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Call for Transcripts
Counter-Currents Needs You!

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Counter-Currents has produced or become the curator of a great number of audio and video recordings over the years, which can be found on our YouTube channel [2], as well as at Counter-Currents Radio [3] or under Video of the Day [4] (in the latter case, where the material is original to Counter-Currents) here on our own site. Some of these have already been transcribed, but many have not. Having these important documents available in multiple formats allows us to reach as wide an audience as possible, and transcripts also make it easier for these materials to be discovered during Internet searches than they would be by existing only in audio/visual form. If you are interested in transcribing a particular recording, we would be very grateful for your assistance. Most especially, we would be interested in transcripts of Greg Johnson’s recent speeches, especially his talks in Stockholm [5], Tallinn [6] (now reserved), Vilnius [7] (now reserved), and to the Northwest Forum [8] (now reserved). Please first contact us at [email protected] in order to make sure that a transcript for it doesn’t already exist, or that someone else isn’t already working on it. Your help is greatly appreciated!