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Left of the Scotsman:
Answering Vox Day’s Disavowal of the “Fake Right”

1,802 words

What is a true right-wing position? What is truly on the left?

Recent debates between Vox Day and Greg Johnson, and with Andrew Anglin, have called into question the true political allegiance of the German National Socialist Party, as well as that of national socialism more generally. Read more …

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My Debate with Vox Day

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In my August 17 debate with Vox Day on the question of whether National Socialism is a legitimate part of the Alt Right, Vox argued no, and I argued yes. I have not commented on the debate until now because, in all candor, neither of us was at his best. Read more …

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My Conversation with Andrew Anglin

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On Monday, August 28, Tara McCarthy invited me to have a conversation with Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer on her Reality Calls Show. I enjoyed the debate between me and Vox Day she hosted on August 17th, so I accepted. Tara made it clear that we were to be having a conversation, not a debate, and the topic would be the current attacks on white advocates and the way forward from here. I need to make this clear, because Andrew is now billing our conversation as a debateRead more …

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Dangerous—An Alt-Review

3,053 words

Milo Yiannopoulos
Dangerous Books, 2017

Meanwhile, look who’s finally gotten off the big red chair and wants to come play with us again after being such a bad boy. As promised, Milo Yiannopoulos has finally released his book Dangerous after it had been canceled by his would-be publisher Simon and Schuster earlier this year. Read more …

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American University, the Unwitting Microcosm of . . . American Universities

One of the racist bananas found at American University.

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I’ve generally tried to remain measured in my assessment of the growing entitlement of students across college campuses, aided and abetted by a delusional professoriate and administrators taking home six figures to gather data, print reports, and expel male students for having sex, but in light of recent events at Washington, DC daycare – sorry, I meant university, specifically American University – and the fact that I’ve just thrown out my shoulder, I’m not feeling particularly measured. Read more …

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Punching Right

akrotiri-thera-wall-paintings1,156 words / 7:44

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The goal of White Nationalism is to create sovereign homelands for all white nations that aspire to self-determination. Which means nothing less than halting and reversing the globalizing and homogenizing trends that are enthralling the whole planet and dragging it toward its doom. We are trying to turn the world around, to move the whole cultural and political spectrum in our direction.  Read more …

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Vantard Strategies

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My recent article “Vanguardism, Vantardism, and Mainstreaming” was directed primarily at mainstreamers. My goal in distinguishing between genuine vanguardists and “vantards” was to force the mainstreamers to focus on the substance of the vanguardist position, which I think is entirely defensible, rather than on the non-productive strategies of the vantards, Read more …

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