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Alien: Covenant:
An Anti-Semitic Allegory

2,213 words

Alien: Covenant is a masterfully crafted film from an experienced and subtle director. If you haven’t already seen it, I recommend this movie, as it has plenty to offer, ranging from gorgeous and eerie landscapes to White Nationalist dog-whistles. Much of the movie is shot with physical sets and props, giving a grungy, grimy, authentic feel to the cinematography. The spacesuits, xenomorphs, post-apocalyptic landscapes and crashed or ill-fated landers are all built on real sets and the raw solidity of it bleeds through. Read more …

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Vydejte se, zachraňte svět

AtlasRockefellerCenter1,079 words

English original here

Někdy v roce 2003 jsem se cítil velice unavený a uvažoval, že nechám práce na jednom projektu spojeném s hnutím a trochu se vyspím. Bylo půl třetí ráno a moc jsem toho poslední dobou nenaspal. Pak mě ale napadlo: „Na co se vlastně šetříš?“ Potřeboval jsem spánek, abych si zachoval svou krásu? Všechno, co ušetříme, stejně musíme vydat, jelikož smrt nikomu nic nenechává. Tím, že se budeme šetřit, svět nezachráníme – toho dosáhneme jedině tím, že se vydáme.  Read more …

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The Horrible Thing

4,426 words

arachnids_c44f5dddAuthor’s Note:

This story is based on a “creepypasta” entitled “Channel 67” published in a collection edited by Gregory West and Hayley Wicker. Like most such urban legends, the story sounded familiar to me when I read it, although I have not been able to find any other closely similar versions online. Read more …

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Agótate a ti mismo, salva al mundo

AtlasRockefellerCenter1,469 words

Traducción por A. Garrido

Enlace original aquí

Algún momento en 2003, estaba cansado y pensando en dejar el trabajo en un proyecto relacionado con el movimiento. Eran las 2:30 a.m., y no había estado durmiendo bien por un tiempo. Pero entonces una pregunta se me ocurrió: “¿Para qué te estás guardando?” ¿Realmente necesito mi sueño reparador? Read more …

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Spend Yourself, Save the World

AtlasRockefellerCenter1,440 words

Translations: CzechSpanish

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Sometime in 2003, I was feeling tired and thinking of knocking off work on a movement-related project. It was 2:30 a.m., and I had not been sleeping well for a while. But then a question occurred to me: “What are you saving yourself for?” Read more …

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