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The Case for Trump in 2020

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Would identitarians be better off if Democrats take back the White House?

Of course not.

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No, Mr. Glassner, Trump’s Amazing Rallies Are Not a Measure of His Success

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Michael Glassner, Chief Operating Officer of Donald J. Trump for President, has written an op-ed for The Minnesota Sun in which he attempts to explain the amazing turnout at Trump’s rallies. Trouble is, he gets it all wrong.

The Trump rally phenomenon demands a serious sociological study. It’s too bad there are no longer any serious sociologists. Read more …

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Conservatives Show Their True, Pathetic Colors After El Paso

George P. Bush thinks that war needs to be declared on White Nationalism.

1,472 words

“Crush White Nationalist evil!” is the conservative answer to the El Paso shooting.

The overwhelming majority of conservatives have called for the government to treat White Nationalism like Islamic terror. Logically, this would mean drone strikes against American Renaissance conferences. But the conservatives who advocate for this drastic action are self-aware enough not to go that far – they just want the government to censor speech they call racist.

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Trickle-Down Ecumenics

4,026 words

Election season in Weimerica is, by some margin, the greatest show on Earth. For the candidates it becomes a rostrum, pulpit, and therapist’s couch, while for the people it is an Orwellian bellwether for where the collective herd is headed. Read more …

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The Open Borders Party

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, the least horrifying among the current crop of Democratic candidates — but who won’t get the nomination.

1,832 words

Open borders is no longer a meme; it’s the official stance of most Democratic presidential candidates.

During last week’s debates, which were held over two nights, most Democratic candidates said they want illegal immigration decriminalized. Nearly every candidate thinks illegal immigrants deserve free healthcare. The only debate in this area was over who was the most favorable toward open borders of them all. Read more …

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