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Let’s Drop the Big One

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So here’s a question: Why are we not hanging Barack Obama in effigy from tree limbs in every major city and town in America?

Don’t answer . . . yet.

Here’s what provoked me to ask such a provocative question.

In May 2017, we had a second-tier comedienne grabbing her fifteen minutes of notoriety [2] by posing with the bloody, decapitated head of President Trump. Also in May, we had torture porn [3] disguised as a Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar in which a number of actors (many of whom were black) stabbed a Trump lookalike to his gruesome and bloody demise. An Indian-American CNN news host called the play “brilliant [4]” around the time he was also referring to the president as a “piece of shit [5].”

After all of this, on June 14th, a deranged leftist decided to shoot up a friendly congressional baseball game [6] in Alexandria, VA. Like the Devil coming down to Georgia, he was looking for some souls to steal. Republican souls. And he almost got one: Representative Steven Scalise. Well, the man is still in critical condition, so the Devil may get to nab that soul after all.

Our leftist media nabobs responded predictably, with hand-wringing about gun-control [7] or with passive-aggressive finger-pointing at Republicans [8] or with ludicrous claims that the shooting was in self-defense [9] or with outright lies about any and all of the above. This, of course, comes after how they effectively ignored the 12,000 tweets [10] calling for President Trump’s assassination since his inauguration. Shortly after the shooting, the Huffington Post called for more organized political violence. A leftist, Hispanic-Jewish blogger tweeted, “Surprised we don’t see more confrontational protest tactics to draw attention to Trumpcare. Where’s the Trump hotel lobby sit-in? Idk.”

So attempted mass murder is now being categorized as a “confrontational protest tactic.” Are we taking notes, kids?

Meanwhile, Republican politicians can’t help but notice a spike in the number of death threats they’ve been getting lately. That, and a New Jersey Democratic strategist decides he wants to #huntrepublicans [11]. To make matters even worse, a day after the shooting, two black thugs in a car shot up a truck [12] as it was headed east on I-495 in Indiana. It’s “Make America Great Again” flag made the truck a target, apparently.

After all of this, what did the organizers of Orange Julius Caesar decide to do? Well, the show must go on, of course. And why not? They’re still getting financial support [13] from Time Warner. Them’s some deep pockets there. And when a protester named Laura Loomer [14] tried to shame everyone [15] in attendance for promoting hatred and violence, what happened? She was booed and then arrested. Because, of course, she’s the bad guy. Anyway, it’s not like the audience showed up to appreciate Shakespeare [16] or anything, not when killing Trump is in the offing.

So, back to my original question. With all this in mind, why aren’t we hanging Barack Obama in effigy from tree limbs? Is there a good reason? If decapitating President Trump or repeatedly stabbing him to death is fair game, then certainly tying a noose around a dark-skinned dummy with big ears and swinging it from a tree shouldn’t be too much of a stretch, right? And then if some deranged right-winger gets inspired by such a hideous display to go out and execute the real thing on an innocent Democratic politician, well, that would just be another “confrontational protest tactic,” wouldn’t it? We shouldn’t be too worried about that, given that such “protest tactics” have the official seal of approval of left-wing Hispanic-Jewish pundits on the internet. What more do you need?

And if we get cold feet for lynching in effigy a man with partial black ancestry in a nation with a history of anti-black lynching, we should remember the number of black deaths due to lynching in America from 1882 to 1968 (around 3,446 [17]) is less than the number of blacks killed by other blacks in a two-year span since 1990 (e.g, 2,784 [18] in 2004 and 2,984 [19] in 2005). Further, as Thomas Nelson Page pointed out [20], around 65% of the blacks lynched from 1900 to 1903 were guilty of murder or rape, of attempting either of these crimes, or of being complicit in them. Most of the time they were strung up for good reasons. Of course, this does not exonerate lynching, but it doesn’t exactly condemn it, either. Therefore, outrage over the effigy lynching of a black man should fall on deaf ears . . . the same way that Laura Loomer’s outrage fell on deaf ears at Shakespeare in the Park.

Clearly, the organizers behind the Shakespeare in the Park production of Julius Caesar are not terribly concerned about life imitating art. Or perhaps they want life to imitate art, at least the “art” as it has been doctored up to appear in Act III, Scene 1 of Julius Caesar. How else can you explain not canceling the show after the anti-Republican bloodbath on June 14th? Maybe they thought if they just kept running it long enough they’d hit pay dirt again. Who knows? Thanks to Ol’ Bill Shakespeare we may end up having three or four fewer elected Republicans in government. That would be a hell of a start, wouldn’t it?

So perhaps folks on the Right need to learn from our moral and intellectual betters on the Left. Maybe it’s time to emulate rather than arbitrate. For example, what if one of our whiz-bang fashy goys on the Alt Right were to cobble together an animated video of Hillary Clinton getting gang-raped in a harem run by the Muslim “refugees” her party is so desperate to repatriate inside America? By all means, they should also invite Nancy Pelosi, Susan Rice, Loretta Lynch, Diane Feinstein, Valerie Jarrett, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, and all the other female hot-to-trots of the Left. It’ll be a real party. And they shouldn’t leave out even the slightest pornographic detail, either. Get up nice and close to the action until you could almost smell it. Then slap a triple-X rating on the sucker, toss it into the fever swamps of the Right like a hand grenade, and see what happens.

Nothing but good things can come out of that, right? Heck, maybe the Right will get lucky the way the Left did on June 14th. If the Left is going to think this way, why shouldn’t we?

This all reminds me of a song called “Political Science” by Randy Newman. The song’s intent was satirical – a Cold War mockery of the chauvinistic hawks who were running American foreign policy back in the early 1970s when the song was written. Basically, the world’s nations have become so hostile to America that the Americans should just nuke all the world’s major cities and start everything over from scratch. That about sums up the song’s Kubrickian wit. Here’s a taste:

Boom goes London, and boom Paree
More room for you, and more room for me.
And every city the whole world round
Will just be another American town

Oh, how peaceful it will be
We’ll set everybody free!
You’ll wear a Japanese kimono, babe,
There’ll be Italian shoes for me.

They all hate us anyhow,
So let’s drop the big one now.
Let’s drop the big one now.

I swear to God, when removed from its nuclear war context, however, this song could be taken totally straight. It’s about someone who has real responsibility being surrounded by hostile and unruly punks who don’t. And the temptation to level biblical vengeance upon them (i.e., dropping “the big one”) is getting harder and harder to resist. My favorite line:

They don’t respect us
So let’s surprise them.
We’ll drop the big one
And pulverize them.

This, I believe, neatly epitomizes our problem. The Left keeps on attacking us because they don’t respect us. They don’t respect us on the streets, they don’t respect us in the media, and they certainly don’t respect us in government. This is why Antifa feels perfectly exonerated complaining about fascism and oppression after smashing cars and breaking windows as part of their “confrontational protest tactics.” This is why mainstream journalists feel perfectly exonerated claiming to be objective while ignoring crimes which are linked to high-ranking Democrats such as Pizzagate [21] or the highly suspicious Seth Rich murder [22]. This is why the 2016 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate feels perfectly exonerated claiming he’s fit to lead the entire nation while encouraging his supporters to fight members of his opposing party in the street. [23]

They don’t think the Right is strong enough to force them to be consistent.

They don’t respect us. So, let’s surprise them. Let’s drop the big one. And pulverize them.

This is turning out to be an ugly essay, isn’t it?

I’m sorry about that. I really don’t want Obama to hang in effigy or otherwise. I really don’t want Hillary and the female brass of the Democratic party to be gang-raped as cartoons or otherwise. But you know what else I don’t want?

I don’t want comediennes making statements by beheading President Trump. I don’t want stage actors assassinating him night after night in a sea of gore. I don’t want mainstream journalists giving a wink and thumbs up to this sort of behavior. I don’t want liberal bloggers mitigating mass murder by calling it a “confrontational protest tactic.” I don’t want ordinary leftists feeling that conservatives or right-wingers are now fair game for assault on the street or on campus.

The list of things I don’t want can go on and on. But I get the feeling that if I were to nicely ask people on the Left to leave us alone and respect our rights to disagree with them, they will say no. Or, more likely, they would tell me to f—k off.

Again, they don’t respect us.

It’s great that Pat Buchanan writes up a brief history of the Left’s use of political violence [24]. It’s also great that he blames the many institutions of the Left for inciting such violence. He’s right, as usual. But what’s the point in blaming the Left for anything? Since leftists are the ones controlling morality in public discourse these days, they’re the ones who decide who gets punished for immorality. And if they violate any of these morals themselves, well, then it didn’t really happen, did it?

Again, they don’t respect us.

I think this boils down to the Left’s mistaking restraint for weakness. Unlike the Left, which is largely childish and petulant, the Right understands war. For the most part, we’re the military and the police. We understand firearms. We understand fighting. And guess what? We don’t want to do it. We don’t want to fight because once the sleeping tiger is awakened, there will be no stopping it. We understand the true price for war, and it will be devastating. And this, I am happy to say, is something the entire Right would probably agree upon, whether you’re still part normie like the Ace of Spades or full-on Alt Right like Vox Day. We’re not fighting back because we’re holding back and with good reason.

However, if things continue the way they are going, self-preservation tells us we will soon have to start fighting back in earnest. Perhaps that time has already come. If so, then the first thing we should be doing is hanging effigies of Barack Obama from trees and gang-raping cartoon versions of Hillary Clinton in videos. This would be perfectly consistent with the logic of the proxy war the Left is waging against us in the media, wouldn’t it? If so, then why aren’t we fighting back in kind?

Is there any other way?

It’s an honest question because I really don’t know the answer.

Is there any other way?