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Wagner Bicentennial Symposium  
Wagner’s Place in the Germanic Tradition
Part 1: The Origins of Der Ring des Nibelungen

4282-the-dream-of-ossian-jean-auguste-dominique-ingres5,716 words

Part 1 of 8

1. Introduction

Richard Wagner is the man principally responsible for keeping the Germanic mythological tradition alive in the modern world. Countless individuals have been exposed to that tradition through Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen, and it is safe to say that at any given moment somewhere in the world some portion of the Ring is being played or performed. Read more …

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Three Sonnets

360 words

dolmenIn Hollow Hills

Until the world turns black upon the hill
The sleepers wait, within. The time must be
Right. Two ravens must fly. A horn blown, shrill
And high from within, must be heard. So we
Wait, like the wild hunter himself. We must wait
For the signs and sigils of impending
Days. For is not our destiny, our fate,
Linked with the hidden ones and with their king?
Read more …

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Food for Thought

foodforthought460 words

Every month, Counter-Currents publishes a free electronic newsletter. It includes information on our web traffic, most popular articles, upcoming books, special offers, etc.

Read more …

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On the Problem of the Meeting of Religions in East & West

Jacques-Albert Cuttat

Jacques-Albert Cuttat

5,251 words

As East and West is a review devoted not only to the study of Orientalism but also to the problem of the relations between East and West, it may not be out of place to deal here with the ideas on this subject which for some time past Jacques-Albert Cuttat has been championing, though in rather narrow circles.

Cuttat is a Swiss scholar who had devoted himself especially to the comparative study of the different spiritual and religious forms, and who in a first period had joined the French “traditionalist” group heading up by René Guénon. Read more …

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Counter-Currents Radio  
What Socrates Knew:
Socratic Ignorance, Eros, & the Daimonion, Part 1 of 2

honore-daumier-socrates-visiting-aspasia52:06 / 347 words

[jwplayer file=”″ streamer=”rtmp://” provider=”rtmp” duration=”3126″]

To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save target as.”

To subscribe to our podcasts, click here.

In August of 1999, I started an eight-week lecture course called “What Socrates Knew: Plato on Art, Wisdom, and Happiness.”

Read more …

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Skälen för en frivillig död

gaul372 words

English version here

Jag är frisk till kropp och själ, och jag är full av kärlek till min hustru och mina barn. Jag älskar livet och förväntar mig inget därbortom, utöver att mitt folk och min anda ska leva vidare. När jag nu i mitt livs slutskede står inför oerhörda hot mot mitt franska och europeiska hemland, känner jag emellertid att jag måste handla medan jag har styrka att göra det. Jag anser att det är nödvändigt att uppoffra mig själv för att bryta den apati som hemsöker oss. Read more …

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The Careful Gardener

117 words

Durer-aquilegia-vulgarisThe garden has been left unkempt. Now thorn
and thistle thrive, burr, bramble and stinkweed.
The path that led to tulips, once well-worn,
is overgrown with wort and crabgrass seed.

What grand and stately gardens — Egypt, Greece
and Rome, though under the same sun and clouds
they perished. When great civilizations cease
existing their bleak ruins are but shrouds.

Read more …

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The Great Gatsby

Leo-Great-Gatsby2,068 words

Society is decadent when satire is impossible. It’s terminal when criticism is incomprehensible. Baz Luhrmann’s colorful and chaotic re-imagining of The Great Gatsby neatly inverts Fitzgerald’s savage critique of the American Dream, Read more …

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Remembering Oswald Spengler:
May 29, 1880–May 8, 1936

345 words

Oswald Spengler was born on this day in 1880. For his contributions to the philosophy of history and culture, Spengler is one of the most important philosophical influences on the North American New Right, largely by way of his disciple Francis Parker Yockey. Spengler is often wrong, but even when he errs, he does so magnificently. Read more …

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Céline’s Journey to the End of the Night

Celine81,654 words

Translated by Greg Johnson*

Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s extraordinary “pamphlets” — Trifles for a Massacre, The School for Cadavers, A Fine Mess — may have caused many admirers to forget that our recently-minted prophet first surfaced in the literary world as a novelist. It seems to me that Journey to the End of the Night — illustrious though it may be, and as unforgettable as the arrival of a cyclone — is still neglected in accounting for the makeup of the prodigious artistic phenomenon that is Céline. Read more …

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