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Principalities & Powers, Part Five:
The Buchanan Revolution

Patrick Buchanan in 1992

2,003 words

Nothing churns the entrails of the professional democracy priesthood more than the rancid taste of a little real democracy. Since one of the main dishes on the 1992 political menu has been a generous serving of authentic popular rebellion, the sages have spent a good part of the last year lurching for their lavatories. Read more …

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Nations Don’t Go Extinct Due to Loss of Material Comforts:
A Response to Bain Dewitt

Jared Kushner donned his smartest business casual attire for his visit to American troops in Iraq, while Ivanka wrote his name across the front of his bulletproof vest so that everyone in the changing room would know it was his.

3,285 words

The article “Russians Are Not #Ourguys” by Mr. Dewitt has generated a whirlwind of heated response from Counter-Currents readers. In my humble and candid opinion, the article reeks of being a piece of neocon shilling (dotted by some ostensibly decent and rational remarks, admittedly) which reads like it’s straight from the National Review or even The Weekly Standard. Read more …

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Time to Withdraw from South Korea

2,922 words

Anti-American Protests in Seoul

Anti-American Protests in Seoul

There is a great deal of talk about an “America First” foreign policy. At the same time, there is a looming fear in the United States of Asian economic dynamism and rising Asian military and diplomatic power. To kill two birds with one stone, it is a good idea to make South Korea the first place to apply an “America First” foreign policy. Read more …

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