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Orbán, Islam, Russia, Feminism, & the Stuff Dreams are Made Of

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To the utter despair of materialist historians, existence (a subtle philosophical French concept, which would probably translate into Rightist English as values) keeps preceding essence: we are not only what we are, but also – and, at some turning points of history, predominantly – what we fancy to be. Read more …

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From the Savanna to Helsinki:
Tales of Evolution Told by an Idiot & Signifying Nothing

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In Jordan Peterson’s YouTube lectures, which are really the closest thing to science you will find online if the second closest thing is a Tom & Jerry cartoon, one is told – among several other pieces of exotic anthropology – that “human females are picky.” Unlike chimpanzee females, who would happily mate with any beta male brave enough to hunt on an alpha’s territory, our females “judge men.” Read more …

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Chairman Soros’ (Not So) New Directive

George Soros

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Maybe some of you can still remember those golden years, when the main proof of the dictatorial nature of a number of regimes within “the axis of evil” was that they allowed only restricted access to the internet. This distant past ended the day before yesterday, when George Soros, suddenly becoming a fierce enemy of Facebook and Google, predicted that the new lethal weapon of “the enemies of open societies” would be an alliance of digital technologies and authoritarianism. Read more …

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