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The San Francisco Zebra Killings

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Clark Howard
Zebra [2]
New York: Richard Marek Publishers, 1979

A central unexamined political issue in the United States is the failure to manage its African population since the end of the Civil War. This problem is foundational to every American public policy issue and every social problem.

In the 1960s, Americans were still on the high of becoming a world power after having won two World Wars. While in that state, they looked to solve their race problem. Most (but not all) of America’s wealthy businessmen, actors, ministers, university professors, and other notables got behind the “Civil Rights” movement that promised equality for Africans and presumably also an end to African dysfunction that blights so much in the United States. It was an idealism that swept up the young of the early 1960s and became a lasting semi-religion.[1]

All the promises of the de-segregationists turned out to be empty. The speeches about dreams on mountaintops had no connection to subsequent reality. The key problem in the failure of “Civil Rights” is not so much the IQ issue, or skin color, or the peculiar black accent, but the fact that a large segment of the black population turned out to be hostile towards whites.

Because of that fact, no idealistic social reform of the 1960s crashed harder or quicker than the “Civil Rights” reforms. The Civil Rights legislation was signed in July 2, 1964, but by July 24th, the first race riot of the typical “chimpout” style we know today had broken out in Rochester, New York. As the 1960s ground on, entire cities burned in the fires of black activism. During the 1970s, black crime exploded across the land. Rates of muggings, rapes, and murders went up.

Even the nicest and most liberal of cities were not spared. San Francisco became the hunting grounds for the “Death Angels.” The Death Angels were a group of Negro ex-cons who were converts to the religion of the Nation of Islam (NOI) who went on a calculated, religiously and racially motivated murderous rampage in 1973 and 1974. At least 15 people were killed, and 8 more were wounded. But some estimates put the number of dead as high as 73. The murder spree lasted 179 days and crippled the city as residents feared to go out at night. These black terrorists became known to history as the Zebra Killers.

The name “Zebra” has nothing to do with the ironic use of the imagery of black and white stripes on the famous equid, but instead Zebra refers to a priority radio frequency used by the San Francisco Police Department during the course of the manhunt for the Death Angels.

The four convicted Zebra Murderers: Manuel Moore, Larry Green, Jessie Lee Cooks, and J.C.X. Simon [3]

The four convicted Zebra Murderers: Manuel Moore, Larry Green, Jessie Lee Cooks, and J.C.X. Simon

The Basics of the Zebra Killings

As mentioned above, the Zebra Killers called themselves Death Angels and were radicalized in prison by a deliberate effort on the part of the Nation of Islam to reach out to and convert black prisoners. The Nation of Islam is a heretical sect of Islam. It rejects the universalism of mainstream Islam and only offers membership to blacks. Among the doctrines of the Nation of Islam is that a mad scientist carried out a eugenics program where all evil was bred out of the black race and crystalized in the newly created white race. Thus whites are “devils” to be feared, loathed, and destroyed by members of the NOI.

The Death Angels were influenced by a still un-identified series of anti-white Imams made into a composite character called “Vandyke” (due to the style of beard) by The Zebra Killings author Clark Howard.[2] The exact association between the “Vandykes” and the Nation of Islam is uncertain, but his preaching was well within the doctrine of the NOI. Vandyke encouraged the murder of whites by providing “wings” (presumably some sort of award or status like Airborne Wings) to the Death Angels who killed a certain number of whites. Women and children were worth more “points.”

The four convicted killers pictured above attended NOI’s Mosque #26 in San Francisco and operated out of the Black Self-Help Moving and Storage in the same city. Clark Howard carefully describes the murders from a “fictionalized” viewpoint. For example, instead of merely describing a scene from the third person, Howard uses dialogue to paint a story that could easily be flipped into a screenplay. Because the dialogue is paraphrased or from memory, it is in single and not double quotes. Often a scene is described from the Death Angels’ point of view and then in the next page the same scene is shown from the point of view of the beat cop sent to the area following a shooting.

Howard put together the information to write The Zebra Killings by extensive interviews with the convicts, surviving victims, police officers, as well as the informant who helped crack the case. Additionally, Howard got information from anonymous sources after taking out an advertisement calling for information in the newspaper.[3]

The attacks weren’t the works of criminal masterminds. The four simply cruised around in a borrowed vehicle with a borrowed .32 caliber pistol and looked for victims. Howard relates the theory that the reason women and children were “higher” in points is because they were victims less likely to fight back. The Death Angels didn’t kill young, athletic men traveling in groups. Their attacks were more like that of a jackal, picking off the young, weak, old, and lonely. Clark Howard does a good job exposing the low-IQ, low-time preference of the killers. They were supposed to be doing political killing — murder minus the rape and robbery, but often they simply couldn’t help themselves. Their choice of a .32 caliber pistol was also amateurish. Such a pistol is better for plinking cans, not killing people. The Death Angels’ use of a .32 made for survivors.

The first murder victim was Quita Hague. She and her husband were kidnapped and taken to a remote area where she was nearly beheaded and husband Richard severely slashed in the face and left for dead. Quita was sexually assaulted during the kidnapping. Nearly 55 days after the Hague murder, after Saleem Erakat, an Arab shopkeeper, was tied up and shot with a .32 execution style did police detectives realize that there were black Muslims on the hunt for white victims. Much like all non-white on white attacks, the “war” has usually gone on for a long time before whites realized the seriousness of the conflict.[4]

The murders continued. The Death Angels were helped by several factors, the most important which was luck. They were often able to elude the police by mere moments. Well into the spree, surviving victims’ descriptions of the suspects were vague due to darkness. A set of fingerprints that could have been connected to one of the killers with 100% certainty turned out to be smudged beyond use. The security camera revolution was yet to occur, and the technology to create usable DNA evidence from a crime scene didn’t exist at the time.

Eventually the luck of the Death Angels ran out. When operating outside the law, especially as part of a group doing the same, one person who gets tired of the stress can cut a deal with the cops and start talking. This is what happened. An informant gave detectives the critical details, and the police connected the dots.

The Failure of the Upper Class

Across the globe, upper class people routinely risk their lives, fortune, and sacred honor for their own kind. In the United States, since the end of WWII the behavior of the upper class in the face of black criminality and hostility can only be described as craven cowardice. During the Zebra killings, members of the American upper class disproportionately fell victim to the Death Angels. Three of the victims were Quita Hague, the granddaughter of one of Stanford University’s first graduates, future San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos, and the son of a DuPont Executive, Nelson Shields IV. Despite this class paying such a price, they utterly failed to come to grips with the full scope of the problem. Instead, they merely doubled down on denying the problem altogether or blaming innocent parties.

One victim, Tana Smith, snapped at her girlfriend, Nancy Lobaugh, when Nancy expressed concern that “niggers” were out shooting people. Writes Howard, “Tana was her own person. She had believed in and spoken out for the civil rights of blacks long before it became fashionable to do so.”[5] Tana Smith should have supported Sundown Laws,[6] for she would be shot down and killed by the Death Angels on the way to a fabric store just after snapping at her politically incorrect roommate. Another victim, Roxanne McMillian was bound for life to a wheelchair after being shot by the Black Muslim gunmen, yet she only told her son the half-truth that a “bad” man crippled her. Writing in 1979, Howard reports, “Roxanne has never pointed out to [her son] that the man was black. And never will.”[7] In fact, the race of the shooters is the critical factor in Roxanne McMillian’s injury. Leaving out that detail on the part of McMillian as well as Tana Smith’s deliberate race-blindness can be attributed to the tone set by the upper class in covering up the failures of “Civil Rights.”

Perhaps the most tragic case of upper class failure is that of Nelson Shields III.[8] Shields had been a Navy Fighter pilot during World War II. After his son Nelson Shields IV was killed, he resigned his position at DuPont and became an anti-gun lobbyist in Washington D.C. He got armor-piercing bullets outlawed and the importation of repair parts for Saturday night specials banned. But he refused to face the fact that the problem is not guns, it is blacks with guns. Since becoming “red-pilled,” I have found it strange that WWII veterans whose incredible acts of courage in battle will remembered for millennia simply folded up with fear when faced with the truth of black pathologies post-“Civil Rights.” In truth, white support for “Civil Rights” is, like defending South Korea or Israel, all cost and no benefit.

America’s rulers have reduced crime in Chicago, New York, Washington D.C, and San Francisco in part by reducing their black populations by re-settling blacks in Section-8 housing in the suburbs. This is, of course, a selfish policy that merely moves African troubles from, say, Chicago to Dubuque. Instead of leading, the white upper class is simply playing demographic hot-potato warfare to the detriment of their less affluent kith and kin in suburbia.

As the Zebra Killings became known to the public, the San Francisco Police adopted a “Stop and Frisk” policy aimed at black men. Immediately, all forms of crime went down 30.7%.[9] The usual suspects, black ministers, the NAACP, and the ACLU sued the city to stop the practice. A judge agreed with the plaintiffs, and the police stood down.[10]

Since the American upper class tends to get into positions of executive responsibility in government, it is curious why they fold when a single judge rules against an effective way to deal with black terrorism such as that of the Zebra Killers. Judicial rulings come from mortal men, not gods. All too often, judges are hostile minorities with historical grudges against whites, so there is no reason to meekly submit to such a ruling. When faced with anti-white rulings in Worcester v. Georgia and Cherokee Nation v. Georgia, President Andrew Jackson ignored the rulings and removed the Cherokee. While, hypothetically, a judge could rule a mayor in contempt of court for ignoring a ruling, by the same token, a mayor or Police Chief can declare a liberal-minority judge to be a “threat to public safety.” There are other options: impeaching judges, filing appeals, packing the courts, etc.

The Story Vanishes

The San Francisco Bay Area was in many ways where the social revolutions of the 1960s began. But it also became the place where those revolutions symbolically ended in disaster. One such symbol of post-60s disorder was the Zodiac Killings, which took place in and around San Francisco. The Zodiac killer showed that after the 1960s, highly intelligent people had become disconnected enough from society to derive pleasure from shooting unarmed kids in various “Lover’s Lanes.” The People’s Temple under its charismatic minister Jim Jones — who combined Pentecostal Christianity, Communism, and race-mixing — was honored by the Bay Area Left, who have no objection to Christianity when practiced by colored people and spiked with Marxism. Eventually, Jim Jones led his flock to a South American jungle, where they committed mass suicide.

The stories of the Zodiac Killer and the People’s Temple are told and retold. There are still amateur codebreakers trying to decipher the Zodiac’s yet un-cracked second code. But the Zebra Killings have been almost forgotten. There are no award-winning documentaries, no amateur sleuths trying to discover who the “Vandykes” were. Clark Howard’s book is no longer in print. My copy was purchased used, and its pages are brittle and yellowed with age. In 2011 a book called The Zebra Murders, by Prentice Earl Sanders and Ben Cohen, was published. The book seems to be a deliberately deceptive work. The book has been reviewed by retired San Francisco cops, and the reviews are universally negative. One reviewer says, “I did read Clark Howard’s book on the same subject about 25 years ago. After reading Mr. Sanders version of the events I wonder if they were both writing about the same incident. Needless to say, Mr. Sanders’ book leaves one with the feeling that the real crime was the fact that the Mayor of S.F. and the police were using every means at their disposal to put a stop to these horrible crimes.”[11]

The Zebra Killings is an important work, despite its suppression. No white nation has gone into darkness silently or continued to live under tyranny forever. One day, our people will know how they were preyed upon in the dark days of multicultural America.


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