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Fascism Viewed from the Right

julius-evola-fascism-front_2Trans. with Introduction by E. Christian Kopff
London: Arktos Media, 2013
126 pages

paperback: $19

Read F. Roger Devlin’s review here

In this book, Julius Evola analyses the Fascist movement of Italy, which he himself had experienced first-hand, often as a vocal critic, throughout its entire history from 1922 until 1945. Read more …

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Fascism as Anti-Modernism
Julius Evola’s Fascism Viewed from the Right

evola_julius_-_fascism_viewed_from_the_right1,865 words

Julius Evola
Fascism Viewed from the Right
Trans. E. Christian Kopff
London: Arktos, 2013

Evola’s reckoning with Italian Fascism is among his later works, first published in 1964, and reprinted with additional notes in 1970. This is the first English translation, produced for Arktos by classicist E. Christian Kopff.

Read more …

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