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A Different Perspective

3,822 wordsTheatrical release poster for the film Midway.

It was with mixed feelings that I finished reading the highly articulate and skillfully presented review of the film Midway by Robert Hampton. I had similar feelings about the article by Anton.

On the one hand, I heartily agree with their sensible views on the film’s refreshing depictions of American soldiers fighting for a White country, the comparison between Midway and The Patriot, and the rightful place and role of women with White Nationalist and traditionalist overtones. On the other hand, I did identify some misleading features in the theme and content of the film, and certain misperceptions or misjudgments in the two reviews from my own point of view.

This difference in perception, I believe, is easily explained: While sharing common views and visceral feelings as mentioned above, I approached this film emphatically from some historical-strategic-geopolitical perspectives which our two writers did not. They mainly argued from the film’s implicit pro-White angle, praising the film for its emotionally wholesome ability to inspire and uplift minds and hearts, while I tend to stress and highlight historical truths, their consequences, and future significance.

The Pacific War

First and foremost, the Pacific War between the US and Japan was a huge strategic mistake and tragedy; one that could have been averted but for the premeditated scheme and hell-bent fixation of FDR on going to war with Japan. His administration, being riddled with Soviet spies and mostly Jewish communist sympathizers and collaborators, worked relentlessly to push America to a world war. War with Japan was a “backdoor” strategy to get the US into a total war with Germany and eventually defeat it to save Jewry and Soviet and Chinese communism. I don’t really think this is something unknown to many of our White Nationalist readers, but the magnitude and details of the vast and dirty scheme might have not been fully disclosed to them.

In fact, questioning the narrative of the “just and necessary” war with Japan started during and soon after the war by some brave hearts and insightful minds, who have been ruthlessly suppressed by the mainstream media and academia. In recent years, based on declassified Soviet-era archives and other firsthand historical documents, a few honest American historians and scholars have penned a number of insightful books dissecting Soviet infiltration of US foreign policy, with notable names such as Henry Morgenthau Jr., Alger Hiss, Henry Dexter White, Harry Hopkins, Lauchlin Curries, and Owen Lattimore having all played a hand in treasonous activities with varied roles and degrees of destructiveness.

Old and new books on this pertinent topic include:

  • Appearances and Realities: President Roosevelt and the Coming of the War, 1941 by Charles A. Beard (the foremost scholar in American history of his time)
  • Back Door to War: The Roosevelt Foreign Policy 1933-1941 by Charles Callan Tansill
  • Witness by Whittaker Chambers
  • Pearl Harbor: The Story of the Secret War by George Morgenstern
  • Stalin’s Secret Agents: The Subversion by Roosevelt’s Government by Stanton Evans and Herbert Romerstein
  • Freedom Betrayed: Herbert Hoover’s Secret History of the Second World War and Its Aftermath by Herbert Hoover and George H. Nash
  • Operation Snow: How a Soviet Mole in FDR’s White House Triggered Pearl Harbor by John Koster
  • The Venona Secrets: The Definitive Expose of Soviet Espionage in America by Herbert Romerstein and Eric Breindel
  • Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America by John E. Haynes and Harvey Klehr

Even patriotic statesmen of that era rose up in righteous indignation to protest FDR’s disastrous war attempts, including the Pacific War. Besides the shocking memoir of President Hoover, considered as his magnum opus, there is also a book titled FDR, the Other Side of the Coin: How We Were Tricked into World War II by heavyweight Republican Congressman Hamilton Fish. It contains his vehement condemnation of FDR for purposely tricking the nation into a global conflagration that only enabled global communism. It is also worth noting that at present, there are a few Japanese historians and scholars, some of those I have introduced in my previous essays and comments, who are dedicated to research in this field and have authored some highly informative, insightful and enlightening works.

In his memoir, President Hoover writes: “I said the whole Japanese war was a madman’s desire to get into war. He (MacArthur agreed).” It was also indicated that William Leahy, Chester Nimitz, and Douglas MacArthur all opposed letting the Soviet Union join the war against Japan. As for MacArthur, who can rightly be regarded as the cardinal and most bitter adversary of the Japanese Empire during the Pacific War, there is another highly interesting fact that spoke volumes about his postwar self-reflection and inner ambivalence. As a soldier, he had to obey orders and fight for his country to his best capacity, but politically and strategically, he seemed to have finally understood the folly of the Pacific War.

In April 1951, after being sacked by President Truman in the middle of the Korean War for defying his half-hearted war policy, General MacArthur made his final speech to the joint session of the military and foreign policy committees at the US Senate, remarking about the Pacific War: “They (the Japanese) feared that if those supplies were cut off, there would be 10 to 12 million people unoccupied in Japan. Their purpose, therefore, in going to war was largely dictated by security.”

MacArthur’s implication was that Japan fought a war of self-defense, and it was the policy of strangling US sanctions that had caused the conflict. This, of course, was the fruition of FDR’s deliberate plot to provoke Japan into firing the first shot. Besides, MacArthur also said that “the largest political mistake America had made in the Pacific region in the last 100 years was empowering China. That price probably will have to be paid by us in the next 100 years.”

This remark curiously coincided with what President Hoover foretold near the end of his memoir: “China will probably become the trigger of a third world war.”

Of course, on the Japanese side before the outbreak of the Pacific war, Soviet and Comintern spies of multiple nationalities had also been tirelessly pushing Japan away from confrontation with the Soviet Union and into a collision course with America and Britain. The most infamous of them were the German communist Richard Sorge, working in the guise of a diplomat at the German Embassy in Japan, and his partner, the Japanese communist journalist and intellectual Hotsumi Ozaki, who gained the trust of Prime Minister Fumimaro Konoe and became the latter’s advisor.

Here we see a picture of communists on both sides taking orders from the Kremlin and working in tandem with each other to push the US and Japan into conflict. In spite of this, Japan, with a GDP only 1/12th that of the US, possessed enough sanity not to antagonize America. The Japanese government tried its best to avert a war with the US, exhausting all possible diplomatic means and making the utmost possible concessions. Japan even offered to withdraw completely from its occupied Chinese territories; asking only to maintain Manchuria which it had taken in 1931 for legitimate concerns of securing a strategic base and necessary resources against a future scenario of war with the Soviet Union. But FDR bluntly ignored or turned down all the Japanese proposals, and ultimately gave Japan the Hull Note ultimatum, demanding it give up Manchuria together with other draconian terms Japan found utterly unacceptable to its hard-earned national status and wellbeing as a major world power.

The Hull Note was named after the Secretary of State Cordell Hull, but was actually drafted by the Jewish communist spy and traitor Henry Dexter White. FDR was fully aware that Japan would by no means swallow it and deliberately used it to corner Japan into attacking the US out of desperation, which would play into his hands and enable him to bring the US into an all-out war with Japan and Germany. Of course, he willfully kept the Hull Note secret from Congress and the public, much like he did with information on the Pearl Harbor attack. That also explains why Congressman Fish and former President Hoover felt so infuriated after they discovered the truth later.

As for Japan, upon knowing FDR’s determination to strangle them after its repeated peace offers had all been snubbed, the national consensus from the military and public alike was that they’d rather die fighting than die prostrate. This led to the blitz attack on Pearl Harbor, which FDR and his inner circles knew of in advance, but chose to keep in darkness. As long as Japan was made to fire the first shot, America would be dragged into war. Mission accomplished!

FDR didn’t care a bit about the dead sailors and wronged officers. Thus, when the US intelligence officer in Midway claimed that “men will die if he doesn’t do his work, and men have already died because he and his colleagues did not properly anticipate Pearl Harbor” was in effect a woeful and lamentable misstatement that couldn’t be further from the truth. It was their very own Commander-in-Chief who had deliberately manipulated them into fighting their white German brothers for the interest of global Jewry and its parasitic system of usury and depravity.

Hampton’s essay repeatedly stressed in a positive light America’s fight against a racially alien foreign power, like Japan, but missed the bigger and more crucial fact that for FDR and his ilk, the overarching purpose was to fight Germany, the nemesis of Jewish capitalism and international communism. There is no doubt that the end result of FDR’s war made Communism and global Jewry huge victors, enabling them to reign over the entire Western world to this day. Thus an emphasis on “White America vs. Asiatic Japan” is badly misguided and beside the point, or at least terribly out of proportion.

Secondly, Hampton claimed in his essay that “the Japanese declared themselves as Asian liberators of the white menace” to justify the notion of white American soldiers fighting for a white homeland against a racially alien enemy. The quoted statement here was factually true. Japan indeed portrayed the war with the US and Britain as a crusade to liberate Southeast Asian colonial peoples. But again, this needs to be understood in the context of the times and with consideration of wartime practicalities instead of only at its face value. In fact, this wartime PR narrative was understandable as a rallying call for boosting morale and seeking a moral vantage point on the part of Japan, which was no worse than (and actually paled in contrast to) the allied naming of the Japanese as “yellow monkey Japs,” let alone their gratuitous and grisly massacre of Japanese civilians and POWs (an honest account of which is discussed here by a great writer and Counter-Currents contributor).

Furthermore, it is important to point out that Japan never applied the perceived “anti-white” label to Germany with whom it chose to ally itself, which demonstrated the narrative was not directed at the white race per se but only at the pro-communist and anti-nationalist American and British regimes under FDR and Churchill, which were not merely anti-Japanese, but all the more anti-German and pro-Jew.

Besides, it is well known that the FDR regime blatantly persecuted their own law-abiding citizens of Japanese ancestry, as manifested by FDR’s round-up of about 120,000 completely innocent Japanese-Americans on the West Coast to put them in concentration camps. While I personally feel little bitterness about this unfortunate and long-gone historical episode, and believe America as a country founded and built by whites should be a land of whites solely or predominantly, anyone with an objective and impartial mind could not help but be amazed by how exemplary a minority the Japanese-Americans were. Not only was there not a single proven case of treason on the part of Japanese-American citizens (a world of difference from American Jews), they quietly swallowed the grievous injustice with no complaint or protest and strove to prove their loyalty and devotion to America.

Hampton claimed “there are no diverse American characters [in the film] to prove that non-whites love America too,” which is true only of the film. In reality, however, the Japanese-Americans did love America and proved so with real actions. Japanese-American youths disproportionately signed up for military service as combat soldiers, military intelligence officers, and translators. The legendary 442nd Regiment of the US Army was composed of Japanese-American volunteers from Hawaii and the US mainland, famous for their motto “Go For Broke,” who fought valiantly in Italy and France from 1943 onward to prove their loyalty to America and for the honor of themselves and their families back home. From Anzio to Cassino, these young people fought against elite German troops, contributing tremendously to the eventual shattering of the tough German Gothic Line in Northern Italy. They successfully rescued the stranded Texas “Lost Battalion” from behind enemy lines, and clenched victory over the tactically superior German veterans at the expense of their own extensive casualties. For their extraordinary battlefield bravery, the 442nd Regiment became the single most decorated fighting unit in the entire history of the US military, being awarded 9,486 Purple Hearts, 4,000 Bronze Stars, and 21 Medals of Honor, among others (here).

Although the whole war was a tragic folly, and ideally there should be as few non-whites in America as possible, the indisputable historical facts as described above did prove the spirit and caliber of Japanese Americans as a rare non-white breed, if not the only one, of being unquestionably loyal to America and serving her with talent and devotion in situations of utmost asperity.

Seeing through China’s Trickery

Commenting on the fact that the production of Midway was financed by China, Hampton uttered that “it’s certainly a worthy trade for Midway’s distinct lack of poz.” In my humble opinion, this is quite a shortsighted view. Financing American film productions is part of the “Great External Propaganda” (大外宣) campaign of the Chinese government. By cooperating with Hollywood studios, sponsoring various entertainment and cultural activities, and leveraging its own huge film market to pressure Hollywood into making pro-Chinese films, China’s ambitions of influencing American public opinion are being realized.

Outcomes of this program include sugaring up China’s image, reinforcing false historical narratives to the detriment of its rivals such as Japan through films like Midway, and promoting decadent liberal values so as to further debauch Americans with films that are unrelated to WWII or do not directly concern China. It is vital to bear in mind that while China ostensibly favors a pro-nationalist line in some American films, wishes to promote multiculturalism, diversity, and moral relativism to seriously weaken America’s health and strength, especially that of her white European core.

Needless to say, China financed Midway for the main reason that Japan was the enemy of America in the Pacific War. However, the film’s outside appearance notwithstanding, its underlying intent is hardly “extolling American nationalism” or “heroic whites” as Hampton argued. Instead, the film’s grander motif is reinforcing a false historical narrative and conclusion: namely, that WWII was a just war that saved the world from evil Nazism and Fascism, upon which rests the entire anti-white political, cultural, and social superstructure of the post-War Western world. That’s exactly why China willingly and generously financed this film, for helping maintain a political mechanism that forever keeps Western whites in limbo, preventing them from seeing historical truths and leaving them unawakened to ongoing realities.

China naturally understands that it need not finance anti-German WWII films as Hollywood will proactively and continuously deliver them without asking. China instead chimes in with anti-Japanese films, which Hollywood is not always as enthusiastic about. Since the accepted narrative regarding WWII has always bound Nazi Germany and its Axis co-member Japan together, considering the two as basically the same bad guys, it is fair to say that the Chinese-financed film Midway serves to maintain the mainstream historical narrative that the Western political establishment constantly enlists to manipulate whites and the Japanese as well. Hence, in a genuine sense, Midway really cannot be called pro-white.

Another ulterior motive behind China’s decision to finance this film is that it bolsters and highlights an (outdated and undeserving) historical alliance of China and the US, with several carefully calculated purposes:

  • to drive a wedge between the US and Japan
  • hide China’s ill intentions and disguise its strategic ambitions against America
  • whitewash its own image in American public perception
  • distract public attention from the topics including US-Chinese trade war, rampant espionage and theft of American technology, military buildup, genocidal policies on ethnic Muslims, and heinous abuses of people in Hong Kong

For America, heeding and handling these issues are far more crucial than indulging in sentimental memories of the Pacific War. China’s financing of American films and other cultural products all harbor political motivations that are inimical to America’s long term national security and the core interest of whites, and the case of Midway is a prime example of China’s propaganda warfare on America. There is no sensationalizing here; only plain and unvarnished truths. Forgive my candor, but I have to reiterate that heaping adulation and accolade on Midway for some of its admittedly laudable elements while failing to perceive the macro-picture is a typical case of not seeing the forest for the trees.

It merits remembering that China, not Japan, is the present and future arch-adversary of America and the largest threat to white people in America and the world. Japan had not been a menace to America back then, and certainly is not now. China is clearly a major menace to America now, and also did not deserve the assistance and alliance of America then, as it had used numerous ruses, elaborated upon here [1] and here [2], to drag the US into a disastrous and wasteful war that defeated Japan and Germany and handed the whole world, West and East alike, to Jewry and Communism.

As for the production of Midway itself, it is unsurprising that there is no glorification of blacks or promotion of feminism in the film. This, however, is not of much relevance. China simply didn’t care much about those agendas in this particular film. Its purpose was to spice up the established WWII narrative, embellish its own image, and sway the focus of the American public away from a real and present foe (China) to a past and undeserved foe (Japan).

So if China really started financing or co-producing films that depict America’s Revolutionary War, as Hampton expects, there would be exactly the same motives at work behind the curtain, with the same disastrous results. Hardly a price to pay for an exhilarating film.

China’s own nationalist mindset, which it applies only to itself but not to other rival powers like the US and Japan, certainly cannot be used to justify or absolve its true motives and maneuverings of ill-will toward America. Yes, China is an unapologetic ethnonationalist country that jealously and potently guards the political and cultural domination of its dominant Han people, refuses to allow massive immigration of alien foreign peoples into its borders, and asserts itself to act ruthlessly on the international stage. Yes, we certainly can admire some of the traits of China, and even emulate them. But all these do not change the fact that China is hell-bent on subverting, displacing, and even destroying the Western nations. China’s vaulting ambition for global supremacy will not diminish because of the starry-eyed wishful thinking of white people, and all its admirable traits simply make it a more dangerous adversary. By all irrefutable accounts, China is a country that uses its ethnonationalism to undermine other peoples, especially white people. China does not wish to live side-by-side in peaceful competition with other peoples, but instead wants to ride and trample on them as overlord. As a reader had previously pointed out so incisively in his comment, China, like Jewry, is a “Nationalist-Imperialist” power: nationalist for itself, imperialist for its neighbors.

It is worth repeating that when approaching any issue that involves China and its relation to the West (and America in particular), China is the only nation-state in today’s world that possesses both an active ambition and potential capability to replace America. Financing films is but a small tool in its extensive arsenal to this effect. It is a bit cheesy to cast aside historical truth and swoon over some superficially charming scenes in a movie financed by a wily foe with a baleful intent. That said, it’s okay to be excited by Midway, even feel inspired by it. But it is far more important to be aware of the hand pulling the strings behind the curtain.


[1] Ways That Are Dark: The Truth about China was written by Ralph M. Townsend in 1933. Townsend was a career officer in the U.S. Foreign Service, He was stationed in China for years and served as the U.S. vice counsel at Shanghai and Foochow. Later, he quit diplomatic service and worked actively to prevent US involvement in the upcoming war which he perceived as a grave danger both to the nation itself and to the world. Townsend wrote for numerous non-interventionist publications. Together with two dozen others opposing FDR’s war policy, he was dragged to a federal court for a show-trial aimed at silencing FDR’s critics on charges of conspiracy for sedition and spent a year in federal prison. The book details his candid first hand observations on and experience with China and the Chinese, and his honest and incisive take on Chinese-Japanese relations and comparisons. It is a highly informative and insightful read written in a forthright, poignant and captivating fashion. It is published by the Barnes Review and can be purchased directly from it at a bargain price of $10 as suggested in my article. It can also be bought on Amazon, which is not recommended for both the unsavory nature of Amazon and the higher price.

[2] Behind the News in China was written by Frederic Vincent Williams in 1938. Williams had been a mercenary and adventurer in his younger days and later became a journalist working in San Francisco. He was known for his coverage of the China Town clashes and power struggles. Later, during his travel to Far East for news reports and information collection, he came to realize the danger and menace of communism. He was concerned about the deterioration of US-Japanese relations and strongly advocated against US involvement in war on the side of China. He was later arrested and put on trial together with Ralph Townsend and others on charges of conspiracy and collusion with an enemy state and received an indeterminate prison term of 16 months to 4 years. The book detailed China’s anti-Japanese campaign and its acts of atrocities and provocations, Soviet ambitions and maneuvers, and American missionaries being used by China to spread anti-Japanese propaganda in America. A free electronic copy of the book exists online as suggested in my article. Paper copies of the book can also be purchased on Amazon.



  1. Don
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 2:55 am | Permalink

    A great article. I’ve studied WW2 and the FDR betrayal of our interests since the 1960’s and I’m impressed with the content and thesis of this article.

    An interesting footnote: Charles Beard was called a “nazi” by Sameul Eliot Morrison, an FDR court historian, for Beard’s honest description of FDR’s treachery and the fraud of WW2. This, his last book, was published in 1948. It inspired efforts against Beard but since he was quite elderly and passed away that year, he could not be “fired” from his job, so to speak. There were efforts to boycott Yale University Press, his publisher.

    Actually the aftermath of WW2 spawned a great many honest books such as I Saw Poland Betrayed by ARthur Bliss Lane (former US Ambassador to Poland), “From Major Jordan’s Diaries” by Major George Racey Jordan (a loyal American US Army officer who described the internal betrayal he witnessed as commanding officer of a US air base) and “France, The Tragic Years” by Sisley Huddleston (English journalist who became French citizen and remained in France during WW2 German occupation rather than fleeing like many others). There are many others but these come to mind.

    Again, a great read.

  2. K
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 4:17 am | Permalink

    China is immensely deceptive and as another example of their deliberate disingenous behavior towards American whites. Site readers can watch the recent Ip Man 4 film which has every anti-white and nasty stereotype imaginable. The movie purposely demonizes whites that don’t want immigration as hateful bigots that oppressed the poor Chinese that have formed numerous ethnic blocks in America. It presents ICE as thoroughly corrupt in its deportations not done out of legitimate self interest, but mindless hate. One of the more ridiculous scenes shows the daughter of a rich Chinese immigrant tell a white girl that “America has always had immigrants. You’re not even real Americans. You stole it from the Indians, pale face.” Those of you who don’t know who Ip Man is: he was Bruce Lee’s teacher of wing chun and he is basically a national hero in China.

    Chinese people only one face to whites and it is a deceit. They are incredibly adept at lying and almost nothing they do is done mindlessly especially large financing of hollywood films.

  3. Grandiose
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 6:08 am | Permalink

    Has there ever been a more well-analysed and thorough essay than this, in history? Probably no!

  4. Esoteric Du30ist
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 7:31 am | Permalink

    Having returned not long ago from a trip to Asia, I would like to assure my fellow readers that while people there might not feel the warmest of affections for the WW2 years when Japan was occupying or running roughshod through their countries during wartime, they have a much much worse opinion of the Chinese and even the South Koreans. The businesses large and small of both countries are now buying up all available real estate then driving up rents that prohibit local businesses and individual residents to stay in operation. This is an economic form of warfare against the developing countries in SEA in particular, as their locals, long abused by government corruption and suffering from externally imposed poverty going back literally hundreds of years, are being either used as disposable cheap labor in their own countries or are being kept from competing by the nepotism of Chinese and Korean businesses. Japan, on the other hand, is looked at almost admirably as a country that is fair (or at least fairer and not as predatory) in business dealings.

  5. Franz
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 8:38 am | Permalink

    Excellent article and worthy corrective.

    Among the books cited as pertinent, though it could be extended to unwieldy lengths, I’d include John T. Flynn’s The Roosevelt Myth which was an underground rightist hit about 20 years after Pearl Harbor. Ayn Rand carried it in her “books for Objectivists” list when she first started going public during the Kennedy years and it was just the push it needed.

    And good of you to mention Charles Beard, who kept trying but was aware of the power the National Security State was going to have on muzzling dissent about the Great Crusade of WWII.

    Truman signed the death warrant on free discourse with the NSA act in February, 1947. One of the last gasps of reason came when Beard struck back in an article in Reader’s Digest that same year, on October 4, 1947:

    The Rockefeller Foundation and Council on Foreign Relations intend to prevent, if they can, a repetition of what they call “the debunking journalistic campaign following World War I.” Translated into precise English, this means that the Foundation and the Council do not want journalists or any other persons to examine too closely and criticize too freely the official propaganda and statements relative to “our basic aims and activities” during World War II. In short, they hope that the policies and measures of Franklin D. Roosevelt will escape in coming years the critical analysis, evaluation and exposition that befell the policies and measures of President Woodrow Wilson and the Entente Allies after World War I…

    Charles Beard was right: The severe scrutiny The Great War got in the 20s and 30s was never repeated in the post WWII MSM. The lockdown started right after the war and I think we all know why.

  6. Adrian
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 1:42 pm | Permalink

    Damn. I’d made up my mind to see this film. Now I won’t enjoy it.

  7. J
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 1:49 pm | Permalink

    I’m quite amazed by this article. I knew about the German side of WW2, but not the Japanese. I will be sure to read these first-hand accounts of the American betrayal. Let us also note that the internment of Japanese-Americans during WW2 is recycled for use in the anti-white narrative, though it’s usage here is very appropriate.

    Now, which country regularly features in the top 20 for views on this site? You know which one.
    I’m sure they take as much interest in this movement as our own governments. What do you think of their denunciation of the Baizuo (one of Anglin’s favourite terms)? Is it a false attack to manipulate our favour, or could it be that of one reality-centred ethnonation recognising itself in the dissident right?

    I have encountered the 50-c army, and they have this tendency to repeat themselves when arguing with burgertards (like, lists of points handed over by their political officers). One element which was not insignificant was ‘America needs immigrants, but Americans are bigoted – how stupid of them!’.

  8. Oldtimer
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 3:35 pm | Permalink

    I disagree with some of the statements in this article.

    1. The Pacific War was not avoidable. The Japanese wanted to fight and expand.
    2. The Japanese in America failed the loyalty test minutes after the attack on Pearl Harbor. See the Niihau incident.
    3. The 442nd Infantry’s accomplishments are exaggerated.

    But yes, FDR was surrounded by Commies, Jews and traitors.

  9. anon
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 4:06 pm | Permalink

    I enjoy reading your articles.

  10. Comtaose
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 10:01 pm | Permalink

    Good evening, dear readers and commenters of my humble article. I am thrilled that it was finally posted by Greg and am grateful to and heartened and motivated by your approving and encouraging messages. It is indeed true and obvious that China holds a premeditated, calculated, meticulously plotted, disingenuous and insidious political agenda against America and her White folks by generously sponsoring and perhaps jointly producing such seemingly patriot movies and other forms of propagandas, mostly with historical topics and themes, as exposed and discussed in my article: for helping maintain a sanctimonious and pernicious political and ideological mechanism that forever keeps the Western Whites in limbo, in a mesmerized and spellbound state through manmade ignorance and false grandeur, thus prevents them from seeing historical truths and leaves them forever intoxicated and unawaken to ongoing realities. That is why I claimed, based on long time observation of its various strategies and behaviors from sources in English, Japanese and Chinese languages and based on my firsthand observations in China, that it chose to finance the film Midway, and predictably more to come in the future, to have them swerve to maintain the anti-truth and anti-White political and historical edifice and the dominant Western mainstream narratives that today’s Western political establishment constantly enlists to hypnotize, manipulate, or hamstring Whites, and Japanese as well. That is also why I asserted that in a profound and ultimate sense, Midway really cannot be called pro-White.

    It is always crucially important for any White person with a conscious racialist or nationalist awareness to bear in mind two things when encountering or approaching any seemingly harmless or even helpful “offers” from China: 1.There is always a latent hostile and inimical agenda against the West and White western people that is lurking behind a smiling face and hand brandishing cheque book. This is not conditional or occasional, but absolute and categorical. Chinese have a distilled “wisdom” which they have forged, annealed, and practiced for thousands of years against their own people and foreign nations alike that is “口蜜腹剣”, which can be translated into English literally as “paint honey on one’s lips while hide a dagger in one’s belly”, or more idiomatically as “velvet paws hide sharp claws”. 2.Never even think about there might be a difference or demarcation line between “government” and “private sectors” in China or any matter or event originating from that country. It is not possible. Every single so-called private company and an overwhelming majority of individual Chinese overseas are under the control of the ChiCom regime, the word “control” meaning their property, freedom or even life are at the fingertip of the regime and can be taken away if the latter so wishes. All those big names of the Chinese “private” international companies, Huawei, Tencent, Alibaba and all others, have to host a Communist Party Committee inside their governance structure, and have to, willingly or not, act as the spearhead or solider ant of China’s global strategy for hegemony and dominance. Again, this is also absolute and without exception. Ultimate precaution and vigilance are thus obligatory when viewing and handling any entity or organization from China or related to China.

    A reader also brought up the “Andrew Anglin” and “Baizuo”, which are very interesting notions that I will briefly examine here for the kind reference of our interested readers. Baizuo is the Chinese pronunciation-based spelling for “White (bai) Leftist/Liberals (zuo)”. It has become a widely circulated term flowing on the Chinese language Internet space in recent years such as many Chinese microblogs featuring themes of politics and international affairs with which many Chinese seem to be obsessed and have a smattering knowledge. The term looks neutral in itself but in fact has a decidedly and justifiably derogatory connotation and almost all the Chinese uttering it intend it in that way as most Chinese are inclined toward (Chinese) nationalism and naturally despise and sneer at Western liberals especially White liberals whom they correctly identify as being morbid and pathetic. Some Chinese (a dire minority) seem to be genuinely worried about the West being dominated by Baizuo and lament the destructions it has wrought on the Western societies, such as some of my truly enlightened Chinese intellectual friends, but the majority of Chinese take a gloating stance on the Baizuo phenomenon and secretly (or not so secretly) wish it to hold on its political and cultural dominance over the Western nations forever, as they astutely understand Biazuo is doing a big favor to China by weakening and undermining the Western people morally, spiritually, and even physically, which will pay the way for China’s rise and eventual takeover of the world by sweeping away what the Chinese perceive as the largest rival and stumbling block on their path toward global hegemony. Needless to say, the Chinese government is doing whatever it can, by political, economic, cultural means and through the news media and entertainment under its influence to promote and reinforce the power grip of Baizuo in the West and particularly in America with no spared effort, which is a main part of the China’s grand global strategy and all very natural from their logic.

    As to Mr. Anglin. I used to be a frequent visitor to his Dailystormer and an occasional comments writer. I respect his courage and gumption and admired some of his distinctive wittiness and insights. However, since two or three years ago, his blind and juvenile worship of the China and Chinese really turned me off and away from his site. At first I thought he was joking with his unique sense of ironic and sarcastic humor, but then I realized he was being serious. He truly admires and swoons over the Chinese for being unabashed and unapologetically nationalist and racist, the qualities that are admittedly in dire shortage in the West, in the same mentality of his former preaching of “White Sharia”. His lauding and glorifying of China have been escalating steadily, reaching to the height of veneration and bordering on obsequious and sycophantic adulations. It seems DS has even got itself a Chinese language version which did not contain much content or fanfare though, the last time I peeked at it. I think Anglin’s fierce hatred for the Baizuo establishment of the West (which is right and justifiable) gave rise to his unsuspecting and undiscriminating embrace of China and Chinese (which is wrong) and allowed his hot-headed emotion get ahead of his meager rationality and objective weighing. He seemed to have been taken hostage mentally by China, overwhelmed by its superficial and gaudy display of derision and detestation of Baizuo, failing to pierce its thick greasy hide to see its true color, and ended up foolishly and wrongfully believing it is on the side of Whites and West. There is gaping hole in his faculty of observation, reasoning, and judgement.

    • Don
      Posted January 22, 2020 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

      Great narrative about Asia, with many insights utterly unknown to me before reading your work. I’ve never read much about it, but your presentation is pretty consistent with my other reading in history of Asia and the different conflicts and levels of achievement among its peoples.

      A couple of points:

      1. Could you possibly set forth a recommended reading list? This would be very helpful.

      2. Also, please show a little patience for Andrew Anglin and others who are less schooled than you.

      For most of our lives, many of us, especially boomers, were “color blind conservatives” to whom the ideas of racial identity were anathema. I was converted because of the patience and willingness of others with whom I formerly disagreed and because of their willingness to make a better case, a better argument to me than to insult me. We’re all struggling to be more well informed, more persuasive and more effective and you have made a great contribution.

      Please continue to do so and do give us a recommended reading list.

      • Comtaose
        Posted January 23, 2020 at 10:24 am | Permalink

        Hi Don, thank you very much for your kind words of approval and your valuable suggestions and request, which were very heartening and encouraging to me. Here is my brief address to your questions and concerns.

        1. I really appreciate your sincere advice as an elder in life experience than me. I have never intended to belittle those who are less schooled than me and considered them comrades or potential comrades to be persuaded and informed with patience and goodwill. And nor had I intended to demean or insult Anglin, and honestly if you read carefully my comment on his stance and perception of China and the Chinese Question, I had clearly stated I respect his many insights and wits on many other issues and duly recognized his unique contribution to our cause before making my legitimate and well-explained criticism of him; and even in the part of criticism, despite using some strong and harsh words, it’s not really a personal attack but reasonings that aimed to debunk some of his seriously misguide and misleading opinions and fallacies. That said, I will bear in mind your good-faith advices and let them guide my future discourses and strive to become a more mature and skillful communicator while maintaining my innate sincerity and simplicity.

        2. In response to your requested reading list, my understanding is that you wish I could provide a recommended reading list of publications on histories or current events about politics, cultures of and relationships between East Asian nations such as Japan, China, South Korea in English language. Is that understanding of mine correct and complete? If that is the case, there is my take on the topic.

        In fact, many of such publications, books and articles alike, are in their original languages such as Japanese and Chinese, and most do not have translated English versions in my knowledge. And while there are a few by Western writers written in English in the field of relevant historical issues (mostly dealing with the East Asian situations and US-Japanese-Chinese trilateral issues before and during WWII), in current affairs they rarely appear in English language. So basically I think I have already covered some of the most notable publications in my humble article. Let me recapitulate for you:

        1). The 9 titles listed together on early part inside my article, plus another one by Hamilton Fish in the immediate next paragraph below.
        2). The great book Summer 1945: Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate by Thomas Goodrich, mentioned and linked in my article.
        3) The 2 titles introduced via links and also described in detail in the section of endnotes in my article by Ralph Townsend and Fredric Vincent Williams respectively. I especially recommended these two as they are extremely informative, meaningful, intellectually stimulating and eye-opening, written by honest and courageous Americans who were there in the Far East and witnessed and observed all the things themselves. If you clicked on the highlighted words in my article for links, you will be able to purchase one at a bargain price from The Barnes Review, and read the free online version of the other.

        4). As to those dealing with contemporary issues concerning East Asian powers, as I have mentioned, there are indeed much fewer and hard to find. I shall recommend the website of Kerry Bolton, a very knowledgeable, insightful and trenchant New Zealand scholar who have written extensively and incisively on mainly geopolitical issues concerning US, China, Russia, Japan, India and their interrelations as well as political, economic and literary contents from a White nationalist standpoint. His website is a treasure trove full of highly interesting and revealing analytic essays in these fields.

        5) I also want to separately recommend a particular book of Mr. Bolton, a compact, informative, incisive and gimlet-eyed discussion on the geopolitical struggled and imperatives of East and South Asia, focusing on China, Japan, Russia and India. The title of it is Geopolitics of the Indo-Pacific: Emerging Conflicts, New Alliances, which can be found and purchased online upon a simple search.

        6). Finally, I have an interesting database like Japanese website to recommend to you and other interested readers, an extremely rare if not the only site in English on historical and current issues concerning Japan and its relationships with other major powers in WWII and at present run by Japanese nationalist historians and scholars independently. This site is a great trove of valuable and relevant information rarely reported or known in the West and you will definitely benefit a lot from reading them. One caveat: To us enlightened White nationalist supporters conscious of the JQ, some of the seemingly Pro-Jewish contents of the site might look a bit unpleasant or discouraging, perhaps due to two possible reasons in my opinion. One, those Japanese writers have not been awakened or enlightened yet on the JQ; Or, they chose to tactfully adopt a largely Pro-J and pro-democracy and mainstream value stance for strategic considerations in order to better advocate and circulate their voices in the today’s West political and cultural context and circumvent censorship and suppression, considering the power and clout of wielded by the Jewry in the Western societies and mass media. This is a pity and a detraction in itself but do not adversely affect the veracity and insights when discussing major historical and current questions within the East Asian political and historical framework of Japan vis-à-vis China and Korea which I honestly vouch for.

  11. Comtaose
    Posted January 21, 2020 at 10:43 pm | Permalink

    As a matter of fact, this article of mine on Midway originally contains three parts as a trilogy. Greg took out Part 2 and combined Part 1 and Part 3 together into one single essay, which has streamlined my originally bloated and overly complex article and turned it into a much more readable and cohesive one. Many thanks to his kind and helpful effort. My original Part 2 dwells on the distinctive Anti-Japanese mentality harbored by South Koreans, prompted by a reader’s comment on Mr. Hampton’s review of Midway about the sentiments of Koreans toward Japan he himself observed in South Korea. In my personal opinion, despite my original Part 2 concededly bears less direct relevance to the main theme of this article, it nevertheless provides an interesting, well-grounded and seldom discussed perspective on the unique, unmistakable and entrenched collective Korean and Chinese national mentalities which also helps shed a reflected light on their perception of and approach to the Western nations. In addition, I have provided some informative, truthful and thoughtful facts and data on Japanese-Korean historical relations which are instrumental to understand the vastly different national traits and dispositions of Japanese vs Koreans & Chinese and may be of interest to some of our readers who are curious about the otherwise rarely known historical and current issues surrounding the intense rivalries of the three seemingly similar and essentially disparate East Asian nations.

    With Greg’s kind permit, and as an extension or complement of this article on Midway, I’d like to post the main ideas of the Part 2 in my original essay in this comment section under my own essay. In addition, I would like to take this opportunity to supply two more true and astounding episodes about China that have been reported both by mainland China and overseas Chinese resources that would help Western readers penetrate China’s shining veneer and get a dose of how uniquely, inexplicably, and atrociously weird and mad, and in that very sense, dangerous and mincing that country and its masses are if they are given more power and influence than what they have already amassed from predatory trade and through theft, deceit, and robbery against a ignorant, myopic and gullible West.

    Please stay tuned to my full-throttled coverage and dissection of the global affairs with an inevitable and impactful bearing on the future of the White race and Western civilization.

  12. Comtaose
    Posted January 22, 2020 at 8:12 am | Permalink

    Initially prompted by a reader’s comment on Mr. Hampton’s Midway essay about the peculiar sentiments of Koreans toward Japan he himself observed in South Korea, I wrote the following passages to elaborate and clarify the fundamental differences in national traits between the Japanese people on the side and the Koreans and Chinese on the other in a candid, forthright, and unvarnished way as many White westerners tend to have a confused or misguided view on the three East Asian nations, who are in close geographic proximity yet can’t be farther to each other in national mentality, due to a lack of historical knowledge and are thus prone to swallow the anti-Japanese rhetoric of the latter that are solely based on one-sided, historically dishonest and spurious, or grossly exaggerated grievance-mongering of theirs. There are three main differences in this regard:

    1) The Japanese male chromosome is quite rare and unique in Asia. Nearly half of the Japanese male population (even higher among Okinawans and the Ainu minority in Northeast) possesses a Type D of YAP+ genetic factor that is unseen in Koreans and Chinese and only exist in Tibetans and Andaman Islands anywhere else in Asia; 2) The Japanese people shares some significant qualities and dispositions with the White race, such as inward-looking and introspection, curiosity about and love and care for the nature, honesty, diligence, courtesy, cleanness, tolerance, certain degree of inventiveness and altruism, which are seldom observed in Koreans and Chinese past and present; 3) These traits and calibers have laid the foundation for greatness and orderliness of the Japanese nation and its superior culture, similar and second only to the White race in world history, while at the same time made Japan gullible and susceptible to the intrusion and erosion of the deleterious and pathological post-modern values such as multiculturalism, diversity, and ethno-masochism and also vulnerable to the collectively inferior yet more ruthless, amoral, unscrupulous, and unconscionable Korea and China and their insatiable appetite for extortion and exploitation in the post-war era. In this sense, it is not difficult for an informed and discerning person to discover that the present Japanese vis-à-vis liberal values and Japanese vis-à-vis Koreans and Chinese bear a striking resemblance to today’s Whites vis-à-vis liberal values and Whites vis-à-vis Jews and Blacks/Browns respectively.

    I hesitated to use such explicit or even stark words, but the truth is that Koreans are a people possessed by a set of inherent and collective national characteristics that can be objectively described as an intense egotism and infinite vanity, habitual mendacity, chauvinism, hubris, and self-aggrandizement devoid of objective self-understanding, eternal ingratitude of a most self-righteous and self-serving kind that often results in requiting generosity with enmity, and an ingrained and indelible proclivity to falsify, whitewash or distort history to seek status of both victor and victimhood, which are similar to and even more pronounced and extreme than the Chinese and have been demonstrated by innumerable facts in the history. I recall a reader who posted a comment under Hampton’s Midway essay and talked about the fierce nationalism and anti-Japanese sentiment in South Korea with a link to a Korean film depicting a famous sea battle during the Japanese-Korean/Chinese War of 1592 to 1593 and 1597 to 1598. In spite of the graphic and riveting battle scenes in the film full of self-promoting fanfare, in real history the Korean-Chinese navy lost the very battle to the Japanese navy and sustained much larger losses despite they had started the fight by launching a surprise attack on the Japanese side that was in the middle of a retreat according to a previously reached ceasefire agreement between the two warring camps following the death of the Japanese ruler Hideyoshi Toyotomi and the subsequent Japanese decision to pull out.

    As a side note, the Japanese-Korean/Chinese War of late 16th century is allegedly the largest war in the world in the 16th century, pitting 150,000 Japanese and more than 300,000 Korean-Chinese allied troops against each other. The final result was a draw but Japan enjoyed clear advantages and won most battles on both land and sea with its battled-forged military prowess and a lethal combination of samurai katana and musket (Japan was allegedly the largest musket owning country in the world at that time through importation and imitation, 50 years after musket was brought into Japan by Portuguese). Sweeping across the Korean peninsula like a hot knife cutting through butter, the Japanese army was utterly unstoppable in the early phases of the war, as it sacked Seoul and Pyongyang within short time, captured several Korean princes and marched right to the Korean-Chinese border. Only when Japan started to face acute logistic problems and resource shortages later, was the combined force of Korean-Chinese alliance able to fight Japan to a draw while taking much larger losses in men and materials. There are a lot other anti-Japanese war movies made by South Korea out there with similar themes and style and a time frame ranging from ancient to modern that invariably encapsulate and reflect the typical and pathetic national traits of Koreans I have laid out in the previous paragraph.

    It is not the least a hyperbole to claim that Korea is nothing without Japan and South Korea could have never reached its current form absent Japan’s all-round aid and assistance, if one knows the historical truths that while Japan strived proactively to learn from the West in achieving modernization and self-empowerment, Korea was literally spoon-fed ideas and knowhow to modernize by Japan and enlightened forcibly with tough love, which is something similar to, but much more significant and noticeable in magnitude and effect than, what the West did to the non-White nations of its former colonies. 20 years into Japan’s Meiji Restoration and reform, at the end of the 19th century, according to the written records of Western travelers and missionaries, dilapidated and dismal streets of Seoul were teeming with human excrement and urine, with emaciated female civilians in rags standing at corners breast-feeding their babies in broad daylight with invariably wooden, expressionless faces. It was only under Japan’s rule after the annexation that Korea started to develop and be civilized with enormous investments in industry, agriculture, education, and public utilities from the Japanese government. Infrastructure and transportations were constructed, modern factories erected, mandatory education from elementary schools to universities with science lab built, and modern hospitals set up to treat patients and inoculate children with Western medicines which greatly increased the life expectancy of Koreans and resulted in a population boom (the Korean population almost doubled from 1910 to 1942). Also under Japanese rule, the first modern Korean language dictionary was compiled, and the previously rampant illiteracy was dramatically reduced (the literacy rate in Korean peninsula elevated from 10% in 1910 to 65% in 1936).

    (to be continued)

  13. Comtaose
    Posted January 22, 2020 at 8:16 am | Permalink

    During the Japanese rule, in a society with markedly improved stability, prosperity and employment opportunities, countless ordinary Koreans competed with each other to voluntarily change their names and adopt Japanese style names despite it was not mandatory. Contrary to the anti-Japanese claims of many Koreans today, the name-changing practice was never stipulated or required by law but was on a purely voluntary basis, and the widespread and fake Korean assertion of being forced to change their names as a humiliation is another sign of their collective national mentality of fearing the strong (Japan as their powerful ruler then) and bullying the weak (Japan as a pacifist nation now).

    Furthermore, when Japan and South Korea established their post-war diplomatic relationship in 1965, under the demand of the latter and as a gesture of (misplaced) repentance and apology for its past colonial rule over Korea, Japan made a one-time compensation totaling $500 million to South Korea, including $300 million of grand aid and $200 million of paid assistance (low-interest loans), together with large amounts of technical assistance and transfers. This was a disproportionately gigantic compensation in the sense that South Korea’s GDP and government budget in 1965 were $3.1 billion and 350 million respectively. Based on this, both sides agreed that the historical issues between Korea and Japan hereupon came to a “complete and final solution”. Of course, words like “faith”, “trust” and “contract spirit” do not exist in the post-1945 Korean dictionaries, and for Koreans, “complete and final” means “whatever and however I say”, as they have been incessantly and interminably raking up the past with Japan and making endless denunciations and demands for new apologies and benefits to this day.

    It is also worth noting that by 1990s, more than 80% of all Korean elites from high ranking government officials such as President, ministers, Parliament members to military generals and large corporate heads had graduated from the higher education system established in the era of the Japanese rule. To sum up, it is patently clear that South Korea has reached its status of development largely due to the unreserved and strenuous support from Japan in the last 100 years, and it is perhaps an understatement to say so. However, with another major beneficiary of continuous and tremendous Japanese capital and technological support from 1980s to 2010s i.e. China, an anti-Japanese alliance of the two rancorous and ungrateful nations has been formed to distort history and vilify and demonize Japan on phony or dubious historical grievances with sheer dishonesty and indignity.

    Korea and China are deeply aware that if they ever fail to maintain their grip of “moral high ground” and keep Japan marinated in self-guilt, once the idea of healthy nationalism starts to take root and grow in the Japanese mind, they will have little chance against Japan. That’s why they have spared no effort to pin Japan down with historical burdens of false guilt and shame, which is eerily similar to the toxic mind control imposed by Jewish diaspora on the White people of the West. Apart from their joint effort to browbeat Japan at every turn, the two are also clownishly competing with each other for the title of “No.1 Victim” of “Japanese imperialist aggression”. This mafia mentality and practice of blackmailing Japan for ever more apologies to satisfy their ego and extra perks to fill their greed also smack of the shakedown of White nations by Jews and blacks in the post-war western societies, both epitomizing the inferior nature of mind of a fundamentally incompatible people marred by irredeemable and irremediable flaws.

    (The end)

  14. Comtaose
    Posted January 22, 2020 at 8:22 am | Permalink

    Episode 1 on China:
    The Chinese government has just officially announced to its own people that China’s national GDP per capita has crossed over the $10,000 threshold, making it a “moderately developed country” (though China is extremely reluctant to admit that on the international stage for fear of losing some of its existing privileges as a “developing country” and of being asked to shoulder more UN budget fees). The country’s supreme commie leadership has also proudly declared that by the end of this year, China would have completely got rid of its decades old poverty problem and lifting all the remaining poor populations above the poverty line. Then a few days later, at the beginning of January 2020, the following incident happened.

    Wu, a 24 old female college student from the Southwest hinterland province of Guizhou, died as a result of organ failures caused by chronical hunger and malnutrition; in another word, she was chronically starved to death, making a great contribution to the 2020 complete poverty elimination program of the Party and the state with her own life. It was reported that her daily living expense was only RMB3 (less than 50 cents), and had subsisted on picked vegetable only over the years. She was only 4.7 feet tall and weighed only 48 pounds at the time of her death. And due to chronic and severe malnutrition, she had lost a large part of her hair and all her eyebrows by her death. This matter itself is appalling enough, but not really that significant as a index for the helplessly twisted mentality of Chinese brainwashed by the regime, as every country has its extremely poor and suffering, even America, albeit all paling in contrast to the abysmally impoverished state of this female Chinese college student. What follows are the truly stunning and stupefying.

    The dire poverty and dismal suffering of Wu had been reported by some social media in China, which had managed to collect about RMB1 million (almost $150,000) for in the last couple of years before her death. In this pretty large amount of donation in total, only RMB20,000 had reached her hand, the rest RMB980,000 had vanished and become untraceable, mostly probably embezzled by government bureaus and the other relevant organizations such as China Red Cross. A kindhearted professor from a university in central China had been caring and helping Wu in the last year of her life, he even contacted Western charity organizations and hospitals in US, Britain and Germany which had proposed to transfer her overseas to treat and rehabilitate her. When she learnt this, she was incensed and furiously scolding and denouncing the goodhearted professor seeking overseas assistance for her in the face: “Your action has tarnished China’s image in the world. Our China is very good and our life is getting better and better. I don’t need help from foreign countries.” She then refused to meet the professor again.

    Galvanized by the story, an overseas Chinese dissident cartoonist painted a caricature featuring an emaciated young girl keeling down and kowtowing, while uttering: “As a member of poverty population, I failed to disappear before 2020. I have disgraced my country and am deeply sorry.” This reminded me of the tragedy of the famous Chinese translator Fu Lei. He had been savagely persecuted and tortured during the Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) and finally chose to commit suicide together with his wife by hanging themselves. The couple left words in their suicide note that read “Long Live Chairman Mao!” One wonders what kind and magnitude of oppression and brainwashing could turn human beings into that pathological and miserable creatures. It seems China has not changed over the decades, except having become richer and more destructive.

    In my speculation, people like Anglin may marvel at such wonders and glorify the deceased Chinese college girl as some rock-ribbed and iron-hearted nationalist ultra-heroine with real “backbone”, but for me, such nationalism on steroids is over the top, it is simply sickening and not wholesome, which should be spurned and shunned, not praised and emulated. What is way more significant, alarming, and relevant to the people of the West is the incredible manipulative and mind-bending power and efficacy of the Chinese brainwashing and inculcation. A youngster who was literally condemned to a painful death not only failed to perceive (or refused to see) the all too evident source of her years of suffering and premature demise, she had constantly born in mind to uphold and guard the system that killed her, and don’t forget she is a college educated student. With such inimitable prowess, China could basically train a limitless horde of uniformly obedient robot-like soldier ants of immutable wooden will and completely immune to pain and feelings and drive them to overrun and engulf the world and crush whoever stands in their way with their sheer weight. What a great idea of the West to reward and empower such a country with yet more financial wealth and advanced technologies! 🙁

  15. Comtaose
    Posted January 22, 2020 at 8:26 am | Permalink

    Episode 2 on China:
    One of the most prominent features of the national traits that are shared by Koreans and Chinese is their general sense of vanity and vainglory vis-à-vis modesty and restraint of the Japanese. This salient trait in the collective Korean and Chinese mentalities directly leads to their penchant for self-congratulation and self-inflation at the expense of historical veracity, as appeared in their domestic propaganda e.g. history textbooks regarding their own that are often twisted, exaggerated or fabricated for that purpose. In contrast, in the area of external propaganda, they have avidly and feverishly claimed and vied for the status of historical victimhood through yet more lies and distortions to paint a picture as miserable and pitiable as possible of themselves under historical occupation and oppression of foreign powers. The only difference is that while South Korea’s main claim is that Japan owes Korea eternally, China believes basically the entire White world of all major Western countries plus Japan owe it forever.

    A very telling, intriguing and even stupefying news that came out very lately is about China’s semi-official ban on celebrating Christmas introduced shortly before the 2019 Christmas, from which it is evident how many extra miles the ChiCom regime was willing to go assiduously and how many grotesque and arrant lies it was willing to tell unabashedly in order to seal itself off and in the meantime stick it to the West. According to Chinese news report, before this year’s Christmas, propaganda organs of Communist Party local committees, education committees and other relevant government departments had issued semi-official bans, in the form of directive or guidance, to all the primary and secondary schools in their respectively administered localities and ordered the school authorities to vigorously implement the ban on Christmas celebration of all students. Meanwhile, police were also mobilized to go out to the streets in major cities to warn and drive away youngsters there celebrating Christmas in various ways including saying Christmas songs, wearing or displaying Christmas-themed clothes or objects. The following is the core part of one of such official directives to schools:

    “In 1860, the United Army of Eight Countries headed by Britain and France and including the other six countries that were Japan, Germany, Russia, America, Austro-Hungary, and Italy invaded China and were marching toward Peking the imperial capital. On the evening of December 24, they had reached the place just outside the gate of Peking and sat down to plot how to conquer the city. So they designated the day ‘Christmas Eve’. Next day on December 25, the aggressors from the eight foreign nations headed by Britain and France succeeded in taking Peking and entered the city. They plundered and killed and burned down our most splendid Imperial Garden (Yuan-Ming-Yuan), and designated the day ‘Christmas Day’. On the next day December 26, the evil aggressors held a grand celebration party to congratulate themselves for their “great exploits” of sacking China’s capital and brutally slaughtering Chinese people. So they designated the day ‘Revelry Day’. Christmas of the West was built and celebrated upon the sufferings and shame of us Chinese. As a member of the Chinese nation, every student should correctly understand the history and firmly say ‘NO’ to Christmas and other Western holidays.”

    This is not some hearsay or rumor floating on the Internet, but a direct translation of an open and official directive issued by competent Chinese local government agencies, yet it is riddled with so many blatant and appallingly ridiculous lies and baloneys; particularly, the forced and falsified connection of the origin of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with an incident of Western invasion of China in 19th century is nothing short of Jaw-dropping and flabbergasting. The very origin of Christianity and Christmas in the West aside, even for China, Christmas had started to be celebrated from mind-7th century when it was imported to China in early Tang Dynasty. Still more, the invasion of Peking of 1860 was from the allied force composed of Britain and France but no other six nations in a war between China and the British-French alliance. The war was actually provoked by China for renegading on previously signed treaties, unlawfully and barbarically jailing and heinously and gruesomely torturing to death British diplomats and negotiators. And Peking was sacked and the Imperial Garden YMY torched in October, not December. As a side note, the invasion of Peking by the real United Army of Eight Countries happened in 1900, a full 40 years later, in response to the Boxers Rebellion and the Chinese government’s actions to cooperate with, aid and abet the marauding boxers who had already slaughtered many Westerners in China and averred to kill all of them.

    As discussed and examined above, on this latest Chinese ban of Christmas celebration in China, their officially presented reasons and rationalizations as a whole is perhaps the crudest, clumsiest, and the most moronic and nonsensical lie among many I have heard in recent years out of the mouth of the Chinese regime. Yet interestingly, many of the so-called intellectuals or educated people including middle school and college teachers believed the official account, swallowed the balderdash without questioning and actively inculcated these toxic, hateful, and spurious ideas into the heads of their students. Whole classes of students were summoned together and told to make a collective denouncement of Christmas and pledge to never celebrate it by adding all their signatures on a large red cardboard. This is really brainwashing 2.0 of Chinese characteristics that guarantees to cripple every mind it encounters, so as to brainwash a great majority of China’s population into unthinkingly zombies and/or remote-controlled and order-taking soldier ants. Resorting to all such patently fallacious, abysmally preposterous, and insultingly imbecile lies, contrary to the belief of some newly anointed panda-huggers in the White Nationalist movement such as Andrew Anglin, are not a sign of self-confidence or inner strength but that of agitated vexation and exasperation, and of inner brittleness and fragility.

    PS: The latest rumor from China is that the Chinese government is planning to alter and revise Bible to better suit its needs of tightening thought control, and will enforce the use of the revised new Bible on China’s open and registered Christians once the work is completed. Christians in China will have to adopt the ChiCom version of Bible for their religious study and other activities, or else. It seems that after having bullied humans for 70 years, killed tens of millions of them and got bored by it, the ChiCom regime has now found a new hobby of bullying the God.

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