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Chairman Soros’ (Not So) New Directive

George Soros

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Maybe some of you can still remember those golden years, when the main proof of the dictatorial nature of a number of regimes within “the axis of evil” was that they allowed only restricted access to the internet. This distant past ended the day before yesterday, when George Soros, suddenly becoming a fierce enemy of Facebook and Google, predicted that the new lethal weapon of “the enemies of open societies” would be an alliance of digital technologies and authoritarianism. This, obviously, simply means that on the digital battlefield of the global cognitive war, the Sorosites’ nomadic army is now on the run – as could be expected: with its very low functioning costs, the social-network weaponry is structurally closer to the cheap weather-proof AK-47 – which appears on several national flags after becoming a world-wide symbol of anti-imperialist struggles – than to expensive drone-technology. It thus became a one-shot weapon in the hands of plutocratic globalism, to which it was able to earn some momentum by the time of the so-called Arab Spring. A few years later, however, anti-imperialists of all creeds, who generally have better information and stronger motivation than the expensive monks of hare-hare-open-society, had learned how to use the new toy, and new Maidan attempts started to derail all around the world, one after another: not only in relatively independent countries such as Russia and China, but even in NATO states where (parts of) the deep state and large chunks of the press are under direct globalist control, such as Hungary and Romania. Even clumsy, internally divided and cowardly regimes such as the ruling Romanian PSD-ALDE coalition are no longer afraid of the “civil” soldiers of the “NGO” street army financed by Soros. Game over.

So, what’s next? Well, just ask Uncle Gyuri, and he’ll tell you. Indeed, the answer to this question also was in the Davos speech, in which Chairman Soros also officialised the end of the right/left divide. Did he finally read Evola, Debord, Clouscard and de Benoist, to realize that socialism has nothing in common with the left, and that “conservative liberalism” is a contradiction in terms? No, of course not. Suckers – especially in America – will hopefully perpetuate what he calls “a healthy two-party system” (in which liberalism wins no matter for whom you vote). But in Europe, the right/left game needs to become subservient to the higher interest of “European values” (such as forced racial mixing and dignified sodomy), as they already are in France, where Macron’s government, emphatically praised by Plutocratic Pope Soros in his Davos Blessing, is the closest European embodiment of an Open Society regime available today (though probably still behind the exemplary Trudeauistan in the global ranking: socks are always what they seem).

Unlike the Ukrainian Maidan, during which the heavy co-optation of neo-Nazis into the pro-Western “freedom forces” was largely denied and/or understated by a still very prudish Western press (who, due to internet counter-information, lost a big share of its credibility in the process), the coming Hungarian Maidan will be a real March of post-right-post-left Pride. Nothing new for Sorosites in Hungary, who, for the last six months, have already been told to routinely adopt and cherish – in spite of occasional fits of nausea and a bit of residual Antifa gag-reflex – a new kind of ideological transgender: Gábor Vona, the polymorphous Führer of the Jobbik party, who, years ago, threatened “Jewish colonizers” with inviting Ahmadinejad’s Guardians of the Revolution to Hungary, is now a frequent and tolerated guest at all kinds of left-liberal talk shows, seminars and meetings, generally hosted in Sorosite hubs of the Jewish Quarter in Pest.

Indeed, Soros is smart enough to understand that, however “socialist” the Orbán regime may have become during its consolidation years (renationalising key industries, taxing banks, controlling energy prices and committing other sins against neoliberalism), his FIDESZ party of former anti-communist dissidents cannot be defeated within the old narrative of “anti-totalitarian liberation”, which still proved, to some extent, functional during the Kiev coup. Yet, killing Viktor Orbán (politically or, if necessary, even physically) has become an absolute priority of the globalist agenda, as shown by statements made by the Sorosite Hungarian writer György Konrád, who recently said that Orbán’s fate might end up being similar to Ceaușescu’s (executed in 1989 after being sentenced to death by a make-believe tribunal). In saying so, “Little George” Konrád probably translated into plain Hungarian the somewhat more hermetic messages transmitted by “Big George” Soros.

As Orbán does not seem to be willing to fold, and obviously knows that Uncle Gyuri will take no prisoners, his chances of political survival do, of course, depend on his party’s electoral results next April, but also on his ability to control – or, if not, to eliminate – the pro-Western/liberal wing of FIDESZ. From Brussels, where most of its leaders have been exiled into the golden cages of MEP mandates, this faction, full of NATO agents, shows growing agitation and weakening discipline. The risk of losing it all might yet be enough to keep them in line until the Hungarian elections, but – especially in the event of a worse-than-expected result for FIDESZ – the temptation of a post-election coup within the party will be huge, so that Orbán should probably chose a pre-emptive strike and sack their leaders as soon as possible.

In the long run, however, Soros also “predicted” (i.e. ordered) a CDU-CSU divorce in Germany, which means that the new globalist ruling team in Berlin (no matter whether Schulzified or still Merkel-faced) will have to take the Macronian form of big central government, eventually expelling Herr Schäuble and his vintage German isolationism toward the extreme-right fringe presently occupied by the LGBT-counter-jihadists of the AfD. This will most certainly be a prelude to European federalism, so that even with a united FIDESZ behind him and renewed electoral legitimacy, Orbán’s ability to resist an increasingly dictatorial core-EU Politburo will largely depend on the success of the Visegrad integration/enlargement – in which the ideologically and geopolitically fragile stance of Poles and Romanians will certainly count as a risk factor. He needs a consolidated and/or enlarged Visegrad before Macron and his future German twin (whoever that might be) will get their consolidated Sorosite Euro Reich.

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  1. Petronius
    Posted February 1, 2018 at 6:49 pm | Permalink

    Schäuble is hardly an “isolationist”. He is completely in line with Brussels and a very outspoken advocate of mass immigration “because isolation would lead to incestuous degeneration.”

    Soros should know, as globalism is “neither left nor right”, but economic liberalism combined with cultural marxism.

  2. nineofclubs
    Posted January 31, 2018 at 11:31 pm | Permalink

    Soros is – inadvertently – correct in calling out the redundancy of the Left/Right divide. He has not correctly identified what will replace it though.

    Left/Right historically referred to political positions on state control over the economy and means of production. More recently, these issues have been eclipsed by two new axes of differentiation.

    One relates to whether one is liberal or conservative in regards to social questions – eg pot, abortion etc.

    Another is to do with identity. Communitarian nationalists vs cosmopolitan globalists.

    The current hegemony in most Western countries is ‘right’ (on economics), liberal on social questions and ruthlessly cosmopolitan-globalist on identity.

    Personally I’d prefer an order that was Left/conservative/nationalist. Most authors and commentators here on CC seem to prefer a Right(ish)/ conservative/nationalist perspectives, but the key point is that – as opposed to Soros – we’re all nationalists.

    The future of politics will substantially be about nationalists v globalists.


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