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Language Exercises in Futility

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I am a native English speaker with a love-hate relationship with foreign languages. Along with fantasy novels, video games, and heavy metal, language learning has been a big part of my life. Yet unlike my other hobbies and passions, the study of European languages has been by far the least enjoyable for me. I often ask myself whether I am wasting my time, and ultimately my life, by developing and maintaining a skill where the costs often outweigh the rewards. Read more …

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Are You Tired of Losing Yet?

Qasem Soleimani

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Are you tired of winning yet? And by winning, I mean the continuation of endless wars and regime changes for the protection (and potential expansion) of “our greatest ally.”

This is the first thought I had this morning when I woke up to hear about the recent US airstrike in Iraq that killed top Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. The details are still unclear, Read more …

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The Irony of Fate

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If you did an internet search of movies about or taking place on New Year’s Eve, the majority would most likely fall under the romantic comedy genre. Which makes sense, given that when you think about New Year’s Eve, your first thoughts are probably of drinking parties with friends, and more importantly, waiting for the clock to strike midnight with your significant other.

The Irony of Fate was a Soviet made-for-television romantic comedy that aired throughout the Soviet Union on January 1st, 1976. Read more …

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Eastern European Women, IKEA Dates, & Airport Farewells

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I’m at the airport right now. Being in Eastern Europe for the past two years, I’ve spent a lot of time at various European airports. In regards to my personal life, I’ve found myself in a revolving cycle of meeting Eastern European women on Tinder, taking them on dates to the local IKEA, and then breaking up and saying goodbye to them at the airport. Read more …

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Asgardsrei 2019:
A Stormride & Tribute to an Eternal Legend

3,851 words

In order to fully understand the importance of this year’s Asgardsrei festival, one must understand the impact that the Blazebirth Hall scene, and in particular, its most prolific artist, Kaldrad, had on both NSBM (National Socialist Black Metal) and the overall sound of Eastern European black metal.

Read more …

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