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The Revolt Against Civilization

Lothrop Stoddard
The Revolt Against Civilization
Introduction by Kevin MacDonald
Wermod & Wermod, 2011
262 pp

hardcover: $30


In this classic 1922 book, Lothrop Stoddard examines the point where egalitarian revolutionary movements — particularly the French Revolution and its ultimate offspring in the 20th century, the Bolshevik revolution — intersect with human biodiversity.

Stoddard examines the gradual depletion of cognitive and moral capital from the population due to low fertility among elites and high fertility among the underclasses; the role and methods of ‘tainted geniuses’ in mobilising discontent, particularly during the French and Bolshevik revolutions; and the ticking dysgenic time-bomb in the United States.

Stoddard stresses that averting disaster and improving society demand active policy changes aimed at reversing negative trends and encouraging positive ones, and that these changes will not be made without the development of an eugenic conscience. Rather than the creation of a caste system or an aristocracy, neither of which would guarantee an overall betterment of the population, he proposes fostering the growth of a neo-aristocracy, founded on ability and merit.

Stoddard’s perspective on these matters is unique in that it is both progressive and elitist. Both his trenchant analysis of socio-political population dynamics and his critique of egalitarian revolutionary movements prove astonishingly prescient in an increasingly troubled and turbulent West.

This new edition comes with a scholarly Introduction by Prof. Kevin MacDonald, supplementary footnotes for added background, a new and expanded index, and cover artwork by Alex Kurtagic (Mister [2]).


Introduction by Kevin MacDonald

1. The Burden of Civilization

2. The Iron Law of Inequality

3. The Nemesis of the Inferior

4. The Lure of the Primative

5. The Ground-Swell of Revolt

6. The Rebellion of the Under-Man

7. The War Against Chaos

8. Neo-Aristocracy



hardcover: $30