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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 189
Greg Johnson Interviews the Z Man

60:53 / 145 words

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Greg Johnson interviews the Z Man of The Z Blog, Topics include: 

  • 0:00: AmRen 2017
  • 2:50: The Z Man’s intellectual journey
  • 12:25: Influential writers and thinkers: Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, Joe Sobran, Sam Francis, Mencken, Spengler
  • 15:15: The intellectual openness of the dissident Right
  • 18:27: The need for a cultural movement
  • 24:50: How the mainstream Right accepts the moral framework of the Left
  • 28:40: Metapolitics and intellectual hegemony
  • 32:30: The radicalization of the Right over the last three decades
  • 35:17: The need to roll back the cultural hegemony of the Left
  • 36:55: The importance of fellowship and a confident attitude
  • 38:13: The intellectual complacency of MSM consumers
  • 42:12: Promoting The Z Blog
  • 44:00: The Jewish Question
  • 55:16: The morale battle
  • 57:02: The Z Man as ferryman



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