Semite and a Zionist. He also swears off violence. You know what that means? That despite his differences with Jews, he respects their right to live and the right for Israel to exist.

Can you honestly say the same for many Left-wing organizations out there? These are people who openly discriminate against Jews and condemn Israel. These are people who cheer or equivocate whenever Palestinians attack or murder Israelis. And it’s only been getting worse with all this anti-Semitic BDS business happening on campuses these days. Barack Obama, a man 78% of Jews voted for in 2008, even called for Israel to return to its 1967 borders. How is that not inviting more death and destruction onto Israel? And this says nothing of all the Muslim organizations Left-wingers currently have truck with. Many of these people want to wipe Israel off the map for starters.

Do you really want to keep siding with these people against whites? Indeed, when compared to such rabid Jew haters, conservative, race-realist whites are the least of your worries. Above, I mentioned how some whites were committing racial suicide. Keep it up with your Left-wing obsessions and the only people committing racial suicide will be yourselves.