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The Path of Cinnabar:
An Intellectual Autobiography

Translated by Sergio Knipe
Artkos Media, 2009
284 pages

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Julius Evola (1898–1974) was a renowned Dadaist artist, Idealist philosopher, mystic, anti-modernist, anti-liberal, and scholar of world religions and the occult. The Path of Cinnabar is Evola’s intellectual autobiography. It serves as an ideal introduction to Evola’s writings, for it surveys the whole of his writings, including many works that have not yet been translated into English, discussing the development of his ideas and their historical context. This edition includes several interviews with Evola, plus hundreds of explanatory notes and a complete index.


1. The Path of Cinnabar

2. Personal Background and Early Experiences

3. Abstract Art and Dadaism

4. The Speculative Period of Magical Idealism and the Theory of the Absolute Individual

5. My Encounters with the East and “Pagan” Myth

6. The “Ur Group”

7. My Exploration of Origins and Tradition

8. My Experience with La Torre and Its Implications

9. Hermeticism and My Critique of Contemporary Spiritualism — The Catholic Problem

10. Revolt Against the Modern World and The Mystery of the Grail

11. My Work in Germany and The Doctrine of Awakening

12. The Issue of Race

13. In Search of Men Among the Ruins

14. Bachofen, Spengler, The Metaphysics of Sex, and the “Left-Hand Path”

15. From The Worker to Ride the Tiger

Appendix: Interviews with Julius Evola, 1964–1972

Paperback SALE PRICE: $20