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Fighting for the Essence:
Western Ethnosuicide or European Renaissance?

Trans. Alexander Jacob
Preface by Tomislav Sunic
London: Arktos Media, 2012
104 pages

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Fighting for the Essence is a devastating critique of multiculturalism. In this book, Dr. Krebs shows that although multiculturalism claims to be the watchman of racial and cultural diversity, it is actually destructive to both, as it denies the significance of racial differences altogether. He traces its origins to the legacy of the Judaeo-Christian tradition, and shows how this has developed into many of the most powerful tools of liberalism of our times, which in turn are serving the interests of the global marketplace by turning all of humanity into compliant consumers. Those who endorse multiculturalism are, in fact, the enemies of all traditional culture.

Dr. Krebs also takes issue with the use of the term ‘West’ to describe our culture, which he sees as an effort to deprive the various European cultures which comprise it of their unique characters and histories and replace them with a grey conformity divorced from any authentic roots, as well as a value system that is frequently used as a weapon against those nations which refuse to share its values. This assault is not limited to Europe, but is something that is going on in every corner of the globe. Dr. Krebs says that it is time for all those who believe in the worthiness of their heritage and unique ethnic identity to return to the wellsprings of their peoples, and defend what is rightfully theirs. With a deeper trench between the camps of multiculturalism and traditional culture being dug all the time, this is the conflict that will define the 21st century.

Drawing examples from many of the most notable contributors to science, philosophy and religion, Dr. Krebs illustrates a truth that is difficult to deny. Anyone who heeds his warning will find it impossible not to accept his challenge to take sides in the ongoing struggle against universal conformity.


A Note from the Editor
Titans are in Town (Dr. Tomislav Sunic)
Author’s Preface (Dr. Pierre Krebs)

I. Mahapralaya or Europe in the Age of the Dissolution of the West
The Moirae Have Re-emerged Onto the Surface of the Earth
Judaeo-Christian Monotheism is the Matrix of the West
The Maastricht Treaty Accelerates the Process of the De-Europeanisation of Western Europe

II. Americanopolis or The Western Occupation of the Earth
From the Mass Crowd to the Solitary Crowd of the Techno-economic Spaces of the Global Market Society
The Europeans ‘Fast-foodised’ by the Americanocentric West

III. Panta Rhei
The Coup d’État of Hope Heralds the Re-enchantment of the World

IV. Eleutheros
‘The Man of Race is a Free Man’
The Fundamental Laws of Differentiation
The Key Idea of Territory


Dr. Pierre Krebs (b. 1948) is a major figure in New Culture, the German branch of the European New Right, and is also the leader of the Thule-Seminar. He is a doctor of French literature and also holds degrees in law, journalism, sociology, and political science.

only in paperback SALE: $15