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On Noticing

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“Political correctness is a war against noticing.”

I was reminded of this famous Steve Sailer quote when I was perusing the Ace of Spades for news as I always do. In the September 29th Morning Report [2], co-blogger J. J. Sefton makes his list of “Heroes and Zeroes” for the week. He says it was a pretty good week for America, and in his Heroes section, he describes how the NFL is being made to pay for its anti-America stance, how the GDP grew better than expected, how the DC courts upheld conceal-carry, and how Republican Representative Steve Scalise made a triumphant return to the House after nearly being assassinated by a deranged leftist fifteen weeks ago.

So far, so good. But it was his Zeroes section which got me all a-noticing. Here it is [emphasis mine]:

From hither and yon, F. Chuck Todd is either stupid, ignorant, lying or all three at once. Roy Moore, as expected, is taking withering attacks for having the gall to unseat an establishment pick as well as defending G-d and the Constitution. And Todd, the dolt, smugly derided Moore for being dumb enough to believe that your rights come from, get this, G-d and not the government.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus, a programmable skin-job dialogue-spouter used her announcement of having breast cancer to push for single-payer healthcare. Listen, toots, if you think it’s so great why the hell did you not make this announcement at the registration desk at a clinic in Liverpool, or even better, Havana?

Also, Jon Podhoretz is so enraged by Trump that he’s now hawking Oprah as the savior of the nation in 2020, Dick Blumenthal is a dick, Pelosi had her umpteenth public brain freeze (not counting statements when her cerebral cortex is unimpeded) and Michelle Obama thinks women who voted for Trump go only where they’re kicked.

In a previous paragraph the author also took a swipe at “Chuck Schemer and his fellow goniffs” for making socialist asses out of themselves. For those who don’t know, ‘goniff’ is a variant of the Yiddish term ‘ganef’ which means thief or scoundrel.

I count eight “Zeroes” here. Todd, Louise-Dreyfus, J-Pod, Oprah, Blumenthal, Pelosi, Michelle Obama, and Schumer. It’s nine, if you count an earlier veiled dig at Barack Obama. And since as human beings we are all noticing creatures who furthermore have a right to notice things such as patterns and trends, I challenge one and all to ‘notice’ what most of these Zeroes have in common.

Of course, the Fox News school of conservatism would claim that the most important quality these people share is that they are all liberals or leftists. Well, that’s true, but is there something else? Something deeper, perhaps? The National Review crowd would then chime in about how most of these people are socialists who wish to spend and waste other people’s money in order to enhance their own power. Very astute, but not quite deep enough, I would say. The Michelle Malkin School of conservatism would then step up and say, “Yeah, they’re all crap-weasels, too!” Okay, fine. No argument here. But these attempts at answering the question amount to little more than slapping labels on people, almost to the point of tautology. People act like socialists because they are socialists. People act like crap-weasels because they are crap-weasels. No, I get it.

But does anyone else feel something is being deliberately left out of the conversation? Something, that if discussed openly, could lead us to a better understanding of the problem of why we have so many Zeroes to begin with? In other words, what do most of these Zeroes really have in common?

Before you answer, let’s look at what people on the Left have to say about their Zeroes. Perhaps you’ll find something all these observations have in common:

Frank Joyce [3] (Salon, December 2015): “The future of life on the planet depends on bringing the 500-year rampage of the white man to a halt.”

George Yancy [4] (New York Times, December 2015): “White America, are you prepared to be at war with yourself, your white identity, your white power, your white privilege? Are you prepared to show me a white self that love has unmasked?”

Melody Moezzi [5] (Huffington Post, April 2016): “I know it’s hard for some to accept, but white people don’t get to determine what is and isn’t racist.”

Rick Wartzman [6] (interview by Isaac Chotiner of Slate, September 2017): “The American workplace was openly hostile to women and people of color through this era, so it’s mainly a golden age for white men.”

Amanda Marcotte [7] (Salon, September 2017): “[Saeed] Khan argued that the right is using Muslims as ‘canaries in the coal mine’ for the larger agenda of pushing through a bolder social program to maximize the political power of conservative white Christians.”

And here is a recent list [8] of the overt anti-white racism found on university campuses these days.

And, as I always say, there’s more. There’s always more.

Okay, so as an inveterate noticer, I notice something very interesting here. Leftist commentators, academics, politicians, and others have no problem noticing that race is a problem, specifically, the white race. You can’t notice anything deeper than that. Whenever they encounter resistance from conservatives and right-wingers (whether they be pundits, politicians, or proles), they will quite reliably notice that the majority of these folks are indeed white, and then speak out about it…even to the point of denouncing such people because they are white. And this, of course, leads to frequent denunciations of the white race in general as being more or less filled with ignorant, violent, racist, xenophobes. In other words, they notice. And, just as importantly, I (along with many on the Right) notice their noticing.

So let’s return to the original problem of how the Right notices things. Where the Left has a race problem (scary!), the Right seems to have a socialist problem (politics…boring…losing consciousness…) or a crap-weasel problem (sure, but think about it…who doesn’t have a crap-weasel problem?). Herein lies the imbalance in American politics these days. One side, the Left, is noticing, and the other side, the Right, is not noticing. Or, rather, they are noticing superficial things because they are not allowed to notice anything deeper. We all know it is considered at the very least impolite (and at worst, nigh-criminal) for people on the Right—especially whites—to discuss the racial causes of our political problems. Yet on the left, race is their bread and butter. Seriously, where would they be if they did not have white people to kick around? But it gets worse. The Left actually invents racial sins of white people and confuses commonsense measures like white flight from dangerous inner cities [9], insisting on standardized testing [10], or requiring photo IDs to vote [11] with the most insidious and malevolent forms of racism. Whenever whites try to assert their own national interests (let alone their racial ones), as Donald Trump tries to do, they are labeled fascists, Nazis, white supremacists, and are suddenly fair game for violent attacks. And that, so the Left thinks, should end the discussion, and all the noticing.

Well, no it doesn’t. And in perfect solidarity with the esteemed racial noticers listed above, I will now assert my God-given right to notice. I notice that eight of the nine Zeroes in Sefton’s post (88%) are non-white. And of these non-whites, eight out of eight (100%) are either black or Jewish. Jews make up 62.5% of this number, and blacks 37.5%. Approximately 16% of the US population is responsible for 88% of the folks on today’s Zeroes list. More striking is the Jewish statistic: 2% of the population populating 55.5% of the Zeroes list (which includes the non-Jewish Nancy Pelosi). That is something to notice, isn’t it? It’s up there with noticing that a very high percent of sickle-cell anemia sufferers are black or that a very high percent of AIDS sufferers are gay. It would be kind of stupid not to notice such things, yes?

So, is it all a coincidence? Or does White America have a non-white problem in the same way the Left seems to think non-whites have a white problem? Or perhaps that problem is mostly limited to Jews?

(Yes, J.J. Sefton’s Zeroes list is a small sample size, but, as we all know, the ethnic makeup of the people on that list is not atypical for the folks who give the hardest time to the Right these days. I’m reminded of the embarrassingly long list of Jewish ‘neo-cons’ who were responsible for purging the American conservative movement of its conservatives back in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, as described in Paul Gottfried and Richard Spencer’s 2016 work The Great Purge [12]. Are we just not supposed to notice that?)

I understand these are uncomfortable questions to ask. Could it be because they would be equally uncomfortable to answer? But since the Left is not shy about asking uncomfortable questions about white people, perhaps it’s time the Right should start asking them as well about non-whites. Yes, the alternative or dissident Right asks these questions all the time. But what about the mainstream Right, or even its edgier cousins in the Alt-lite? Is there any reason why the entire Right shouldn’t be giving the Left a taste of its own medicine? It would be easy. All it would have to do is start noticing.

There are two reasons why I think it is important to notice such things. One, it’s always good to seek the truth. If there is indeed a racial (read: genetic) component behind all this strife, then perhaps by understanding it and being honest about it, we all would have a shot at negotiating a solution acceptable to all parties involved. The solution I would suggest, of course, is ethno-nationalism, a conclusion I find very hard not to reach once one accepts race-realism and completely rejects all forms of leftist ideology. Remember, it is either this or history’s method of sorting out problems, which tends to be a lot bloodier. And since I would like to cheat history out of its butcher’s bill, I call for an end to this one-sided ban on noticing.

Secondly, since the Left has gone full-bore noticing for the past decade and the Right really has not, I predict that soon it could be a matter of life or death for the Right (i.e., white people) to start noticing as well. If our second civil war is going to happen and our shot at any peaceful resolution isn’t, then the sooner we start noticing who our enemies are, the better. The anti-white rhetoric coming from the Left is bad enough. It’s only a matter of time before a significant proportion of the Left internalizes such hate in deed as well as in word. In fact, it has already started [13].

I’m reminded of that hilarious scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail in which John Cleese’s Lancelot was getting ready to single-handedly storm a castle in order to rescue what he thought was an imprisoned maiden. Two guards see him charging forth in the distance, but fail to notice his hostile intent. He doesn’t seem to be getting any closer for a while. That is, until he is right upon them. He then slays one of the guards, enters the castle, and initiates a massacre. Meanwhile, the other guard reproaches him with a lame, “Hey…”

You see, they let it all happen. When it mattered most, they failed to notice.