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Being Bill McKibben

Bill McKibben

1,124 words

In 1989, young scientist Bill McKibben published the seminal climate change book, The End of Nature. It made him an instant star in the environmental sciences, and in the literary world as well.

Like it did with so many of my generation, the book had a profound effect on me. Among other things, I never forgot the analogy that if the earth was the size of a basketball, the depth of our atmosphere would be the equivalent of a coat of paint. The air we breath, the sky we see … it is not nearly so infinite as it seems.

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Now in Stock! 
Convergence of Catastrophes

convergence702 words

Guillaume Faye
Convergence of Catastrophes
Foreword by Jared Taylor
Translated by E. Christian Kopff
London: Arktos, 2012
216 pages

paperback only: $27

The thesis of this book is a terrifying one: our present global civilisation will collapse within twenty years, and it is too late to stop it. Read more …

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Now in Stock! 
The Passing of the Great Race
Or, The Racial Basis of European History

Introduction by Jared Taylor
Abergele, UK: The Palingenesis Project, 2012
582 pages

only in hardcover: $45.00

Order here

Written by one of America’s most influential conservationists, The Passing of the Great Race is one of the most famous racially-oriented books of all times. Read more …

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Can Life Prevail?

Pentti Linkola
Can Life Prevail? A Radical Approach to the Environmental Crisis
Trans. Eetu Rautio and Olli S.
London: Arktos, 2009

This is the first-ever collection of essays by Pentti Linkola, a controversial figure in his native Finland, to appear in English. Linkola’s interest is in the environmental crisis, but unlike most authors on the subject, he does not propose simple solutions such as recycling or electric cars. Read more …

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Impeachment of Man

Costa Mesa, Cal.: The Noontide Press, 1991
156 pages
paperback: $7


Savitri Devi’s Impeachment of Man is a manifesto of animal rights and deep ecology. Written in 1945-46, Impeachment of Man both anticipated modern environmentalism and exceeded it in radicalism. Read more …

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