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Why I Write for Counter-Currents


Edward Hopper, Office in a Small City, 1953

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If I ever get doxxed, I have prepared a simple explanation for why I write for Counter-Currents which I will share with family members, friends, colleagues, employers, neighbors, and anyone else who’ll listen:

I do not want to be a minority in my own country.
If I had to boil it down to one sentence, that would be it. Sure, I have a healthy sense of racial tribalism. I’m also a race realist who can see the disaster of multiracialism for what it is. I notice the abhorrent way in which most non-whites treat each other in their own countries and quite rationally don’t want anything like that happening in my country.

Ultimately, however, it is about having a home within a homeland. This is something everyone wants and should have if they are willing to fight for it. Writing for Counter-Currents is my way of fighting for it so that when the real fighting occurs, whites will have greater cohesion and faith in themselves. This is an advantage we will not be able to do without when we contemplate first and last things.

Counter-Currents provides a way for white nationalists, identitarians, and advocates (and their allies) to not just share information and ideas but to maintain a vibrant and formidable community. Every day, with every article and interview and book published, this community is strengthened, and the dissolution which can affect all communities through neglect is kept in check. This is a crucial thing considering how our enemies are arrayed against us, always giving us every reason to back down or submit. Without the ties of community, it will be easier for all of us to lose faith or hope. And without faith or hope, we really don’t have a chance.

I discovered Counter-Currents in 2014 when I was doing research for my forthcoming novel White Like You. I remember I was investigating right-wing economic theory and stumbled across Greg Johnson’s “Money for Nothing [2].” It was then when I realized that there was a whole world of Rightist thought that I still needed to familiarize myself with. I also realized that there were people undergoing the same changes I was as I became more politically and racially aware. Counter-Currents offered such an astonishing breadth of discussion that I felt almost like a student again, learning from square one; it was frightening and exhilarating at the same time.

Great sites will do this for you, and thereby become indispensible, not just for one’s own edification, but for making a tangible real world impact. For Greg Johnson, this is metapolitics, the alteration of our current culture in order to reintroduce forbidden yet crucial ideas into the realm of respectability. But even with great sites like Counter-Currents, this takes time. This is why Counter-Currents depends on its readers and donors for its survival.

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Thank you.

Spencer Quinn

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