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In Defense of White Sharia

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Donald Thoresen recently wrote a criticism [2] of the White Sharia meme, wherein he alleged that the proponents of the meme may perhaps be suffering from “self-hatred . . . and the internalization of white subservience.” As one of the genuine originators of the meme – which was first promulgated on my podcast, The War Room, in late 2016 – I assure you: this is simply not the case.

In his piece, Thoresen wonders why anyone on the Alt Right would be “attracted to the brutality of the Islamic world” and advises those who enjoy the White Sharia meme to “decolonize themselves.” Unfortunately, it is Thoresen who needs to decolonize himself. He seems to have internalized the attempts of the darker races to meme our men into pacifistic, overly-civilized weaklings. Our enemies have facilitated this lie precisely in order to disarm us before moving in for the kill. But, in reality, barbarity is not foreign to us whites.

We should never forget that Faustian man was once, not so long ago, the most vicious and barbaric player on the world stage. Oswald Spengler referred to early Western man as “the red-haired barbarian” of “Frankistan.”[1] Whites did not conquer the entire Earth by being nice or civilized; Whites conquered the world by sailing into foreign lands and taking those lands by force. Vikings, Crusaders, and Conquistadores alike were all practitioners of rape, pillage, and plunder.

But, alas, we have lost that barbarity. Our enemies have successfully memed us into cowardly weaklings. We must all focus, as Jack Donovan has famously said, on “becoming a barbarian” again.[2] So, how do we do this?

Do we attempt to LARP as Vikings or other glorious figures from our distant past? This approach is already being taken by the pagans amongst us, and that approach is fine. I am not a pagan LARPer myself, but I fully endorse those who have chosen that path. Ultimately, however, I am skeptical about our ability to successfully resurrect dead forms.

Again, we have lost our barbarity. We’ve lost our traditions. We’ve lost our culture and our identities. Will we regain any of these by looking to our history books? The Muslim world is the only civilization left on Earth today where an extreme and rigidly codified patriarchy still exists. Sharia law, though practiced today by some of the world’s most despicable races, is the only living example of anything that even remotely approximates the patriarchal society that Western man once had himself.

I do not advocate converting to Islam. Nor do I believe that our people should actually adopt sharia in an unaltered form. However, calls for our people to adopt a sharia-like form of extreme patriarchy are an effective tactic because, again, it is the only living example of extreme patriarchy left in the world today. It is not a long-abandoned tradition lifted from the pages of a history book. It is real, alive, and visible to everyone, glaring at us and taunting us for being alienated, atomized cosmopolitans.

And let’s be clear: our race and our people will disappear from the face of the Earth unless we implement a radical, rigid form of extreme, regimented patriarchy, even more extreme than what we in the West had in the past. Either we appropriate the successful tactics of those of our enemies who are winning against us due to their more patriarchal cultural forms, or we continue to lose the war.

I don’t like Muslims, but if they had invented the wheel, I would have no qualms about stealing it from them. If our enemies are in possession of a superior weapon, it is our duty – in the name of the survival of our race – to steal that weapon from them and use it against them. One must fight fire with fire.

Ultimately, cultural forms are not and should not be considered as anything other than tools of the race. What is important is the survival of our people. And our people have worn various outfits throughout their history. Christianity was one such cultural garment that many of our ancestral tribes agreed to don in order to gain Rome’s approval for whatever patch of Europe they had come to rule over. And we should have no qualms whatsoever about utilizing any useful cultural forms we discover or organically conceive. Those who insist on resurrecting dead traditional forms are merely prioritizing their LARPy nostalgia over the survival of our people.

Western culture is dead. We now merely inhabit the ruins of what was once Western civilization. Faust died in the fires of the Second World War. His dying spirit lingered on in America before finally dissipating during the 1960s. The goal before us cannot be to resurrect a dead and dying thing, but rather to lay the groundwork for the coming Heroic Age.

Francis Parker Yockey described the Jews as a fossil of Babylonian civilization. While Yockey believed that the next task of Western civilization was the creation of the Culture-State-Nation-People-Race-Empire – what Arnold J. Toynbee would label a Universal State – he implies that the final form of any civilization is fossilization via melding into a Culture-State-Nation-Religion-Race-People, a term that he utilizes to describe the post-civilizational reality of the Jewish people.[3]

But what Yockey failed to consider is the possibility that a Universal State, or Imperium, could take other forms than that of a Napoleonic or Hitlerite Caesarism. Samuel P. Huntington spoke of liberal democracy as the Faustian Imperium, and he interpreted the consolidation of power around the metropoles of Washington and Brussels as akin to the establishment of the Western Universal Empire.[4] The next task of Western man is not to forge an Imperium. Our civilization is already in the stage of the dissolution and rot of the Imperium. The next task of Western man is fossilization: the formation of the Culture-State-Nation-Religion-Race-People.

To complete this task, the merging of race with spirituality and culture, followed by a caste system-like merging of this three-way chimera into a rigid code, we cannot merely be traditional. We have to create new cultural forms. If we take inspiration from a living, breathing form of extreme, regimented patriarchy that is right in front of our faces, if it helps facilitate this culture creation, so be it.

In our skeptical, jaded postmodern milieu, humor is the most effective way to reach people. Satire is the language that American youth speak. The Right Stuff has shown the effectiveness of extremely edgy and multi-layered irony.

The White Sharia meme, like the helicopter and oven jokes before it, is an extreme form of edgy and ironic humor. It has caused so much controversy only because it has become so popular. It serves as a distant beacon of the patriarchy we as a people need and will one day have. It is both a rallying cry for the disillusioned young men in our movement as well as their guiding light. The inspiration it is giving these young men will assist them in their future culture creation.

When I say we will have White Sharia in White Afghanistan one day, it means that we will have an extreme tribal patriarchy in the ethnostate. But it also offers visions of what that patriarchy and that ethnostate could look like. People can imagine themselves with a beard and an AK in the Appalachian Mountains. Images and examples are more powerful than words. That is why joking about White Sharia is more powerful than pleas for returning to long-dead traditions.


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