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The Counter-Currents 2018 Fundraiser
We’re Getting Warmer . . .

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Dear Friends of Counter-Currents,

Okay, I’m starting to get worried. Since our last update, we have received 11 donations totaling $875, for which we are enormously grateful.

Our goal this year is to raise $70,000. So far, we have received 300 donations totaling $66,239.87. So we are almost 95% of the way to our goal, with only $3,760.13 to raise by the end of December 31, Pacific Standard Time. 

Matters will be helped considerably by a $5,000 matching grant. But this is an all or nothing grant with a hard deadline: December 31. An all or nothing matching grant means that we have to raise the full $5,000 or the amount will not be matched. And we have to do it by the end of the year.

Thus far, we are $3,992 toward meeting that grant. Which means that we have $1,008 to raise before the end of the year, at which point our matching donor will put us over the finish line.

Like most dissident journals of ideas, Counter-Currents depends upon reader donations. If you want Counter-Currents to thrive, make a donation today.

If you want to send a non-tax deductible donation to Counter-Currents Publishing, you can make two different types of donations:

I want to make a special pitch today for recurring monthly donations. Recurring donations are particularly helpful, since they allow us better to predict and plan for the future. We still have not recovered from the loss of monthly donors after being deplatformed by PayPal in August of 2017, in the moral panic whipped up after Unite the Right in Charlottesville. Let’s rectify that right now. Please use the secure online form below.

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You may also send check, money order, or credit card payment by mail. Just print out our donation form in Word [3] or PDF [4]. Our address is:

PO Box 22638
San Francisco, CA 94122

Counter-Currents also takes a variety of crypto currencies:


Our Bitcoin address is: 1ChE5DZVVZJpv8mnJ3fRrtSDrTikBh7uFL



Our Etherium address is: 0x6cB1fd85326739bABf48B80B82a4E8470F98Db7C



Our Litecoin address is: LauRgjKWtSSQPkvsjQwzcRtd9DyVwioLfu



Our Monero address is: 45ijQwamhwMDkE4S1gQ2GS7VG5jp181bYC3rEw71aKdJfYjBhMiiLDYbTKLQY7LdfierEbfNJ9HNAYLj6h39i7paL4q29Bz


Also, as we first announced in October of 2015, you now have two possible destinations for your donations: Counter-Currents Publishing and the Counter-Currents Foundation. The Counter-Currents Foundation is a US 501c3 educational corporation. Donations to it are deductible from US federal income taxes. The purpose of the Counter-Currents Foundation is specifically to promote scholarship and translations connected to the European New Right and allied movements. If you wish to earmark a donation to the Counter-Currents Foundation, or to discuss a particular project you would like to support, please contact me in advance at [email protected] [9].

Please give generously!

Remember: those who fight for the Golden Age live in it today. Thank you for your loyalty and support.

Greg Johnson