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Contra la marihuana

bunnies_eating_marijuana866 words

English original here

Dejen sus bongs de lado y escúchenme por unos minutos. Quiero explicar porque creo que la marihuana es una de las más insidiosas substancias conocidas al hombre desde el punto de vista de la auto-realización a largo plazo.

En mi primer año universitario me juntaba con unos porreros. Naturalmente, ellos trataron de compartir su vicio. Read more …

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Wilmot Robertson’s Obituary for Martin Heidegger

Martin Heidgger391 words

Editor’s Note:

Although Instauration pieces are not signed, based on style and content, I believe this obituary for Martin Heidegger was written by Wilmot Robertson.

Martin Heidegger (1889-1976)

As far as we know there is only one atheistic philosopher whose thought ever triggered religious resonances in the soul of his readers. Read more …

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El Factor Moral, Parte 1

Rops_Félicien_-_Pornokratès_-_1878 (1)

Félicien Rops, “Pornokratès,” 1878

2,361 words

Traducción por A. Garrido. Enlace original aquí

Parte 1 de 2

“El hombre no lucha por la felicidad, sólo el inglés lo hace”. – Nietzsche

Las preguntas centrales de la metapolítica tratan sobre identidad, moralidad, y posibilidad.

Como Carl Schmitt sostiene, lo político está basado en la distinción entre ellos y nosotros. La pregunta sobre la identidad es: ¿Quiénes somos nosotros? Y: ¿Quiénes no somos? Específicamente, el Nacionalismo Blanco requiere una respuesta a la pregunta: ¿Quién es blanco? y ¿quién no lo es?  Read more …

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Good Kill

Good_Kill_poster870 words

Good Kill is an OK movie starring Ethan Hawke and directed by New Zealander Andrew Niccol, who also directed Hawke in Gattaca, the dumbest anti-eugenics movie ever made (beautiful but dumb). Hawke plays Major Thomas Egan, an Air Force pilot assigned to pilot drones in the “war on terror.” (Can we have the word “terrorism” back now that George W. Bush is no longer around to mangle it?)

Read more …

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Remembering Louis-Ferdinand Céline:
May 27, 1894–July 1, 1961

Celine_par Loïc Zimmermann162 words

Louis-Ferdinand Céline was the pen name of French novelist, essayist, and physician Louis-Ferdinand-Auguste Destouches, who was born on this day in 1894. Céline is one of the giants of 20th-century literature. And, like Ezra Pound and so many other great writers of the last century, he was an open and unapologetic racial nationalist. For more on Céline, see the following works on this website:  Read more …

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Celine0464 words

Three pamphlets in which he spared none
do not diminish my esteem.
Rats in a stable are not horses.
(How well he knew their beady eyes,
steaming sewers and twisted knives!)

The pamphlets are medals on his chest,
pearls of truth upon his canon,
while the gnawed brown beams of Europe
crumble in the metro slums
and France relents once more, and burns.


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The Enduring Reputation of
Louis-Ferdinand Céline

Celine81,282 words

“The white people invented the atom bomb, and a little later they disappeared.”
—Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Rigadon

May 27th is the 121st birthday of French writer Louis-Ferdinand Céline (real name: Louis-Ferdinand Destouches)—avant-garde novelist, propagandist, dissident, and physician. In America Céline is mainly known for his first two dark, expressionistic novels, first published in the 1930s, Read more …

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Lovecraft’s Bible:
Robert M. Price & the [Un]-Making of the New Testament

Still Doubting, Jn Granville Gregory4,485 words

The Human Bible New Testament
Translated and introduced by Robert M. Price
Cranford, N.J.: American Atheist Press, 2015

Read more …

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Monsters, Madness & Memories:
The Creepy Flash Fiction of Gregory Miller

Johann Heinrich Fuseli, "The Nightmare,"

Johann Heinrich Fuseli, “The Nightmare,”

1,592 words

Gregory Miller
Scaring the Crows: 21 Tales for Noon or Midnight
Illustrations by John Randal York
Pittsburgh: West Arcadia Press, 2014

Read more …

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Against Pot

873 words / 5:39

bunnies_eating_marijuanaSpanish translation here

Audio version: To listen in a player, click here.

To download the mp3, right-click here and choose “save link as” or “save target as.”

To subscribe to our podcasts, click here.

Put your bongs down people and listen to me for a few minutes. I want to explain why I think marijuana is one of the most insidious substances known to man from the point of view of long-term self-actualization.  Read more …

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