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Comedian Cracks Wise with the ADL

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My initial reaction to comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s keynote address to the Anti-Defamation League and his follow-up editorial for the Washington Post was to laugh it off. He’s a comedian. Not only that, he’s what I would call a practical joke comedian: someone who makes ordinary people the butt of his humor. Sort of like Andy Kaufman, but nastier and more cynical. As a result, part of his living is embarrassing and humiliating innocent folks. Read more …

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Black Privilege, White Death

Arthur Sackler, who brought you the “very white” oxycodone epidemic.

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White America is reeling as the holocaust of opioid addiction takes its toll. Hundreds of thousands of whites have lost their lives to this epidemic – more than the United States lost in the Second World War. Indeed, each year’s deaths is roughly the equivalent of the number of Americans who were killed during the entirety of the Vietnam War. White male life expectancy has fallen for the third consecutive yea; drug overdoses and suicides are almost solely responsible for this trend.

Read more …

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Nicholas J. Fuentes is Not a Holocaust Denier

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I caught a few episodes of Nick Fuentes’ show off and on before the whole Groyper War began, and have followed recent developments with great interest. I’ve seen the small handful of out-of-context clips they’ve used to try to frame him as racist, anti-Semitic, White Nationalist, Alt-Right 2.0, and as a Holocaust denier. These smears are a transparent attempt by anti-American “liberals” and “conservatives” to silence a rising star who speaks for the sixty-three million Americans who voted for Donald Trump. Read more …

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Zionism vs. White Nationalism

Members of the Brit Habiryonim organization, a Zionist group which briefly supported the Third Reich and had a long-standing relationship with the Italian Fascists.

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Most white identitarians and White Nationalists today are keenly aware of the hypocrisy practiced by our enemies – especially the Jewish ones – who declare that seeking sovereign white ethnostates across the world is somehow evil, while Jews doing the same thing in Israel is righteous. There really is no way to square this circle. One cannot support Jewish nationalism and oppose White Nationalism simultaneously without either being a Jewish supremacist of some kind or simply having an anti-white outlook. Read more …

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It’s Time to Wage “War” on Protein Wisdom

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Jeff Goldstein of Protein Wisdom hates identity politics. He would like to wage war against it; stamp it out, as it were. The problem, however, is that the weapons he would like to use in this war only point in one direction: against whites. He pretends otherwise, but he’s easy enough to see through.

Read more …

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No Punishment for Anti-White Hoaxes

Jussie Smollett leaving the Chicago courthouse after the charges against him were dropped.

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Jussie Smollett created the hate hoax of the year – and may suffer no consequences for it.

Chicago prosecutors announced Tuesday that all charges against the black Empire star in connection with his infamous hate hoax would be dropped, and his record would be wiped clean. This sweet deal did not even require Smollett to admit any wrongdoing. The only penalty he paid was the forfeiture of his ten thousand dollar bond and sixteen measly hours of community service.

Read more …

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The Christchurch Shooting & Liberal Hypocrisy

Australia’s Senator Fraser Anning, one of many victims of double standards against white Rightists in the mainstream media.

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In the aftermath of the Christchurch shooting on March 15, Australian Senator Fraser Anning was widely criticized by the media for saying that “the real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.” He was right: there are virtually no examples in human history of peoples passively acquiescing to foreign invasion and demographic replacement. This is a statement of fact. Throughout history, peoples in such situations have almost always reacted violently to the encroachment of foreigners upon their territory. Read more …

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Advice for Young White People, Part 3

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Part 3 of 3 (Part 1 here, Part 2 here)

5. Understand that Our Enemies are Totalitarian and Identitarian

Read more …

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Identity & Tribalism:
A Response to Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield

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Daniel Greenfield of FrontPage Magazine has an interesting take on the Jewish response to the tragic Tree of Life synagogue massacre last month. In an article entitled “Identity Politics is America’s Anti-Semitism,” Greenfield scolds his fellow Jews for always looking Rightward for anti-Semitism, and argues that despite the eleven killed by Robert Bowers, Read more …

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Roseanne Was Right

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Recently, one of the few network TV shows to promote a vaguely Right-of-center politics was taken off the air. The show was cut within hours of its lead actor sending out a tweet about senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett (“vj”).  Read more …

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