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Bad Apples

On March 12, 2016, Black Lives Matter protesters blocked traffic at a Trump rally in Chicago, including an ambulance, which led to the death of a 4-year-old girl’s father. Not the best PR for the Left.

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There are plenty of us on the Alt Right who are truly not motivated by anything that an ordinary person would think of as “racism.” Of course, the Left will classify all of us as “racists” whether we think of ourselves as such or not, simply because of what we believe: Read more …

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“Equality” is a Ruse

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It’s an old meme based on a comedy sketch that gave me my introduction to this question. But it raises a perfectly serious, important point. Namely, it gets right to the heart of why the supposed ideal of “equality” is nothing but a misdirection and a myth. If men and women are equal, then how come women have never successfully oppressed an entire gender? Read more …

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My Father Was a Killer

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My father was a killer, and a thief.

He’d search for signs of weakness in public, and he’d prey upon them. He’d scan the aisles of grocery stores and parking lots, searching for the weak and unaware.

Anyone walking with a limp, or paying too little attention to where they were going, was at risk of attending an involuntary seminar on the original meaning of “biohacking.” Read more …

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Loving Your Enemies:
What’s Missing from the Debate about Confederate Monuments

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Growing up, the video game Metal Gear Solid made a significant impression on me.

Looking back now, it’s amusing to remember how much the series deals with the topic of genetic determinism. The core of the plot revolves around a number of characters who eventually discover that they were created as part of a government project to create genetically enhanced soldiers Read more …

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“Jews Will Not Replace Us”:
What Normies Need to Know

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If my introduction to the topic of Jews and immigration policy had been through a march that looked like the angry villagers in Beauty and the Beast ready to bust their way in to the Beast’s castle yelling “Jews will not replace us,” I never would have ended up where I am today.  Read more …

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