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Reality: Ain’t It a BITCH-100

Probably the chairman of a university department somewhere.

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The past four months have been a rather hectic round of presentations at scholarly conferences for your favorite ancient Roman rhetorician. This is my main contribution to the movement. I attend scholarly conferences so that the rest of you don’t have to. Also, it’s the best way of doing reconnaissance of the enemy. And even though I’m fairly inured to the nonsense that passes for “humanistic scholarship” these days, sometimes it’s just more than one can stand.

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Dean Meredith Raimondo’s Reading List

Dean Meredith Raimondo

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It has been quite a week on the legal front for the Dissident Right. In probably the most important legal defeat to date for the radical Left, an Ohio jury has awarded $44 million in compensatory and punitive damages (and legal fees which could add another thirty percent to the $44 million) to the owners of Gibson’s Bakery in their libel lawsuit against Oberlin College and its Dean of Students, Meredith Raimondo. To make matters even sweeter for the bakery (pun intended), it appears that Oberlin’s insurer has already taken legal steps to ensure that the money will not be paid from the college’s general liability policy.

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And Then They Came for Ricardo Duchesne

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Several years ago, I published a mammoth review essay on Ricardo Duchesne’s The Uniqueness of Western Civilization. I regard it as one of the most interesting and important books I have ever read. Duchesne is a valiant defender of Western civilization against the madness of politically correct academics – and now, it seems, he may be paying the price. Read more …

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