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Charles Upton was born in San Francisco in 1948. He is a poet and writer on metaphysics and religion in the Traditionalist school of René Guénon, Ananda Coomaraswamy, and Frithjof Schuon. His books include Vectors of the Counter-Initiation: The Course and Destiny of Inverted Spirituality (Sophia Perennis, 2012), The Science of the Greater Jihad: Essays in Principial Psychology (Sophia Perennis, 2011), Shadow of the Rose: The Esoterism of the Romantic Tradition (with his wife Jennifer Doane Upton) (Sophia Perennis, 2008), Folk Metaphysics: Mystical Meanings in Traditional Folk Songs and Spirituals (Sophia Perennis, 2008), Who Is the Earth? How to See God in the Natural World (Sophia Perennis, 2008), Legends of the End: Prophesies of the End Times, Antichrist, Apocalypse, and Messiah from Eight Religious Traditions (Sophia Perennis, 2005), and The System of Antichrist: Truth and Falsehood in Postmodernism and the New Age (Sophia Perennis, 2001).
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Spiritual Warfare, Part 2:
The Betrayal & Defense of Amor

Dante Gabriel Rossetti, “The Damsel of the Holy Grail,” 1874

1,456 words

Part 2 of 2

In the virtue known as Amor, the particular personhood of the beloved is central—just as, in true spiritual realization, God is not an abstraction or an insubstantial wraith, but the most concrete Reality imaginable, one that is also (like the ultimate depths of any true person) infinitely beyond anything we can imagine. From the worldly point of view, love for particular persons is seen as mere bourgeois sentimentalism, Read more …

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Spiritual Warfare, Part 1:
The Warrior & the Monk

1,556 words

A story is told (whether from the Zen tradition, the Bushidō tradition, or modern Japanese cinema I don’t remember) of an encounter between a Samurai warrior and a Zen monk. The warrior approaches the sitting monk and draws his sword. The monk remains impassive. “Don’t you realize that I have no qualms about killing you?” roars the warrior. “Don’t you realize that I have no qualms about dying?” quietly replies the monk.  Read more …

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