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Become My Patron at Hatreon

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[1]“Hatreon” is like Patreon but for the “haters” who are being purged from Patreon as part of the vast ongoing deplatforming of white advocates and dissident Rightists. Hatreon helps creative dissidents enjoy steady, predictable incomes from patrons who make monthly pledges of support.

Last week, PayPal purged Counter-Currents, canceling the monthly donations that, quite frankly, keep us going. We have been scrambling to get all of our monthly donors back. Now you have two options for giving monthly support.

First, you can become a monthly patron at Hatreon. Just go to my Hatreon profile page [2] and make a pledge. (Use this invite code: BNIHVDDYXEHW. When this code no longer works, write to me at [email protected] [3] for a new one.)

Hatreon is run by a dissident Rightist like us. Hatreon is highly ethical and takes only a very small percentage of donations to cover their costs. I very much want Hatreon to succeed, so please sign up for an account today. Help Hatreon get off to a strong start — and help me stay in the fight.

Second, you can use our secure credit card processing form below. All communications are secure, and your card information is not stored on our site.

  • NOTE: If you want to give only a monthly donation, enter that amount in the monthly donation box and 0.00 in the one-time donation box.
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This form can also be used for making single donations.

You can also make Bitcoin donations and send donations by mail:

Our Bitcoin address is: 1ChE5DZVVZJpv8mnJ3fRrtSDrTikBh7uFL

Our mailing address is:

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Thank you for your loyalty and support,
Greg Johnson