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Call for Help
We Need the National Renaissance Bulletin, October 1953

230 words

We have two remaining pieces missing from our anthology of Francis Parker Yockey’s shorter writings, The World in Flames, and we are asking to see if any of our readers can help with them. The first is Yockey’s “China estimate,” that he wrote shortly before his death and which received limited circulation in photocopies in the 1970s. We’ve asked about this before, and we do have a lead on it, but if anyone else has a copy of it, it would help to expedite matters.  Read more …

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Counter-Currents Radio Podcast No. 219
The Populist Wave in Europe

405 words / 77:21

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An Update on The World in Flames & a Call for Help

342 words

Our anthology of Francis Parker Yockey’s shorter writings, many previously unpublished, The World in Flames (click for details), has been briefly delayed due to the recent discovery of some previously unknown summaries of and excerpts from issues of Frontfighter, the journal of Yockey’s organization, the European Liberation Front, in FBI files. These are currently being added to the book. Also, we would like to ask if any Counter-Currents readers have a copy of an essay that Yockey wrote on China in 1959, shortly before his death. Read more …

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Nothing New Under the Sun:
A Letter from Francis Parker Yockey

Gerald L. K. Smith

1,881 words

The following is the text of a letter dating from 1950 that Francis Parker Yockey wrote to Adrien Arcand, and is excerpted from Counter-Currents’ imminent publication, The World in Flames, which collects all of Yockey’s extant shorter writings. Arcand was a Québécois Canadian, the leader of the corporatist and Catholic National Unity Party, and a great admirer of Yockey. Read more …

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