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Be Honest with Yourself

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[1]Regular readers will need no introduction to the topic. It’s that painful, hand-wringing conundrum of just why other folks won’t “wake up” and realize what’s at stake. It’s that sinking feeling when someone we know and care about regurgitates a canned lined or says they’re taking a trip to a Holocaust museum; and that dinner table silence that confirms they just don’t get it. This article is for those people. 

Well, my normie, blue-pill, kook-averse, naziphobic friends; if you have the pain of that strange, awkward relative making unpleasant racist remarks, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s the guy (or girl!) you know who always seems to have his mind elsewhere, so you keep them at something of a distance. We understand that gnawing feeling that this other person is involved in some scheme or wheeze to which you’re not privy, and doesn’t want to get involved in because it would cause unspecified, unpalatable problems. You’re not alone in this. You know deep in the back of your mind that should you become too tainted by association or understanding of the ideas of the mysterious, threatening and sinister “far right” then the precarious platform your life stands on could begin to disintegrate. Even Trump voters would look at you sideways, and it does not feel good to contemplate that prospect.

But consider this also: We have a little magic pill that can make all that anxiety go away.

Do you really think, in your heart of hearts, that all the problems are going to be solved by what the media says?

Do you really think that Black Lives don’t Matter a whole lot more to law enforcement than white lives?

Do you really think that a minor variation in carbon dioxide levels is going to bring catastrophic climate upheaval within your lifetime — or even your children’s?

Do you really think that Pakistani, Arab, and Black communities in the West are “disadvantaged” when they have employers falling over themselves to hire them as “not racist” badges?

Finally, do you really think that it’s acceptable to hurl verbal and physical abuse at people who answer “no” to these questions, and banish them from polite society?

Obviously, the answer to the above questions (if you’re a sane, compassionate human being that is), is No. No-one in their right mind deserves bricks hurled through their window or baseball bats to the face over academic revisionism or honesty about race and social policy. But that’s exactly what refusing to think about this amounts to tacit consent of.

I know, I’m being “unfair” – I’m being a party pooper. I’m being the cop who asks the tough questions and who makes you make the hard choices. But life is about hard choices. Ultimately, it’s the hard choices that are the ones that matter. If you really want to carry on being an Eloi, screw up your courage and say, “Yes, all of us at Counter-Currents should be banished from society on pain of a window brick or bat to the face.” If not, at least consider seriously what we have to say.

Right now, if you’re anything like some of the millennials I’ve spoken to, there’s a siren going off in your mind warning you here be dragons, here be ideas that if not banished from mind immediately, could run untrammeled through your brain and rock the boat of your idyllic existence. The latest Battlefield game might seem finally . . . uninvolving. Getting drunk might begin to seem like a waste of time. The car you’ve saved for years to afford might seem like a trinket, and the paint on the friends you “love” might begin to flake, showing up the phony underneath. Was it you who changed, or them?

Of course, it’ll be you. That’s what we offer. The magic pill that makes the anxiety go away, the little red capsule that turns off the need to keep up appearances. As that anxiety turns off and the normies you previously surrounded (distracted?) yourself with notice, they will seem to you as your past self will: naïve. Distracted. Mundane. Preoccupied with the trivial. Selfish. Bored.

Wouldn’t it be great to walk away from all that?

When we speak of people “waking up,” it’s like coming up to the cold, fresh shock of a whole new life after being immersed in the background noise of radio drone for years. Decades spent without a single gulp of real meaning or certainty. Just the endless, incessant prolefeed of novelty and nonsense. What are you doing this evening? Watching the Gilmore Girls or Scrubs, or the latest drama? For how many decades more? Is that all there is to life, when your cynicism has rightly acid-washed the false faiths from mind?

No one wakes up to being a communist, or a Muslim, or any number of anti-majoritarian, anti-racialist creeds. They become convinced of it. White Nationalists speak of people “waking up” as they undergo the self-realization, and courageous self-confrontation, to accept a part of themselves they were in deep denial about. Their racial identity.

The red pill is potent, and it’s for everyone who “simply sees others as ‘Human.’” It’s the realization that although you may make the conscious choice to see members of other races as “just human,” they see you as white. As Whitey. As someone different from them, who can never belong, and who will always be alien and apart. It’s the sucker-punch, hard-knock truth that the utopia of getting along can never come to be. It’s the painful blow to the back of the head that all those girls in Rotherham got, the double whammy of physical and emotional pain as they realized that treating everyone “fairly” meant being an individual victim to other racial groups. It’s the bitter, stomach-lurching fear that without belonging to a tribe, to something larger, more powerful, more ineffable and sustaining, one is just part of a universal humanity. And when the chips are down, and you are standing as just an individual . . . too bad for you.

We offer something more.

As the Trump Presidency proves, us whites are on the march. And we want you — we need you in our ranks to give us more of a fighting chance. Give us what you’ve got. Forget about the crap and the unimportant distractions and get up and walk with us. Be honest with yourself — it’s time to grow up. The anxiety of day-to-day life, I promise, will fall away when you live that moment when your inner voice says to you, “Yes, I can do this,” and you see something you can do and make happen that no-one else can to further our survival; your family’s survival, your survival.

You’ll be on a different path and walking an astral plane above and beyond the daily grind. You’ll grow into yourself, become yourself, and be an ethnic European in a world that has birthed us from snowy wastes countless millennia ago. You’ll get a new, historical memory of yourself and your place in the world and a vision of the future where you can see your kind, the people who share your thoughts and sensibilities, conquering new lands and building more incredible things than has ever been dreamed possible. You’ll be internally transformed, without having to take weird drugs or incomprehensible vows. A new you.

It’s the choice to belong — to come out of the dark, out of the fuzz and to start walking in line with blood brother and sister. To accept and come to love yourself as being White without having to say, “I’m not racist, but . . .” and “I don’t have anything against this group who hate me, but . . .” The anti-racists might deal in liberal platitudes, but we wage our strife for the dead and the unborn. When you are honest with yourself, you can turn off the mental rationalizations and repression of your own survival instincts. You can look back proudly on all those who have come before, and the need to defend this glorious lineage will spur your natural creativity and energy. Your subconscious and rational mind will be fully linked up again, instead of fighting each other trying to maintain an edifice of contradictions. You’ll be waking the systems, firing up the boiler, and not much liking the complacent, distraction-craving attitude that previously defined you. Wake up knowing who you are. Wake up as a White Nationalist.

A white person who is honest with himself gains self-respect, certitude, and purpose!