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The Future Is White

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[1]The Left is a dangerous consortium of perverts and violence-prone shallow thinkers, but it is also an assemblage of the ridiculous. There is something that is just very funny about a mestizo flaunting his illegal status during a television interview who is shocked when he is deported, and it is very difficult to take seriously a negro carrying a home-made sign that reads “Blak Lifes Matter.”

These examples illustrate what is obvious to race realists (and subconsciously acknowledged by even the Left): mestizos and negroes aren’t very bright, and they tend to be incompetent at whatever they try to do. Go to any Whole Foods in a swipple neighborhood and watch the Hillary and Bernie supporters quietly avoid the lines with negro cashiers. Those bien-pensant leftists know that if they want to get home in time to watch Rachel Maddow they better avoid cashiers of color. Similarly, there aren’t many Leftists who seek out negro physicians and dentists. Those leftists went to college and they know that C- students like Dr. Jamal and Dr. D’Marcus are only affirmative tokens. When your health is on the line, race realism trumps race quotas.

The subtext in all of this is easy to discern if one is honest: negroes and mestizos need whites to survive; whites, on the other hand, do not need negroes and mestizos. Indeed, as society becomes more technologically advanced, the black and brown hordes will become even more dependent on whites for survival, which ironically reveals the anti-white rhetoric of the Black Lives Matter and La Raza crowd to be a sort of suicide wish. But then, logic has never been the strong suit of the low-IQ races.

For all of their posturing to the contrary, black and brown barbarians and their white enablers know that the psychological basis of racial tension in America is not white fear of black sexuality but black fear of white intelligence and accomplishment. Negroes hate Western civilization because it is not only a record of white accomplishment, but also of black failure. The rage of mestizos is motivated by their subconscious realization that they were not able to hold together an empire bequeathed to them by their white Spanish forebears. And in those rare moments of quiet self-reflection, even Jews must realize that they have been so often anathematized because of their failures as a race.

It is interesting, then, that—in spite of Jewish domination of Hollywood—a sub-genre of science fiction continues to flourish: white people save the world. The Christopher Nolan movie Interstellar is the best and most recent example of this phenomenon, and is a movie so triggering to Leftist sensibilities that I have actually witnessed SJW catladies shaking in near grand mal seizures at the mere mention of the film’s title.

What makes Interstellar so triggering to the Left? First of all, no cause is given for the catastrophe that has befallen the Earth, the blight that has killed all crops except for corn and has decimated the population of the world. We are never told if the blight is a result of man-made climate change, genetically modified crops, biological warfare, or natural disaster. No white people are blamed for this ecological disaster. Secondly, due to limited economic resources and a desperate need for competency in all fields, affirmative action has been eliminated; in fact, the educational system has become entirely meritocratic. Only those who are cognitively able to do college work are allowed to attend college. Although it is never stated in the film, one can assume that departments of black and gender studies are things of the past. Thirdly, the heroes in the film are all white, and the few negroes who appear either die or are luggage carriers for their white intellectual superiors.

Interstellar drives home the fact that being an aspiring rapper, a member of MS-13, a 19-year-old negress with six children from five fathers, or even a trust-fund gender-fluid SJW with a master’s degree in feminist film criticism is pretty much worthless in a crisis, especially one with such Darwinian implications. It’s a cruel world out there and the reality is that black lives don’t really matter that much. It is the white race that is the indispensable race.