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The Affirmative Action Hoax, a Review

1,878 words

Steven Farron
The Affirmative Action Hoax: Diversity, the Importance of Character and Other Lies
2nd ed., Oakton, Va.: New Century Books, 2010

Some books are important to the Right because they make us view life differently. They ‘red-pill’ us, so to speak, and open our eyes to modes of thinking which have become almost completely obscured by cultural Marxism in recent years. Other books however allow us to red-pill others. Read more …

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Tripping on the Red Pill

2,298 words

Let me tell you a bit about my experiences with the red pill. Drug stories can be fun, in large part because of they provide a transgressive taste of the taboo. This certainly is the case with the effects of this little red pill in the present culture. I will sketch some of my experiences; for many readers this may bring back memories. We can chuckle together about my story, being both in the know, and sharing in the taboo. Read more …

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Faustian Civilization & the New Patriarchy

1,826 words

The reality about women and gender relations is usually the last red pill for a man to take. It is also the hardest and the most emotionally devastating one. While understanding inherent biological racial differences, the truth about Hitler and WWII, and the Jewish Question Read more …

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How to Talk to Conservatives (and Why We Must)

3,282 words

About twenty years ago, I overheard a conversation between two college kids about a subversive new cable television program called South Park. One kid was enthralled by the show’s pointed satire, sophisticated cultural references, and frequent sexual and scatological references. Read more …

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Be Honest with Yourself

1,411 words

Regular readers will need no introduction to the topic. It’s that painful, hand-wringing conundrum of just why other folks won’t “wake up” and realize what’s at stake. It’s that sinking feeling when someone we know and care about regurgitates a canned lined or says they’re taking a trip to a Holocaust museum; and that dinner table silence that confirms they just don’t get it. This article is for those people.  Read more …

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