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The Birds
Or: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Coronavirus (But Were Afraid to Ask Hitchcock & Heidegger), Part Seven

5,283 words

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

With the gulls now retreating, Mitch and Melanie leave the Tides restaurant and make their way up the hill to Annie’s house to retrieve Cathy. All is deathly quiet. As they approach the schoolhouse, they see that the crows are back and perched all over. “Look, the crows again!” Melanie says breathlessly. Read more …

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The European Soul in the Age of Tumult

Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres, Dream of Ossian, 1813.

1,437 words

The first rocket in over a decade has blasted off from US soil, bound for stars, aiming to dock with the International Space Station. Yet the country it leaves behind is set aflame, riven by racial strife in some of the most widespread unrest in recent memory. The world emerges from months of stasis and pseudo-imprisonment, facing an uncertain political and economic future in the wake of the coronavirus. In 1992, Francis Fukuyama predicted the end of history Read more …

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Meditations on the Mysticism of Yomawari: Night Alone

4,208 words

Yomawari: Night Alone is a survival horror videogame from Nippon Ichi Software, released in fall 2015 in Japan before being rapidly localized into English in 2016. It has enjoyed commercial success across multiple platforms (PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS Vita) and spawned a sequel, Midnight Shadows. The player character is a little girl with a red bow drawn in simple anime style; a sort of Minnie Mouse from a more mature world. Read more …

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The Faith of Heretics

Anthony van Dyck, Saint Ambrose Barring Theodosius from Milan Cathedral, ca. 1620.

1,538 words

Many people today would describe themselves as being more spiritual than religious. Despite being baptized in two Christian churches, I consider myself a spiritual person of folkish, ancestral faith. Regardless of religion, ethnic nationalists and white advocates stand in opposition to the all-encompassing theocracy of anti-white liberalism. Due to our beliefs, we are modern-day heretics. From classical antiquity to the Modern era, heretics and dissidents have been persecuted in a similar pattern. Nevertheless, I believe that faith can help us overcome the persecution that white people face in Western societies.  Read more …

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Fróði Midjord and Gemma Kits:
Rekindling Native Spirituality

207 words

After his speech at this year’s Etnofutur Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, Fróði Midjord sat down with Gemma Kits, a young Estonian nationalist and fellow speaker at the conference to discuss native Estonian spirituality, traditions, and what it means to be an Estonian. Read more …

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The Strange Legacy of Crack Rock Steady

Leftover Crack, live in Cologne, 2006.

1,207 words

“You cannot edit strength and beauty out of life.”Bronze Age Pervert

Punk music is often connected with left-wing anarchism. In connection with this philosophy, it ostensibly rejects traditional aesthetics and order, but in reality, practically everyone still prefers harmony over chaos, and this is reflected in the music. Read more …

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A Mythology for the New Right

2,453 words

As the New Right begins to penetrate mainstream culture, some of the old challenges will fade away (the label “Nazi” is losing the last vestiges of its seriousness, even to hardline leftists). Part of overcoming some of these old struggles in acquiring relevance, however, is confronting new challenges that come with relevance. Read more …

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The Yogi & the Commissar

722 words

Translated by M. P.

Arthur Koestler, the author of Le zéro et l’infini (in English, Darkness at Noon), once played an important role in the Spanish Civil War as an agent of the Comintern. Through his writings, he set the tone of an anti-Francoist propaganda that has endured. Later, his deceptions made him an acute critic of Stalinism. Read more …

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