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A Handbook of Traditional Living

A Handbook of Traditional Living
London: Arktos, 2010
100 pp

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This book consists of two texts originally published by the Italian cultural organisation Raido, translated here for the first time: The World of Tradition and The Front of Tradition.

The World of Tradition is a comprehensive summary of the principal ideas of Julius Evola. The esoteric history of the world, the nature of the Primordial Tradition, and the crisis of the modern world are discussed. The Front of Tradition, while also steeped in the Evolian worldview, presents a more practical guide for living as a traditionalist. Guidelines for life as an individual living in detachment from modernity, as well as for developing and being a member of an organisation dedicated to the restoration of Tradition, are outlined. This book argues that ideology and strategy are not enough by themselves. The individual who desires a revolt against the modern world must first internalise and conduct all of one’s actions in accordance with the way of life of Tradition. Also included are methods for doing this. Whether the reader is an Evolian, a traditionalist or is merely seeking a means for survival in a degraded age, this handbook will be inspiring to them all.

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Translator’s Foreword
A Note from the Editor
From the Preface to the Second Italian Edition

1. From the Origins to the Modern World
2. Tradition & the Sacred
3. Metaphysics
4. The States of Being: Archetype-Soul-Spirit-Body
5. Esotericism & Exotericism
6. Authority
7. Castes
8. Civilisation
9. Holy War: Vita est militia super terram
10. Decadence & Subversion
11. Initiation
12. Contemplation & Action
13. Law
14. Rite
15. Myth
16. Symbolism
Appendix I: The Symbolism of the Cross
Appendix II: The Symbolism of the Sun

1. Ignis Fatuus
2. Each in His Place
3. Interiorising the Doctrine
4. Beyond Ideology
5. Lifestyle
6. Firm Foundations
7. The New Man: Existential Guidelines for Members of an Operative Unit
8. A Fighting Vanguard
9. The Rectification of the Individual
10. Action
11. The Community
12. The Operative Unit
13. Before the Movement
14. The Future is Now

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