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Amazon.com Continues to Purge Counter-Currents Titles

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On February 24th, Amazon.com banned my book The White Nationalist Manifesto, removing the Kindle eBook and the product pages for ordering the hardcover and paperback editions. You can read all about it here [2].

On February 26th, Amazon banned 15 more Counter-Currents titles: 

  1. Greg Johnson, New Right vs. Old Right [3] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  2. Greg Johnson, Truth, Justice, and a Nice White Country [4] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  3. Greg Johnson, In Defence of Prejudice [5] (Kindle)
  4. Greg Johnson, ed., North American New Right [6], vol. 1 (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  5. Trevor Lynch’s White Nationalist Guide to the Movies [7] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  6. Son of Trevor Lynch’s White Nationalist Guide to the Movies [8] (Kindle)
  7. F. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power [9] (Kindle)
  8. Jonathan Bowden, Western Civilization Bites Back [10] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  9. Jonathan Bowden, Extremists: Studies in Metapolitics [11] (Kindle)
  10. Michael Polignano, Taking Our Own Side [12] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  11. James J. O’Meara, The Homo and the Negro: Masculinist Meditations on Politics and Popular Culture [13] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  12. Spencer Quinn, White Like You [14] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  13. Savitri Devi, And Time Rolls On [15] (Kindle, HC, and PB)
  14. Savitri Devi, Defiance: The Prison Memoirs of Savitri Devi [16] (Kindle)
  15. Irmin Vinson, Some Thoughts on Hitler & Other Essays [17] (Kindle, HC, and PB)

Jonathan Bowden, in the moment

I put a lot of myself into these books, so each and every ban is experienced as a painful personal attack. Frankly, though, I feel the worst about Jonathan Bowden’s Western Civilization Bites Back. This volume is a tribute to a friend who was taken from us far too soon. There’s nothing in it that any honest person — even an honest Leftist — could deem worthy of censorship. Banning this title is clear evidence that the aim of this purge is simply economic and psychological warfare against me and my team.

Banning F. Roger Devlin’s Sexual Utopia in Power was also a cruel blow. Nobody else can deal with the wrenching social and personal catastrophes of the sexual revolution with Devlin’s combination of incisive analysis, moral urgency, and sheer class — and a bit of well-contained rage. The world is surely a safer place now that Amazon has banned Sexual Utopia in Power but continues to carry The S.C.U.M. Manifesto and How to Destroy A Man Now (DAMN): A Handbook [19].

I had similar feelings about James O’Meara’s brilliant book The Homo and the Negro. Left-wing morons who only read the title think it must be all about homophobia and race hate. Right-wing morons who only read the title think it must be about “promoting” homosexuality and race hate, but they have no problem with the hate. But the surprisingly large number of people who actually read the book in spite of — or because of — the title, know that James O’Meara is a genius in the technical sense of the term: he sees connections that nobody had seen before.

Amazon has also banned four titles written or edited by Jared Taylor:

  1. White Identity
  2. If We Do Nothing
  3. A Race Against Time
  4. Face to Face with Race

In some cases, all traces of these books have been removed from Amazon. In others, they are simply no longer being sold. The inconsistency and sloppiness of this purge smack of blue-haired SJW hysteria.

Realistically, though, we have to expect that all Counter-Currents titles will eventually be purged. Our books remain available at other bookstores, at least for now.

Counter-Currents will, of course, continue to sell our purged titles. We will also make available our own eBooks and audiobooks.

I will continue to publish my own books at Counter-Currents. But it does not make sense to take on any new authors or titles. Why publish books that will be banned by the world’s largest bookstore? (Ironically, my primary recommendation is that authors at least try to self-publish with Amazon — if you can look yourself in the mirror, you will gain a large potential audience. Sadly, I cannot recommend Arktos or Washington Summit/Radix, for reasons I will be glad to elaborate in private [20].)

But it is not as bad as it sounds. Although Counter-Currents was initially conceived as a publishing company with a webzine on the side, it rapidly evolved into a webzine that published books on the side. The webzine absorbs most of our time and provides most of the value to the movement. Books definitely add an aura of legitimacy to our cause, but our publishing operations barely pay for themselves. Not taking on new titles will free up capital and time that we can use to expand the webzine and especially our audio and video work, which will dramatically increase our impact.

When the Manifesto was banned, I was still willing to give Amazon the benefit of the doubt. I was not going to call for the boycott of a company that I would not boycott myself. No longer. Amazon.com is dead to me. I went to the site and canceled all my pre-orders and outstanding orders. I will not renew my Prime membership. I will still use it to find titles, but I will buy them directly from the publishers or brick and mortar bookstores. Amazon used to offer convenience and choice. No longer. You can now choose between convenience and freedom. Preferring convenience to freedom is pretty much the definition of the Last Man. Shopping at Amazon.com is no longer consistent with my self-respect — or yours.

I want to thank all those who have offered us moral support. We have already received a flurry of new orders, and a number of generous donations.

Counter-Currents can bite back as well.

If you want to help, please do the following:

I will keep you informed of new developments.

In gratitude,

Greg Johnson

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