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Zardoz: Natural Order Against the Left

2,482 words

John Boorman’s films are implicitly white, as they address themes that pertain to people of white European descent, whether historical, philosophical, or mythical. For the latter, an example would be the film Excalibur that I recently reviewed. Zardoz is a film that addresses the philosophical. This is another of Boorman’s films that the critic Roger Ebert neither understands nor cares for – and I suspect more the latter, for the film is a biting satire directed at creamy bourgeois Leftists. Read more …

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Video of the Day
The Normans, a Video Miniseries

100 words / 10:04

David Yorkshire of Mjolnir: A Magazine for the Creative Arts has recently produced a series of videos in which he takes a look at the Normans and the impact they had and have had on English society from various locations of significance in Normandy itself. The first documentary is from Barfleur, embarkation point of the Norman fleet before it set sail to England. Dave offers some general information on the Duchy of Normandy’s foundation and the dukes, as well as background information on England’s recent history leading up to the invasion in 1066. The entire series can be found here.

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Ilya Glazunov: An Obituary

1,295 words

Ilya Glazunov is not a name that is widely known in Western Europe, to the point where his passing went largely unnoticed on the 9th July of last year. I personally only found out at the end of the year, and have only just managed to find the time to write this obituary, involved as I am in a number of cultural projects that will bear fruit in the near future. Born into a Russian noble family in St. Petersburg, known at that time as Leningrad in the Soviet Union, he lost his parents to starvation in the siege of that city during the Second World War, he himself being one of the few survivors from his family. Read more …

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Why IQ in Different Races is Irrelevant

1,312 words

Much is often made in the movement about the different levels of IQ between races. Read more …

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Turning Point:
Mjolnir Magazine, Issue II

Mjolnir22,386 words

Mjolnir Magazine
Issue II: War
David Yorkshire, editor

Mjolnir embraces the racial spirit of the children of Europa Read more …

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Against the “lie writ large”:
A Review of Mjolnir Magazine

1,737 words

MjolnirMjolnir Magazine for the Creative Arts
Issue 1: Blast Off
David Yorkshire, editor

“Leftism is the lie writ large. In any case, the right knows that equality itself is a fabrication and can only be achieved and maintained by holding back those who strive for excellence. The opposite of equality is quality. So it is with art. Quality is known instinctively: go into any art gallery and answer honestly which you prefer, Ian Davenport or J. M. W. Turner. Read more …

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