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The First Annual Jonathan Bowden Dinner

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The first annual Jonathan Bowden Dinner will be held in London on Friday, May 26th. There will be four speakers: Bowden biographer Alex Kurtagic, blogger and YouTuber Adam Wallace, Chairman of the Jonathan Bowden Society Michael Woodbridge, and a surprise speaker from abroad described only as “a man of egregious erudition and eloquence.” 

This is a private, invitation-only event, open only to movement people in good standing and newcomers who are willing to undergo “extreme vetting.” If you would like an invitation, please contact the organizer, Stead Steadman, at [email protected] [2] Or, if you are someone I can refer, feel free to contact me at [email protected] [3].

Copies of Counter-Currents books will be available, including Jonathan Bowden’s Pulp Fascism [4], Western Civilization Bites Back [5], and a new collection entitled Extremists: Studies in Metapolitics.

Jonathan died five years ago, but his audience and influence are larger than ever, thanks to platforms like YouTube and the ongoing transcription and publication of his works. The purpose of instituting these annual dinners is to make sure that he is never forgotten. May this venture be crowned with Glory!

Greg Johnson