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What Next?

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There are recent polls that indicate that 10% of Americans agree with the political positions of the Alt Right. We can assume that the actual percentage is even greater given the reluctance of many people to be forthright about holding white nationalist political views. This is an extraordinary increase in popularity for a political movement that until just recently had been virtually unknown by the vast majority of Americans.

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Whiggish History & the Right

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Buckley posing as writer in limousine with dog accessory

There is currently a minor contretemps in the Alt Right and Alt Lite as to whether National Socialism is of the Left or of the Right. This is a debate which, I believe, is generally of no practical import, is potentially divisive, and is rooted in several historiographical misapprehensions.  Read more …

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Charlottesville Revisited

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“I fear that I have awakened a sleeping tiger.” — Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

One of the consolations of old age is the advantage of historical perspective, of obtaining a degree, at least, of self-awareness and objectivity. Old men seldom laugh or weep, not due to emotional dysfunction, but because at a certain age one has seen it all, and very little comes as a surprise. Generations of humans come and go, but human nature remains fairly constant. Read more …

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Now in Video!
The Future Is White

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Quintillian’s “The Future Is White” has been made into a video by VertigoPolitix

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The Future Is White

707 words

The Left is a dangerous consortium of perverts and violence-prone shallow thinkers, but it is also an assemblage of the ridiculous. There is something that is just very funny about a mestizo flaunting his illegal status during a television interview who is shocked when he is deported, Read more …

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Yes, Virginia, There Is a White Culture

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The Left lies, it lies about everything, and it lies all the time. One of the most egregious lies of the Left is that, while negroes and mestizos are said to have their own racially-identifiable cultures, white people do not possess a uniquely white culture. The disingenuousness of this lie is exacerbated by the Left viewing negroes and mestizos as cultural monoliths while treating whites as a collection of disparate ethnic entities.

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Learning from Donald Trump

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Having a Mencken-like disdain for America’s ruling class, I would like to put forward what I have entitled Quintilian’s Postulate 1: conservatives are stupid and lack courage; liberals are stupid and lack self-awareness. Donald Trump is a unique politician, I believe, because he possesses both courage and self-awareness.

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The Sieges of Charlottesville & Calais

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On the same day that the combined forces of the Left were doing violence to the rights of free speech and assembly of the Unite the Right marchers in Charlottesville, VA, their cultural Marxist brethren were at the Glimmerglass Festival in Cooperstown, NY doing aesthetic violence to the American premiere of Gaetano Donizetti’s opera The Siege of Calais (1836). Read more …

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