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How Diversity is Taking Its Toll on Children’s Friendships

Being looked upon with absolute contempt by a racial alien highly prone to violence, a beautiful white child is hated simply for existing in the nation her ancestors built.

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A few nights ago, I met two childhood friends for dinner after class. The week was over and we could breathe a sigh of relief for a few hours. We’ve all known each other for quite a while now, having met in grade school. It’s been almost twenty years. Years went by where we saw each other daily, carpooled to work, and coordinated lifting sessions; but there were others when we stayed in touch merely through an occasional text or e-mail. Seasons passed, time rolled on, but through it all, we would still get together at this restaurant to reminisce about our various past intersections as well as about our lives now. The air was brisk as we sat on the patio. You could feel summer escaping, water danced over rocks in the distance, and the wind howled through the trees; soon they will be bare, and fall will collapse into winter. We had far more reason to remain together as friends than to drift apart.

The richness in my life that stems from those lifelong friendships is a result not of our differences, but our similarities. The people in my life I am closest to, I have the most things in common with: We have similar senses of humor, similar interests, similar political views, similar cultural views, similar styles, similar aesthetic sensibilities, and we enjoy the same music and films. We even find similar things objectionable, we all find modernity to be degenerate, and we share the same sense of loss of our culture.

I am so physically similar to one of the friends I grew up with that people have often asked if we are brothers. Perhaps we are, in some metaphysical sense. When perfect strangers ask if we are related by blood, they are expressing the reality that we are so similar in so many ways, that a highly plausible explanation is that we must have grown up together. And in many ways, we did – spending summers together as kids, going to the mall and movies together as teenagers, and now spending time together as adults. Our friendship grew precisely because of our similarities, not in spite of them.

And even among those friends I’ve made more recently, we have a lot of things in common. In a society that is increasingly racially diverse, the odds of finding people similar to you begins to dwindle. And I observe this in others as well. My mom regularly meets with her childhood and high school friends for dinner. My dad would undoubtedly be doing that as well, but his best friend was killed in Vietnam. I am named after him, in fact.

If you’re fortunate enough to have friends from previous stages of your life, the overwhelming odds are that they look like you. “White Americans have an astonishing 91 times as many white friends as black friends,” according to one report. The great majority of white Americans have no black friends at all.[1] This isn’t mere coincidence. We befriend those similar to ourselves. So don’t take your friends for granted. If current trends are not reversed, we may be the last generation of white people who will be able to take such relationships for granted. White children growing up today will know nothing but hostile racial aliens who have nothing but absolute contempt for them.

Although I find myself smack-dab in the middle of clown world under an occupation government run by a very hostile elite, I feel fortunate that I was able to grow up in an era when I could still make such lifelong friends. Men of my own stock. I’m glad I can still remember the 1990s, and remember a time when my homeland was still more or less culturally white.

When I see photos of present-day classrooms in the US and Europe, I feel an intense sadness for today’s white children and a profound sense of loss. Their experience will be radically alien from mine, and I mean that in every sense of the world. They are physically surrounded by racial aliens. Their “peers,” who largely come from races with far lower levels of cultural development, will just only be beginning to recognize themselves in a mirror.[2] Many of the “adults” will see them, even as children, as part of an oppressor class that has wronged them in some way. They will bear the full brunt of the consequences for the alleged sins of their fathers.

Research shows that there are already white children growing up entirely deracinated from their own people and culture. One report tells us that “[i]n 2017, 10.8 million children attended highly integrated public schools, up from 5.9 million in 1995, an 83 percent increase that stems largely from rising diversity outside metropolitan areas.”[3]

These poor children will never have the experiences I had. They are growing up to be a hated minority in their rightful homelands, in the nations their ancestors built. Twenty years from now, they will perhaps not be having dinner with friends and laughing about their childhood antics with people who are similar to them. No; instead, they will be surrounded on all sides by invading races whose hatred for them is being reinforced by their own school curriculum, which includes conspiracy theories such as “white privilege” and a historical narrative that presents whites as nothing more than evil oppressors.

Unfortunately for the children in the above photos and millions more like them, their parents missed the white flight out of town for one reason or another – perhaps due to finances, perhaps ignorance. Either way, the results will be the same. And for those fortunate enough to be able to flee to the next “good school district,” know you’re on borrowed time. The slow increase of diversity marches ever onward, insidiously creeping into every aspect of our lives in ways that will only become excessively intolerable. If you think the suicide rate is high now, wait until half of the white population hits 20 without having a single person to call their friend.

Sending white children to schools filled with racial aliens who are prone to much greater levels of violence is nothing less than child abuse, or at the very least negligence. I assume many parents who do so are working-class whites who simply cannot afford a private school, or to pick up and move every few years. Some are also doubtless liberals who are willingly condemning their children to a life of misery due to some egalitarian bona fides, offering up their children as sacrificial lambs upon the altar of racial diversity.

The white children growing up in these conditions will not have the wonderful experience of sitting one fine evening with their lifelong friends, reminiscing about their lives. They won’t have anybody to remind them of names they forgot or to help them recall half-forgotten memories. They won’t have anything at all, other than their rented Conex-box apartment inside a co-housing warehouse, where if they’re lucky they’ll be able to shop online for trinkets that deliver an increasingly diminishing amount of dopamine.

The event horizon for this dystopia has already been passed. The current cohort of children under 15 in the United States is already majority non-white and climbing fast.[4] The situation is dire, and with each passing day, the window for an amicable resolution diminishes, leaving only radical options on the table.

The current Gen Z population is less white than the Millennial generation by about ten percent. The Millennial generation is officially the loneliest. Twenty to twenty-five percent of Millennials have no friends at all. Not one. Thirty percent of them say they are “often” or “always” lonely, and have no “best friend,” meaning close relationships are down even among those with friends. Knowing that most people meet their friends at school, work, college, or in their neighborhood, this is no surprise. As these places become more racially diverse through extremist migration policies and forced integration, the chances of finding people like yourself begin to dwindle.[5]

Give your old friends a call and realize that something simple which we have always taken for granted is in fact an opulent feature of a racially homogeneous homeland, not an eternal given. Such close friendships are not a feature of multi-racial countries. White children are having their futures ripped away from them with each passing day, and in ways that were not imaginable or foreseen. Sure, we know that diversity leads to lower social capital and less community participation, but to friendlessness? How bleak.

The horrors that await have only begun to reveal themselves. If the pendulum is to ever swing back, may all those responsible for this predicament feel its full weight, and may those of us working tirelessly to change things see an end to this long agony.

In White Nationalist countries, even the poorest of our children will grow up in nice, safe, white neighborhoods and schools. They will be surrounded by others like themselves, who understand and care for them. We do not wish to see a world of universal panmixia, forced upon us by those who desire to see a world that is as ugly and grey as they are. We want all of our people to have a proper home and a proper education. We may be hated, but know we are hated because in a world that defines “progress” by decay, we have dared to dream of something magnificent.


[1] Christopher Ingraham, “Three quarters of whites don’t have any non-white friends,” The Washington Post, August 25, 2014.

[2] Tanya Lynn Broesch, Tara Callaghan, Joseph Henrich, Christine Murphy, & Philippe Rochat, “Cultural Variations in Children’s Mirror Self-Recognition,” Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, September 9, 2010. By 24 months of age, over 70% of white children recognize themselves in a mirror. At 24 months, only 4% of African children recognize themselves, and Latin children around 30% or less. Many African children did not recognize themselves even at 72 months. Self-recognition tests have been done on animals, chimps, orangutans, dolphins, and elephants. They can all pass the test at higher rates than African children – and yet we are told that the only difference is “skin color.” Another absurdity of egalitarianism.

[3] Laura Meckler & Kate Rabinowitz, “The changing face of school integration,” The Washington Post, September 12, 2019.

[4] William H. Frey, “Less than half of US children under 15 are white, census shows,” Brookings, June 24, 2019.

[5] See Jamie Ballard, “Millennials are the loneliest generation,” YouGov, July 30, 2019; Roisin Lanigan, “Millennials are officially the loneliest generation,” Vice, August 5, 2019; Hannah Frishberg, “1 in 5 millennials are lonely and have ‘no friends’: survey,” New York Post, August 2, 2019; and Brian Resnick, “22 percent of millennials say they have ‘no friends’,” Vox, August 1, 2019.



  1. AwfullyHotCoffeePot
    Posted September 27, 2019 at 9:40 am | Permalink

    Again, Houck hits a home-run with his day-to-day-nationalism and sideways glance at how these overarching metapolitical struggles actually trickle down to the monotony and grind of our daily existence.
    Even just going by numbers of comments and shares alone we can see that Houck’s political/apolitical take on the everyday consequences of diversity are among the most popular pieces on this site, and clearly strike a chord with thousands.
    Can’t wait to read what he produces next.

  2. PeterQuint
    Posted September 25, 2019 at 6:46 am | Permalink

    Revilo P. Oliver described this phenomena as “sinking into a mass of brutalized mulatti.”

  3. Matt Jackson
    Posted September 23, 2019 at 4:29 am | Permalink

    When will your article on modern architecture be released? It was mentioned on the podcast a couple of months ago. Did I miss it?

  4. Steven W
    Posted September 23, 2019 at 1:58 am | Permalink

    To become the Asian boy in the lunchroom quiet and polite and thus shunned and ostracized or give in and act like an obnoxious thug. Diversity just cannot work. At an instinctual level seeing people so very very different from yourself is jarring and unnatural. In time all you can do is “adapt to survive” and completely lose yourself or become a very strange outcast.

    White people, particularly young White males will become the poor Asian boy in their own countries. I dare say it’s probably safer and more beneficial for these young whites socially and spiritually to go to school in Asia. Still a standout but much better than a school with Africans and Hispanics.

    In my middle school there was this recent Asian immigrant boy who was always berated and picked on by a few Hispanic kids. Looking back now I still feel bad when I think about it, and that I did nothing, but then think his parents are to blame. The poor boy needed to be with his own kind…but then I think…that even still it isn’t his fault. Lots of conflicting thoughts. Hell he’d have been much better off in an upper-class white school I’m sure.

    White children will pay for the mistakes we have made….They’ll never have the happiness, the young romance, the innocence, the love, or the culture I knew as a boy.

    Great article Rich, brought up the same feelings that came up when I read 7-11 Nationalism. The innocent childhood I had the new generation will never know what they are missing and I’m sure that will leave a large generational void when it comes to our views.

  5. David
    Posted September 22, 2019 at 8:02 pm | Permalink

    Well, this site is a thing that actually exists. Yikes.

    • A.M.
      Posted September 23, 2019 at 3:32 am | Permalink

      NBC actually exists!

  6. sb
    Posted September 22, 2019 at 5:19 pm | Permalink

    The use of sources in this article is appalling. The interpretation of the mirror self-recognition study quoted as proof of white superiority is substantially skewed. This study does not mention race anywhere. Nowhere does it say that the children from the US were white. It is about cultural differences. And the reasons for the differences between children concluded by the authors of the study are about different patenting styles in different parts of the world. Their findings have absolutely zero to do with the race of the children, nor their intelligence for that matter.

    The same is true for the sources about loneliness. One of the sources is about a study from Germany, so it cannot be applied to the argument about the US anyway. The others talk about millennials, not white millennials. Like in the mirror study.” American” includes all races (an outdated concept in itself btw). So they cannot be used to prove the point made in the article. Reasons for loneliness are not racial isolation, but “According to the survey, a third of Americans feel making friends is difficult. For 53 percent, it’s because they’re shy. Another 27 percent claim it’s because they “don’t feel like they need friends.””

    • David Carmichael
      Posted September 23, 2019 at 12:03 am | Permalink

      The sources were appropriately used in the article. You just don’t like the interpretation because of your own biases. Nobody has to interpret anything according to your pet preferences.
      It’s funny that race-denialists like you seem to have no problem identifying what is White when it suits you.

      • sb
        Posted September 23, 2019 at 7:49 am | Permalink

        Then please show me where any of the sources say anything about race.

        • David Carmichael
          Posted September 23, 2019 at 5:47 pm | Permalink

          The authors failed to present the racial breakdown of the participants, most likely for political reasons. The racial aspect is clear from where the participants were drawn from.
          We don’t have to accept your conclusions. In fact, that’s why we exist, because you people are so dishonest.

    • A.M.
      Posted September 23, 2019 at 3:22 am | Permalink

      “Reasons for loneliness are not racial isolation…” I can only presume that you have never been racially isolated enough, long enough, to find that out, but racial isolation, like any isolation, is a reason for loneliness, regardless of race. Make no mistake about that.

      • sb
        Posted September 23, 2019 at 7:52 am | Permalink

        I am talking about what’s in the sources that are used to back up the claims in the article. Where exactly do any of them suggest that the increase of loneliness has anything to do with race?
        They give a number of different reasons though.

        • A.M.
          Posted September 24, 2019 at 2:34 am | Permalink

          I’m not talking about the sources of the article, I’m actually talking about my own personal experiences, and those of other people I’ve known, not all of whom belonged to the same race. Racial isolation may not be the main reason loneliness and isolation are increasing, like the author of the article seems to suggest, but it definitely is a reason people feel alone, and definitely is increasing in North America and Western Europe, so it definitely is contributing to the increase. The other reasons offered by the sources may also be valid, or only some of them may be valid, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t also valid objectively. They may have deliberately left this reason out of the conclusions for political reasons, or maybe the authors simply didn’t think of it, which, itself, is probably an outcome of
          the political climate, and the habitual denial of race. Either way, a reasonable explanation was left out, and a liberal worldview is likely the culprit.

  7. Just Joe
    Posted September 22, 2019 at 6:44 am | Permalink

    BLACK UBER DRIVER: It’s a shame about bullying and kids today. Children shouldn’t be cruel to each other. They supposed to be innocent.

    WHITE RIDER: Indeed. My daughter was recently bullied for being the only white girl in her class…

    BLACK UBER DRIVER: Well, now you know how my people felt. Fair is fair.

    (True story)

    • John Considine
      Posted September 22, 2019 at 10:07 am | Permalink

      Black Uber Driver: Two wrongs don’t make a right. What’s more, it is obvious to me that, by the laws of nature and the universe, regardless of the push for “diversity,” people prefer to be around people who look like themselves. I experienced all the way back in kindergarten, in 1982, way before this diversity thing was being pushed. I was hated simply for being white and those are my black best friends but they knew we were different

    • Merriam
      Posted September 22, 2019 at 11:40 am | Permalink

      Knowing that our history has been subverted and is constantly being changed to fit an anti-white narrative, is important.
      History is embellished, to make things sound much worse or much better depending on the motives of the writer.
      For instance, if slavery was such a savage institution and white people where so bad, then why did 90% of black people stay in the United States, rather than migrate to Liberia when they where given the opportunity to create their own nation? Why did so many slaves choose stay on with their former masters after being freed? Why did black families fracture so horribly when they were forced to integrate and given government welfare? Why is the emancipation of slavery overshadowed by slavery itself? Why are we lead to believe that only blacks where lynched in public? Why are we lead to believe that only white westerners were responsible for slavery? Why are we not told about the overwhelming presence of Jewish slave traders?
      As with many current and former communist countries, the subversion and re-writing of history is key to creating an oppressor and eliminating them, our country is no exception.

      • Ellie Wolf
        Posted September 23, 2019 at 6:57 am | Permalink

        There were white slaves as well. People convicted of certain crimes (in England) were sent to be indentured slaves on the plantations in the Southern states and the West Indies. Sadly when their term ended, they were rarely freed. They mated with the slaves and added some of the white to the gene pool. It wasn’t always from evil slave masters. White slavery as practised by the Barbary pirates was also a reality. No race has a monopoly on slavery.

        • BroncoColorado
          Posted September 24, 2019 at 3:50 am | Permalink

          Read Michael Hoffman’s book ‘They were White and they were slaves’. Slavery in North America during the 17th century and early part of the 18th was predominately inflicted on White people. They were often called ‘indentured servants’ or simply ‘servants’, but in reality it was little better than chattel slavery. A topic avoided by academics and high school teachers.
          Hoffman gives solid evidence linking the criminalization of poverty within the British Isles as the driving force behind White slavery. Rural poverty became widespread in England following the ‘Enclosure Laws’ of that period. These laws took ‘common land’, land available for use by the village or small holders, and fenced it off under private ownership. An early form of corporate greed.

  8. nineofclubs
    Posted September 22, 2019 at 1:22 am | Permalink

    Great article. The truth of our preference for our own kind is demonstrated by the overwhelming number of socially liberal globalists (capitalism’s useful idiots) who do NOT choose to move to ‘vibrant’ suburbs.
    Mr O’Meara’s example of Howard Stern is notable, both for the negative impact it had on Stern as a child and for the exceptional fact that wealthy, socially liberal parents actually made that move.


  9. Richard Edmonds
    Posted September 22, 2019 at 12:37 am | Permalink

    It was the late, great British patriot, Enoch Powell, Member od the British Parliament who predicted 50 years ago, that future generations of young Britons would never know that Britain had once been a White country.

    In a major statement, Powell said that Third-World immigrants were causing us such serious social problems that Britain would be fully entitled to repatriate them back to their lands of origin.

    When one reads articles such as this that make graphic the horrors for our young of being thrust into an alien-dominated environment, then Powell’s solution, Repatriation, becomes obvious and urgent.

    Final point: what is the point of being a major military and economic power when our young have to suffer conditions as shown here ?

  10. Don
    Posted September 21, 2019 at 4:47 pm | Permalink

    Great article about a subject that’s largely been overlooked: The destructiveness of the mere presence of non-whites. They contribute nothing. Nothing and they destroy anything of value. Every institution has to lower standards to accommodate them. Once they get there you have to hold your breath and watch every word and pretend they’re just as good as we are.

    I was channel surfing last night and came across BATTLEBOTS. Teams of young people build robots to fight each other in competition. Pretty interesting. Guess what? ALL THE TEAMS WHO BUILT AND FOUGHT ROBOTS…..WERE WHITE!!!!

    It’s the same no matter where you go. Anything uplifting and intelligent is dominated by WHITES.

    My heart bleeds for white kids today, surrounded by MUDS who are taught to hate them.

    Why is there so little resistance to this from WHITE people?

  11. Monocacy
    Posted September 21, 2019 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

    It’s not just childhood friendships. Any white association, even acquaintanceship or encounters with strange whites, is disrupted. I used to think I was paranoid when I noticed that any interaction I had with any white person–relative, friend, acquaintance, stranger–on the street or in the workplace was immediately interrupted by someone, like a black bum begging for change or a nonwhite coworker doing something, anything, to intervene. I deeply resent this. Interwhite relationships can exist only privately now, and maybe not even then.

  12. John
    Posted September 21, 2019 at 3:52 pm | Permalink

    Good article. I’ll take your advice and phone up some of my old friends from childhood, many of them were of a similar mindset to me growing up, and I doubt that’s changed substantially now. Hard as it is to rebuild community, it must be attempted at least!

  13. 12tribes
    Posted September 21, 2019 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

    You white males all think alike. You say its diversity being pushed on you. The truth is you are under judgement! Your 400 years are up. 1619 to 2019. The first slave ship arrived into these stolen lands in 1619. The bible clearly states that those who enslave shall go into slavery. Its not a fairytale! Everything is happening to you to weaken you as a race to be ovetaken as yourancestors did to millions of africans, murdering millions of native American and native australians and native new zealanders and native islanders. Do you not understand that your sperm counts have fallen by over 50 percent or more in 40 years, youre women know longer see yiu as powerful and strong so millions are dating men of color, youre suicide rates are skyrocketing among young white males because they have no hope, white males are now the largest group of drug addicts in this stolen land and in europe, when now you see very few men of color using drugs, white workung class males are at 44 percent unemployed, yes, google it! And half of them are on pain meds! You are no longer welcome as new actors, new musicians, everyone is demanding more ppl of color in movies and tv, white kids worship hiphop and rap music! Wheres youre white rock n rollers? Theyre gone! Athletes in real sports are men of color majority! You know im right, or you wouldnt be on here scared and fearful of whats happening to you! Youre numbers are dwindling and what other race cant make babies? Youre white boys in schools get beat up and picked on because its deserved and will only get worse and more young white girls will see you getting beaten physically and culturally and politically and will continue to desire the winning men! Not your drug addicted homeless with a backpack on, walking dwn the highway begging fir mny white male! Get used to it. Enjoy what few years you have left. Even you see you are falling or you wouldn’t be scared as you are. Lol. God is judging you as a group. Those who enslave shall be enslaved! Those who kill by the sword shall die by the sword! That includes guns and lynchings and all the murders youve commited! Esaus birthright was the sword! The end of esaus world is the beginning of the next world which is jacobs! All this is scriptures! You are sons of esau! Red and hairy all over! Per the bible! We are bronze color with hair as wool! Per the bible! Esaus house shall be a stubble while jacobs will rise forever! Forever means eternity! Do you get it yet!

    • Stronza
      Posted September 21, 2019 at 4:51 pm | Permalink


      I. You dark ones are living on borrowed time as well. The Kali Yuga is upon us and the end of “the system of things” is nigh. When we pale faces go into the toilet, you will follow. Big time.

      II. The bible clearly states that those who enslave shall go into slavery.

      I can only hope that this will occur, I’ve been waiting for it for some time now. We whites don’t need to become slaves again (look it up) – our people worked to end slavery almost world-wide while the rest of you looked the other way.

      You say about us, God is judging you as a group. If you believe that people are judged as a group, then the descendents of certain semitic and African tribes – who ignored what was happening under their very noses – will be judged even more harshly than any white tribe. I’d get on my knees and repent if I were you.

      “First, remove the beam out of your own eye, and then you can see clearly to remove the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

    • Posted September 21, 2019 at 5:30 pm | Permalink

      White children being stuck around black children is certainly a punishment so you may be on to something.

    • Vauquelin
      Posted September 21, 2019 at 5:52 pm | Permalink

      It’s always funny when a Jew starts waving the Bible around.

    • Janet
      Posted September 21, 2019 at 10:05 pm | Permalink

      Well then you better have a talk with the schools that are pushing children through the school systems that can’t even read or do math. Are you ok with that because it’s happening mostly in cities and states run by Democrats! How are children like this going to become our future leaders? They drop their standards instead of requiring excellence. How’s that going to help the country? So when these young people take over you better hope they can handle the job because when I look at places like Chicago or Baltimore to name a few it’s not a pretty picture. They are corrupt to the core. Good luck with that!

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA
      Posted September 21, 2019 at 11:13 pm | Permalink

      Lol one flex and you’ll be dead all of you

    • James Dunphy
      Posted September 23, 2019 at 3:59 pm | Permalink

      You forgot to mention that you wuz kangz.

      I was pretty impressed with your comment at first, but as it went on you started getting tired, punctuating less, using more platitude and making less sense. It’s okay to get tired. We’re all here to give you moral support as you recharge your mind.

  14. James J. O'Meara
    Posted September 21, 2019 at 1:57 pm | Permalink

    “Sending white children to schools filled with racial aliens who are prone to much greater levels of violence is nothing less than child abuse, or at the very least negligence. I assume many parents who do so are working-class whites who simply cannot afford a private school, or to pick up and move every few years. Some are also doubtless liberals who are willingly condemning their children to a life of misery due to some egalitarian bona fides, offering up their children as sacrificial lambs upon the altar of racial diversity.”

    Howard Stern is probably not too popular here, for various reasons, but his un-PC brand of humor led him to spotlight lots of stuff liberals would rather hush up. (I speak in the past tense because I refuse to pay to listen to him). I remember him discussing his childhood, and how his parents, despite being relatively well-off Jews, insisted on living (or moving to?) a predominately dark and vibrant neighborhood, condemning him to a childhood of constant taunts and beatings. As he said about this and other aspects of his childhood: it would have been better to have been raised by wolves than by his good-thinking parents.

    • jaylaw
      Posted September 21, 2019 at 5:32 pm | Permalink

      Yes, I was thinking about Howard Stern as I read the article. It was Rockaway Long Island and his town became very diverse between his 6th and 7th grade years. There is even a scene in his movie ”Private Parts” where his best friend says his family is moving due to blacks moving in and Howard’s mother says that integration is great and their family was staying to help make it a sucesss.
      Stern would explain on his radio show that one big problem was that the white kids were all normal age for their grades (12 years old for 7th grade) but many of the blacks had been help back as much as 3 or 4 years and so we 15 or 16 years old. So you can see how the bullying and robbery easily happened.

    • Captain John Charity Spring MA
      Posted September 21, 2019 at 11:16 pm | Permalink

      I listened to that episode he did describing his childhood the mother was nuts

  15. Im-poz-ible
    Posted September 21, 2019 at 1:02 pm | Permalink

    Unfortunately, the victims will never even know what happened. People will reset to see the environment they developed in as normal. Most of them will be mixed race and have more in common with blacks and Hispanics. Implicit white activities will phase out.

    Jeez, I was reading the local high school’s summer reading list(I live like I’m still in high school basically), and there were hardly any books that were not about blacks and Hispanics—oh wait two; Night and the Diary. The far left has complete control of the infrastructure and education system.

  16. Posted September 21, 2019 at 12:46 pm | Permalink

    Disgusted. Fellow whitey actually thrilled this kind of back ass ignorant class is a dying breed of people. THANK YOU GOD that this type of mentality is actually diminishing. Fart on you!

    • Vauquelin
      Posted September 21, 2019 at 1:59 pm | Permalink

      “Fellow whitey” my ass, if you are not a white ally you propose white erasure. Whether or not you are white biologically, spiritually you and people like you have already canceled out all whiteness.

    • Thomas
      Posted September 21, 2019 at 2:08 pm | Permalink

      Hello, fellow white person.

      You are so brave, Monica. I wish I had the courage and eloquence that you have, but after I read this I was literally shaking and I couldn’t think straight enough to refute any of it. I tried calling my wife, but she said she was too busy at her friend’s house to help. So just imagine my relief when I saw that someone had been able to go point by point and disprove everything that author said.

      A hearty shalom to you, Monica. You’re a real mensch.

  17. Jay
    Posted September 21, 2019 at 12:19 pm | Permalink

    Excellent article. I was also thankful to have a close group of lifelong friends, but they were mostly all from private school. My sister-in-law has to quit substitute teaching because of the emotional strain caused one day. In a mostly black and Hispanic classroom, she saw a young white boy in the back was being taunted and ridiculed by three or four blacks. Considering the fact that she was not allowed to take disciplinary action by the schools it broke her heart. These stories are real and taking place all across a once great nation today.

  18. Kellie
    Posted September 21, 2019 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    Is this a real article written in 2019?
    Give me a break about your white whining that you live in a diverse world!
    Even this article is an example of the white privilege that you have. Wow your sad that blacks, whites, Hispanics and all the other races have to share. You are pathetic and so is this article.

    • Carl
      Posted September 21, 2019 at 1:01 pm | Permalink

      How the hell did you find your way on to this website? :S

    • K
      Posted September 21, 2019 at 7:17 pm | Permalink

      Who is sharing? These schools are often one race dominate where whites are completely outnumbered by a larger racial group. Blacks don’t share in Africa. Chinese don’t share in China ad nauseam. This kind of “sharing” of spaces only whites do it because it is not really sharing it is surrendering of ground by a deracinated and demoralized racial group. You will never see any other group be happy about diversity in their own countries or “sharing.”

    • nineofclubs
      Posted September 22, 2019 at 1:31 am | Permalink

      The world becomes less diverse as capitalism achieves its one-world, open borders dream. In the medium to long term, the future is one ethnicity and one consumerist culture, wherever you are.
      Those who bequeath this future to the next generation are heartless and selfish beyond measure.
      Real diversity is a globe of genuinely diverse ethno-nations, each with its own organic culture. That’s a beautiful thing. It’s real diversity.


    • DP84
      Posted September 22, 2019 at 5:56 pm | Permalink


      “Wow your sad that blacks, whites, Hispanics and all the other races have to share.”

      In this case, Sharing=Communism. We’re not obligated to share our stuff that we earned or our lands that we conquered and subdued with ANYBODY, least of all hateful, failed non-whites. Perhaps if Blacks and Hispanics were actually kind, productive citizens, sharing our stuff and our land with them wouldn’t be so bad. But as it is, all they do is steal and kill and make rhetorical threats in order to justify more stealing and killing.

      If you are non-white, then I dare you to keep on poking the lions until they wake up and DEVOUR you. And if you’re White, I dare you to give everything you have – your house, your possessions, your life savings, even your children – to a nonwhite household. Either way, I’ll bet you are a fraud and a hustler.


    • A.M.
      Posted September 23, 2019 at 3:40 am | Permalink

      “Is this a real article written in 2019?” Yeah it’s real, just a little ahead of it’s time.

    • A Big Guy
      Posted September 24, 2019 at 7:28 am | Permalink

      Well Kellie you just read an article about children and their relationships. It was about their experience in this world and how it effects them. And you came on here saying “MY DIVERSITY” and “MY DOPAMINE FIX SOMEONE NOTICE ME”. With that said the next time you are about to take a thought dump on Instagram just ask yourself are you really sure that the other side lacks in empathy or do you need to check your self importance.

  19. Posted September 21, 2019 at 11:52 am | Permalink

    Remember first time I sent a photo to my grandmother from London university with the classmate. She told me she didn’t know I went to Africa to study! I guess she was right. This would be the future of Western Europe and Northern America.

  20. Alexandra O
    Posted September 21, 2019 at 10:44 am | Permalink

    This is a brilliant assessment of a major problem facing our country (as well as Western Europe and other smaller White outposts worldwide), and though I don’t have children myself, I see it as a problem for parents and children, and all of our future. First, we are vastly outnumbered worldwide, probably by about 10 to 1, and secondly, we are being pushed by all those people into socialism which will keep attacking sovereignty (witness Brexit) and white ascendency in any way whatsoever.

    Myself, I have reluctantly realized I have NO friends at age 76 who are not socialists. Last night alone, I was the only one in the room of 8 people who I consider good acquaintances if not close friends, who had voted for Trump. Can you imagine me telling them I am much further Right than the insipid Republican Party? So, in essence, I have no friends either.

    I think two solutions might be increased usage of gated communities where we can regain our cohesiveness and collect our wits about us in order to re-take some of our previous territory. Secondly, I think home schooling is the only way to keep our kids out of these overwhelmingly ‘multicultural’ schools. But in the U.S., it is almost a necessity for both parents to work, so a solution must be found for one or the other to work only half-time, or to teach the kids in the evenings and weekends. But getting the kids away from those schools is vital to our continued existence.

    Well, those are just two ideas I can throw out there and hope they take root. I myself am building a library of European history, heritage and culture in order to save the books from destruction. I urge everyone else to do the same, in order to pass them on to homeschooling groups in the future. You cannot read all of Winston Churchill , or other great and voluminous historians online, try though you may. Real books are essential.

    Counter Currents is, right now, one of our greatest treasures. I hope this essay by Houck will make it into the next book published here.

  21. T. H. Corday
    Posted September 21, 2019 at 10:06 am | Permalink

    I was born in 1994, right on the line between Millennial and Zoomer. I’m fortunate enough to have one or two long term friends, but I believe I am an exception in that regard.

    Racial diversity is certainly a reason for this, not just because of the breakdown of homogeneous communities, but also because of the surveillance culture which comes with the managerial state making multiculturalism its moral justification. It is difficult to make friends at work or school when all of your behavior is monitored and ever speaking your mind could get you sent to sensitivity training. I suppose that’s a consequence of the end of “high trust” societies.

    Culturally, we are completely atomized. Because we are forbidden to have a racial identity, we fracture into numerous subcultures which are often united only by mutual interests. The issue, of course, is that one’s interests tend to change very quickly and thus do not often serve as a meaningful identity. Worse still are the subcultures which are united only through aesthetics – i.e. the “Scene” or Hipster subcultures.

    Another factor is the rootlessness of modern America. I once read that the average family now relocates twice. In contrast, my grandfather was the first member of our family to leave rural Virginia since we arrived in the aftermath of the English Civil War. Add in that fully 1/4th of this generation grew up fatherless and the majority are children of divorce. Everything in our lives is transient in a way that I think might be unrivaled by anything in history.

    We have lost both parts of “blood and soil.” Religion is essentially non-existent for us in any true sense, meaning that all three aspects of authentic identity are gone.

  22. Posted September 21, 2019 at 9:18 am | Permalink

    I can relate to this. Although I went to what was then considered a “good school” in suburban New York (mainly because of the few number of blacks in it, I suspect), the bulk of my class consisted of Jews and southern Italians, with a fair smattering of Asians and Hispanics. In other words, there were few other children in my childhood who were like myself; that is, of Northern European descent. And even those few other kids who were of such ethnicity often felt pressured to try to act like the generally much louder, more outgoing, and more aggressive Italians and Jews simply because they didn’t want to be thought of as “uncool.” (I’m not saying that I don’t consider southern Italians to be white and European; of course they are, but anyone being honest knows that they come from a culture that is very different from that of Northwestern Europe, even if we share a common civilizational background.) I wasn’t one of them, however, and during my early childhood I had very few friends and no close ones, and there was plenty of mutual dislike between me and my classmates. I established a few more solid friendships by high school, but in retrospect even those were pretty lackluster compared to the friendships I was to have in later life. In other words, I had few friends and little context within which to understand my own background and identity – and I wasn’t even aware that this was lacking until years later. This was still better than if I had gone to a school where “diversity” was even stronger; I can only imagine what children of a background similar to my own who grow up in majority non-white schools must go through. So I’m quite sure the problem you’re talking about is real and getting worse.

    However, by the same token I don’t think it’s just multiculturalism that’s driving this phenomenon of friendlessness. When I was a kid, as part of Generation X, we were constantly criticized by our elders for watching too much TV. Reports would be published about the horrors of children watching 8 or more hours of TV a day and such. This concern almost seems quaintly conservative compared to what’s happening today. Nowadays, of course, kids grow up with continuous exposure to social media and the Internet; any attempt their parents make to regulate their exposure to the less savory aspects of adulthood are doubtless fruitless. When I was a teen it was scandalous if somebody found a Playboy in his father’s closet and brought it to show his friends; nowadays the sorts of depraved sex acts I didn’t even hear about until I was an adult are on full display only a few mouse clicks away. I can’t imagine what sort of world children today are growing up in, with this pipe of raw sewage constantly pumping into their heads day and night. I’ve got to believe this is having a big impact on young people’s ability to establish real friendships – and romantic relationships – as well. Why go out when you can live a fantasy life online? Why bother to learn social skills when you’re an online shitlord? So I don’t think this is a problem with only one cause and one solution. Our entire culture needs an overhaul.

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