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Who’s Behind Drag Queen Story Hour?

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As an avid reader, I have always enjoyed the excellent libraries in my home town. I have also been aware of the presence of the American Library Association (ALA), whose reading lists and promotional displays always seemed helpful and well-conceived. Recently, however, it has been pointed out that the ALA is not a neutral professional organization, as one might assume, but is yet another hard-Left NGO/Non-Profit, funded and run by cultural Marxists to push progressive agendas.

The fun began in the 1930s when “younger activists” within the ALA began pressuring their older leaders to address social issues including “peace, segregation, library unions, and intellectual freedom.” [1]

In 1951, responding to the controversy around the novel The Grapes of Wrath, the ALA declared themselves “against the labeling of materials as subversive.” They also came up with the concept — to be applied to librarians — of “socially responsible professionalism,” meaning that ideological guidance will now be part of your library experience.

Then came the 1970s. At a national convention of the ALA in Dallas in 1971, Barbara Gittings ran a “kissing booth” underneath the banner ‘Hug a Homosexual. The booths were split between a men-only and a women-only side. When nobody wanted to “hug a homosexual,” Gittings kissed her colleague and it made the news. [2] Gittings soon became the coordinator of the GLBT Round Table within the ALA, which increasingly contained many such round tables, sub-organizations and “Toolkits”.

Here’s what a recent toolkit looks like:

In 1982, “Banned Books Week” was introduced by the ALA, ostensibly “to teach the importance of our First Amendment rights.” What it actually did was promote books advocating progressive ideologies. I saw this myself several years ago, at an ALA panel for Banned Books I happened upon. The panelists were criticizing libraries in rural communities for not purchasing enough pro-diversity books; i.e. these communities were “banning them”. One dissenting member of the audience suggested that these small-town libraries might have a right to decide for themselves which books to purchase for their library collections. That person was booed.

The latest attempt by the ALA to provoke their patrons has been the extraordinarily inappropriate library event “Drag Queen Story Hour”. This is an ALA sponsored program in which drag queens (men dressed as female prostitutes) read stories to small children in a public library setting.

Last summer such an event was put on in St. John’s, Oregon.  At the time, a spokesman for the library explained that the purpose of the story hour was to “explore ideas of difference, diversity, and inclusion through stories, music, and costume.” This event was such an optics disaster — five-year-olds and strange men photographed frolicking together on the floor — that the offending library quickly scrubbed it off all social media.

The ALA — unperturbed by the understandable pushback to their drag queens — remained defiant, releasing this statement:

The ALA, through its actions and those of its members, is instrumental in creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive society. This includes a commitment to combating marginalization and underrepresentation within the communities served by libraries through increased understanding of the effects of historical exclusion. [3]

Compromised and deceptively labeled institutions like the American Library Association need to be identified and resisted at every opportunity.

In January 2020 at a “Drag Queen Story Hour” in Australia, Wilson Gavin, a young conservative leader, and gay man, led a small group of friends in a protest. As the “story hour” commenced they briefly chanted “Drag Queens aren’t for Kids” at the gathering and then politely left once they’d made their point.  Gavin, who had previously expressed opposition to the legalization of gay marriage, was brutalized in social media that night and the following morning was found dead. The media reported it as a suicide. [4]

Wilson Gavin, RIP


[1] Samek, Toni, Intellectual Freedom and Social Responsibility in American Librarianship 1967-1974 (Jefferson: McFarland and Company, 2001), 7.

[2] Warner, David, “Interview with Barbara Gittings,”, archived 16 May 2008. []

[3] American Library Association, “Libraries Respond: Drag Queen Story Hour,” archived 6 December 2019. [] []

[4] Taylor, Josh, “Grief over death of Young Liberal Wilson Gavin after drag queen protest,” The Guardian, archived 18 February 2020. [] []



  1. Alexandra O
    Posted February 29, 2020 at 1:52 pm | Permalink

    The Left has brainwashed a great many otherwise intelligent white people into ‘believing’ in ‘equity, diversity and multiculturalism’, and that we must be ‘kind and understanding’ to people who choose to display as drag queens. I myself was brainwashed years ago and worked at an AIDS Charity in Los Angeles for a couple years, until I came to my own conclusion that it was the behavior that I was observing at ‘festivals’ and ‘fund-raising events’ which was responsible for the disease to be spread. AIDS is almost always a result of ‘bad behavior’, the details of which I will leave to you. At any rate, I do NOT want my children, or any other children from fine families coming into contact with not only that ‘way of life’, but with whatever really serious things that could happen down the way.

  2. Fonzie
    Posted February 18, 2020 at 4:43 pm | Permalink

    It will never cease to amaze me how the Left were fiercely pro free speech in the mid 20th century, when THEIR viewpoints were being suppressed, then changed to being fiercely anti free speech today in the early 21st century, now that their viewpoints are the established ones.

    JF gariepy did a stream with a woman who has been exposing who is behind DQSH :

    And another couple of articles by her dealing with the phenomenon:

    • inq
      Posted February 19, 2020 at 4:10 am | Permalink

      So, it is all supported by the jewish money.

      Those “persecuted” masses moved or were ejected from all over (mostly central and eastern) Europe to USA and elsewhere to find a new life opportunity.
      In the process they undermined the next host country and continent, as before in Europe.

      Crime (mafia), pornography, money laundering, Hollywood, mass media, finance, legal system, Congress, post-9/11 neocon wars, color revolutions/NGOs, presidential elections.

      And they tell Germans that they should be ashamed of their nazi past.

      I know no other ethnic minority that is so poisonous.
      Let’s hope that the history will treat them nicely, soon.

    • AutosNomos
      Posted February 22, 2020 at 12:31 pm | Permalink

      ” will never cease to amaze me how the Left were fiercely pro free speech in the mid 20th century, when THEIR viewpoints were being suppressed, then changed to being fiercely anti free speech today in the early 21st century, now that their viewpoints are the established ones.”

      Unfortunately this is pretty simple, they were always advocating for their own rights, for their own clan, for their own desires. They have a right to do so, but the amazement is based on the mistake to see them as historical advocates for the rights of everybody, then somehow having changed their minds. When it really comes down to it (in the light of petty mindedness, various interests and corruption) only few people are on the level of granting rights to everybody, and to stick to such an ideal, and to fight for it when it concerns other people which they have no relation with. The masses always engage in activism in relation to their own often small time rights, and the rights of those they are in favor of. Hence, when a faction emerging from the masses comes into power, when they sit on the throne, they refuse rights to others, they become dictators. As the masses from which these activists emerged are per definition small time minds, save a small minority of the best of them, they desire to forbid a thousand little things to others.
      The never ceasing amazement is as such based on ruling ideological illusions of democracy, which hides the true cause, the masses, from which these protesters emerged, have at large, exception defining the rule, never ever put themselves forward for universal rights, granting them to everyone, only a very small amount of elite people think on that level, and have historically since the enlightenment tried to establish that situation.

      All of the ideological assumptions foundational to democracy will turn out to be false, as this is only one example, and most of the narratives related to the accomplishments of modern democracies are false, sheer self-gratifying, self-complacent democratic propaganda, as it grants accomplishments to itself which are really the product of the strong impulse of the former period, the one preceding democracy, and of some impulses carried on at the beginning of the rise of democracy. We will see democracy slowly, by means of a thousand dictators and growing incompetence and corruption among establishments, eroding the impulse from the period preceding democracy, aside of the right to free speech, including the impulse (downscaled ideal) of bringing general education and knowledge to the people, the erosion of that ideal is the subject of this article, an erosion which expresses itself by way of the growing imposition of contemporary political ideological thought everywhere in the institutions of so called ‘education’ and conservation.

  3. inq
    Posted February 18, 2020 at 9:34 am | Permalink

    This “diversity, inclusion, etc” is becoming a mark of mental illness.

    Here is a recent example of a major US company job advertising:
    “Colorful hair? Don’t care. Tattoos? Show off your ink. Like polka dots? That’s cool. Pop culture geek? Many of us are. Be you, with us!”

    This stuff ends badly. How badly ?

    “This airplane is designed by clowns who are in turn supervised by monkeys.”
    Boeing employee shreds 737 MAX in internal company messages.

    • Sursumcorda
      Posted February 18, 2020 at 3:21 pm | Permalink

      And those at the top of the company have no idea that a large part of the normal, white people running most everything in the company, despise them and their minority and homosexual lackeys.

    • Richard
      Posted February 19, 2020 at 6:56 pm | Permalink

      Wow, this particular technology company is head over heals for inclusion! According to their Facebook Page, the firm’s mission is “Be you, with us!”

      Talk about blatant individualism, the modernistic cancer that Evola has warned us about. The aforementioned Tech company’s recruiting verbiage is strikingly similar to the recent campaign conducted by the British Armed Forces that was aimed towards Millennial Individualists.

  4. Drakonides
    Posted February 18, 2020 at 9:21 am | Permalink

    Gavin found dead, eh? I haven’t seen a bow wrapped that neatly since Lee Harvey Oswald. Yeah, I tend towards paranoia but it’s been said before: “If you aren’t paranoid, you aren’t paying attention.”

    • J
      Posted February 18, 2020 at 1:04 pm | Permalink

      Sounds very similar to a German politician who died in a car crash a few years ago.

    • Mike Ricci
      Posted February 18, 2020 at 3:39 pm | Permalink

      Gays are much more prone to suicide; a gay “conservative” like this Gavin would be even more so.

      Of course it’s possible his enemies intended to bullycide him.

      • Richard
        Posted February 19, 2020 at 6:59 pm | Permalink

        That’s correct and plausible. And transgendered are even more prone to suicide; the percentage is alarming.

    • GC Mandrake
      Posted February 22, 2020 at 7:56 pm | Permalink

      Wilson Gavin threw himself in front of a Brisbane train. A girl I know was at the same station that morning and saw it happen. Was the decision to end his life exacerbated by what he copped on social media following the story hour protest? Without a doubt. But to allege foul play in his death is simply incorrect. He killed himself, and plenty of people saw it happen.

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