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The Scandza Forum, April 7, 2018

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On Saturday, April 7th, I attended the third Scandza Forum in Stockholm, Sweden. This was my third Scandza Forum, and fourth visit to Sweden. The theme of this conference was “normalizing nationalism.”

I had a while before the first speech to talk with other attendees, and during this time I grabbed a couple of notepads and a pen. I met familiar faces, including a few friends, and was impressed as usual by the quality of the Swedish nationalists. Read more …

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American Decadence:
A Response to James Traub

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When I was in high school and Obama had just been elected, there were various articles in our spheres complaining about the inherent flaws of democracy. Democracy was bad and always would be, because it enabled idiots to have equal power to the responsible and intelligent. Read more …

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Patriotism & Nationalism:
A Response to Sarah Silverman

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We stood somewhere near a local subway stop. Except for the girl, I didn’t know any of these people. Besides me there was just one another guy, he was tall, wore sunglasses and pink shorts, and put on a charade of friendliness and familiarity that Europeans often say is typical of Americans. There was what looked like a boy, but used a girl’s name, so I avoided addressing him/her/it. One girl was asked what type of music would be played on the party boat: Read more …

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Christianity & the Red Pill

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A discussion on a recent episode of The Daily Shoah brought up a topic on which everyone has an opinion but that rarely ends well: Christianity and the Alt Right. The discussion unearthed what I suspect many in this metapolitical struggle think about religion. Read more …

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An American White Nationalist in Bulgaria

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The Plovdiv Theater

By the time my plane landed at the small airport in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, back in June, I had begun to lose interest in the critiques of abstract German philosophy I held in my hands. Grass and an orange sky extended in all directions. I was greeted by my host; a bald man who smiled profusely — often a sign of insincerity in this part of Europe. Read more …

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An American Nationalist’s Observations on Sweden

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When I arrived to Sweden in February I had not seen much snow in over a year. I walked down an ice- and snow-covered road, learning to read the street names. Read more …

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