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The 2019 IJzerwake:
“Flanders Flemish, Europe European!”

961 words

I would like to introduce Counter-Currents’ international audience to the largest annual Dutch-Flemish nationalist event in the Low Countries: the IJzerwake. In Dutch, this refers to a wake or prayer on the river Yser. It could also be translated as “wake of iron,” as ijzer means iron. It is a perfect example of successful nationalist activism.

The event began as a split from the older IJzerbedevaart, or “pilgrimage to the Yser,” which was taken over by Leftist influences around 2003. Read more …

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What Can We Learn from the BDS Movement?

1,169 words

There has been a lot of talk recently about Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), a Leftist movement which aims to hurt the Israeli economy in support of the Palestinian cause through the boycotting of Israeli businesses and products. Read more …

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Breaking the Tyrant Spell:
An Interview with Darkest Sky

1,615 words

I believe there is a certain inertia to political ideas. As in Newtonian laws of motion, it takes force to get ideas going, and once an idea is in motion, it takes even more force to stop their momentum. In order to generate enough force to overcome the inertia in our ideas and to get society to start adopting them, I believe in a multi-pronged approach: one that speaks to all levels, classes, and interests of society. Read more …

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The Story of ChuckE2009

873 words

Who is ChuckE2009? Just a humble welder. A working class man. Father Antonio Vieira would describe him as “the salt of the earth.” A normal white man like millions out there, working a skilled job, unassuming and dutiful. What distinguishes him however is that he runs one of the biggest YouTube channels about welding, with 556,000 subscribers. Read more …

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Populism & Neo-Thatcherism:
Why Economics is Crucial for the Dissident Right

Jair Bolsonaro

2,003 words

Populism is an oft-discussed topic in political circles of all stripes, and us dissidents tend to look at it as the best chance at present to put any sort of identitarian ideas into the mainstream, or at the very least as the best chance of stopping mass migration. I wrote a report on the state of populism in Europe not long ago for that very reason.

As I said in that article, there is no “fixed” populist platform; merely a handful of ideas that unite parties under the populist label. These are mainly anti-elitism, anti-immigration, and an appeal in some form to disprivileged native populations. Quite often, it is also simply a matter of the media deciding to call someone or some party populist.

Read more …

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Introducing Identitarian Shield of Portugal

1,782 words

A while ago Guillaume Durocher did an interview with Erkenbrand to introduce them to a wider audience, and to promote their 2018 conference. Today I want to likewise honor a Portuguese organization I recently discovered. They are called Escudo Identitário, or Identitarian Shield. Read more …

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What is the Philosophy of the Dissident Right?

1,876 words

There are a lot of labels that those on the Dissident Right are throwing around, both as an alternative to the term Alt Right and in an attempt to delineate their own ideological positions. Together, they comprise a hodgepodge of political traditions and ideologies, including traditionalist, Neoreactionary (NRx), reactionary, propertarian, New Right, Dissident Right, Read more …

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Political Violence:
Mainly a Left-Wing Phenomenon

Ulrike Meinhof, one of the leaders of the German Red Army Faction, in prison.

2,786 words

Political violence is a phenomenon in all historical ages, but we have become somewhat unaccustomed to it in the West given that things were fairly quiet for several decades until the new threat of jihadi terrorism emerged. Europe has had more political violence than the US, and on a bigger scale, peaking in the 1970s and ‘80s, the most famous case in recent years bring Anders Breivik. Read more …

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An Alternative Kind of Deplatforming

Naomi Wu

1,082 words

Recently, Naomi Wu’s story was brought to my attention on Twitter by Hank Oslo of the Myth of the 20th Century podcast. Naomi Wu is a tech adept from the People’s Republic of China (PRC), living in Shenzhen. She does a bit of coding, but mainly focuses on building gadgetry, and she has invented things such as LED display hats that project images over your face to help circumvent the face detection software that has become ubiquitous in the urbanized parts of the rather autocratic PRC. Read more …

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The State of European Populism

Viktor Orbán & Matteo Salvini

3,863 words

Since the American Alt Right fell apart, many commentators and outlets which formerly identified as “Alt Right” have started pointing towards European populism as an example to follow, and are often heard to say that the nationalist cause is much further ahead in Europe. As a European, I would like to comment on this, based on the Dutch populist movement, which is relatively strong for a Western European country. Read more …

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Der Fall Amerika

2,586 words

Audio version here

As a European, I was taught to dislike Americans from a young age. In school, and through cultural osmosis, a young European is taught to look down on these cultureless, backwards savages with their guns, their Christian dogmatism, their unrefined tastes, their consumerism, their obesity, and their racism. Read more …

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Against Escapism

1,511 words

Escapism is one of the major issues plaguing young white men. Virtually all of them are gamers of some sort. If not a gamer, he typically immerses himself in board games, or else fantasy and science fiction novels and television series. The more disciplined and intelligent among us might use this as a springboard toward developing some useful skills. Read more …

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Zwarte Piet:
The Face of National Resistance in The Netherlands

1,962 words

In The Netherlands we have an annual tradition called Sinterklaas, which is a colloquial expression that signifies the celebration of a Christmas-like holiday named after St. Nicholas, a Byzantine bishop and saint from Anatolia, famous for his charity to children. Read more …

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