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The Paid Piper of Conservatism Inc.

1,383 words

He advanced to the council-table:
And, “Please your honors,” said he, “I’m able,
By means of a secret charm, to draw
All creatures living beneath the sun,
Read more …

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Unlikely Heroes:
America’s History of Valiant Outlaws

FBI sketch of D. B. Cooper

1,495 words

Most Americans’ lives, from cradle to grave, are spent immersed in clichés about “American values.” We are force-fed egalitarian propaganda and glutted with hyperbolic mythologies about historical people, places, and events. Few ever question the All-American operating system that their hard drives are programmed with, and fewer still find the courage to “buck the system.” Read more …

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Lessons in Marketing from Coke

722 words

If you took the opportunity to read my introductory essay, “Coyote Ugly,” you will recall my thesis that Western institutions are as much, if not more, to blame for our demise as a people than any historic or current tribal conflicts. Read more …

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Coyote Ugly

923 words

I spend a good deal of my time pondering the many patterns and complexities of human behavior that have spawned our current state of affairs. Itʼs quite a mess to untangle – a daunting problem with no easy solutions. Read more …

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