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The Proclamation of London


Francis Parker Yockey
The Proclamation of London
Introduction by Michael O’Meara
Shamley Green: The Palingenesis Project, 2012
140 pages

hardcover: $25


In 1949, Francis Parker Yockey penned The Proclamation of London of the European Liberation Front. In it, he distills the essence of Imperium, his 600-page neo-Spenglerian magnum opus.

The Proclamation of London belongs to the tradition of great political manifestos, including The Communist Manifesto of Marx and Engels, to which it provides the most fundamental alternative.

This handsome new hardcover edition contains explanatory notes, an index, and a major introductory essay by Michael O’Meara, one of the leading scholars of the European New Right.


Introductory Essay by Michael O’Meara

Author’s Introduction

Section I: The Historical Foundations of the Liberation Front

1. The Unity of Western Culture

2. The Age of Materialism

Section II: The Chaos of the Present

A. The Undermining of Nations

1. Class War

2. The Emergence of the Jew

3. Social Degeneration

B. The Deconstruction of the Political Unity of Europe

C. The Destruction of Europe’s World Empire

Section III: The Mission of the Liberation Front


Hardcover: $25