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The Best Man’s Divorce Speech

Detail, The Divorce of Empress Josephine in 1809, Henri Frédéric Schopin, 1843.

1,604 words

One of the best memories I have is giving the best man’s speech at my best friend’s wedding. I gave that speech 14 years ago and my friend has been married ever since with three great kids. Unfortunately, I have also known men who have lost their property, money, and custody of their children from devastating divorces. Read more …

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My Easter Dinner with Fate

Ludwig Burger, The Norns under the World, 1882.

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For Easter dinner, I had a glass of red wine, a pizza, and a slice of cheesecake. Regardless of my location, it has become a tradition for me. With the current pandemic, a heavy metal concert, and a first date in Ukraine, I have somehow ended up celebrating Easter each year with wine, pizza, and cheesecake. Perhaps it is fate. Yet it was a dinner with friends three years ago that made me question the many nuances of fate. Could an invitation to that dinner have saved a man’s life from tragedy, or would his life have taken the same path? Read more …

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Spengler on Causation

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One of the most interesting and original aspects of Oswald Spengler’s philosophy is his separation of history from causality. For Spengler, history is an examination of the fulfillment of a particular group’s destiny that is not necessarily subject to the strictures of cause and effect: Read more …

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Spengler on Fate

902 words

Oswald Spengler (1880–1936) is one of the thinkers most admired by the Dissident Right, yet it is obvious that this admiration largely stems from Spengler’s portrayal of Western civilization as being “Faustian” in nature, that Western man (i.e., the white man) is a seeker of the infinite, which can be expressed by analytical mathematics, instrumental polyphony, perspective painting, etc. Read more …

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The Decay of Words, Part 3:
Fate & Action

Engraving-of-Tyche2,024 words

Part 3 of 3

Trans. G. A. Malvicini from L’Arco e la Clava [The Bow and the Club] (Milan: Scheiwiller, 1968)

We will end these observations by examining the original content of three ancient Roman notions, those of fatum, felicitas, and fortuna.

15. Fatum. According to the most common modern usage, “fate” is a blind power that hangs over men, Read more …

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