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Video of the Day
Russia-24 on Multiculturalism & Migration

98 words / 4:51

Russia-24 news recently broadcast a segment contrasting conflicting attitudes towards multiculturalism in Europe, discussing criminal charges being filed against people who objected to a Polish-Beninese woman being selected as the annual Joan of Arc in France, the rejection of a video application by the Hungarian town of Székesfehérvár to be the EU’s annual Capital of Culture on the grounds that it was too “white and Christian,” and Hungary’s conflict with the EU over migration. It’s interesting what is allowed on the news in Russia. Thanks to our friends at the Hungarian anti-immigration site, Custodela, for the English subtitles!

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Who’s Afraid of Afrikaner Refugees?
Anti-White Hate on Display in Australia

Irene van Niekerk, an Afrikaner who has won numerous gold medals as a runner, is one of many South African whites who live in squatter camps, and for whom the government does little.

1,807 words

Some years ago, before “Alt Right” became a household term, there was a meme going around, usually found in comments sections of news articles and such, that “anti-racism is code for anti-white.” The meme became repetitive, but resonated because of the wealth of unspoken truth it contained. After all, if one performs even a cursory search of the facts with regards to racial crime statistics, the pros and cons associated with being of a certain race, or even the general manner in which so-called “anti-racist” groups target whitey for trying to attain the same rights to self-preservation and self-determination that are taken for granted by other races, then one would realize that something is not right. There is a double standard. Read more …

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Principalities & Powers, Part Six:

A National Guardsman on patrol in Los Angeles during the Rodney King riots.

2,076 words

“Revolutions often succeed,” wrote historian Lewis Namier, “merely because the men in power despair of themselves, and at the decisive moment dare not order the troops to fire.” For four days in May last spring, revolution or something frighteningly close to it rapped hard on America’s door. Not only did the “man in power” — namely, President Bush — dare not order the troops to fire, to judge from his remarks about the so-called “Rodney King verdict,” the country was lucky the President didn’t get out into the streets and start stealing furniture for his Camp David retreat. Read more …

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This is Why We Have Anti-Semitism

1,709 words

John Podhoretz

As I was scrolling through Gab the other day, I witnessed a remarkable little dig at the Jews. A well-known Dissident Right personality named John Rivers shared a tweet by Commentary Magazine editor John Podhorertz’s and commented, “look at this fucking Jew.”

Before I even had a chance to read J-Pod’s tweet, my normie instincts kicked in, and I thought to myself, “My, that was pretty nasty, wasn’t it?” Like many of us, I was neither born with the red pill, nor did I have it thrust upon me. Instead, I achieved it. With the blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims, it took only a few years after paying my own taxes for the first time. But for the Jewish Question, alas, it took decades. Read more …

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The Soros-Bergoglio Axis

2,074 words

I know that many readers of Counter-Currents are anti-Christian, as a subset of their larger rejection of universalist ideologies that are color-blind and race-blind. This was the position of the late Revilo P. Oliver, whose life-long study of religions had led him to the conclusion that both liberalism and Marxism were “succedaneous religions”— Read more …

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Grey December Zeitgeist:
Shades of Spengler, Evola, Nietzsche, & Bukowski

1,626 words

I’m old. I’m grey as December. I’m thinking about moving to a Senior Citizen’s Home that sits near the Liberty Bell and Independence Mall. Read more …

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A White Nationalist Attends a Black Friday Sale

1,213 words

Many White Nationalists say America is becoming nothing more than a place to shop. This is especially true on that quintessential American holiday: Black Friday.

Read more …

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You Never Live Once

2,055 words

The other day, as I was wandering through an IKEA store as family members were finishing up shopping, I saw a young white woman with a striking T-shirt. She wasn’t overtly pretty, nor was she ugly. She wasn’t skinny and she wasn’t fat. But during the five or six seconds we shared in the same section of the store, I could determine a few things about her. Read more …

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“2017 is the New 1968”:
The Latest in the War on Noticing

2,107 words

Those of you who are not fortunate enough to manage to avoid all exposure to mainstream media might have noticed a recent avalanche from the Democrat wing of the collaborator class extolling the similarities between the social and political upheavals of 1968 and those of the current year, the Trump era. Last November these same people were telling their “literally shaking” audience to brace themselves for the end of the world as an unprecedented darkness descended upon America and, because they are at heart small-minded provincials, by extension the entire world. Read more …

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Columbus Day Special
The Autochthony Argument


Michelangelo, Unfinished Slave

2,116 words

Translations: FrenchSpanish

One of the perennial accusations against white colonial societies around the globe—in the Americas, Africa, and the Antipodes—is that they are morally illegitimate because other people were there first. This is what I call the “autochthony argument,” from the Greek “αὐτόχθων,” meaning “springing from the land,” i.e., indigenous.  According to this argument, the original inhabitants of a land are its rightful owners (“finders-keepers”), and it is a violation of these rights for other peoples to displace them. Read more …

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