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Warsaw Journal #3

The Chopin Museum in Warsaw.

3,952 words

September 24, 2018

Very cold, blustery morning. This is what you picture Warsaw to look like: grey skies, brisk wind, and Polish people bundled in their fur coats, scarves, and Russian hats. Might be time to bust out my Marmot puffer jacket. Thank God I stuffed that into the little side panel on my suitcase as an afterthought in August. I’m gonna need it.

Walking around now thinking about Ewelina, the woman I met at the Soho Factory. That was her name, with the “w” pronounced as a “v.” Read more …

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Warsaw Journal #2

4,542 words

September 21, 2018

Reading Breitbart News online this morning. Sometimes I get depressed and I don’t want to be on either side of these political fights. The Leftists are deranged, controlling, addicted to their power, and the Right appear to be without sympathy or empathy for anyone but themselves. And yet, it is the Right’s point of view that always feels right to me. Read more …

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Budapest Journal, Part Two

Typical Budapest hostel

4,055 words

Part 1 here

September 4, 2018

I worked this morning at the English used bookstore/café, where I’m having a flirtation with the younger girl who works here. Read more …

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Weiße Männer gesucht

RedheadBanner902 words

English original here

Übersetzt von Frank Miller

Sich mit Nationalisten-Typen zu treffen, ist oftmals ein ziemlich „deprimierendes Erlebnis“: Eine immer wiederkehrende Klage dabei lautet, daß gemischtrassige Babies anscheinend überall seien und weiße Frauen derart gehirngewaschen wären, hinter schwarzen Männern herzujagen, unter Ausschluß der Männer ihrer eigenen Rasse.  Read more …

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White Men Wanted

RedheadBanner866 words

German translation here

Meeting up with Nationalist types can often be a bit of a ‘downer’. A recurring complaint is that mixed-race babies seem to be everywhere and white women have been brainwashed into chasing black men to the exclusion of men of their own race.

I am notoriously positive and optimistic about things in general, but am I naive?  Read more …

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