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Video of the Day
Russian “Get Out the Vote” Video

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This humorous video has been circulating over social media in recent weeks, produced by an unknown source, attempting to encourage Russian voters to come out for the first round of the presidential election on March 18. The video, which is clearly aimed at the liberal candidates, has generated some controversy among Putin’s opposition, who claim the video is homophobic. Thanks to our friends at the Hungarian anti-immigration site, Custodela [1], for the English subtitles!

Russia : a humorous and provocative clip attemps to motivate Russian citizens to go to vote in the Presidential election. [2]

Russia: A humorous and provocative video clip, produced anonymously, has been released online, attempting to motivate Russian citizens to go to the polls and vote in the first round of the Presidential election on March 18.

Posted by Custodela [3] on Tuesday, February 20, 2018