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Dugin on Heidegger

Heiegger+Cover+Web3,065 words

Alexander Dugin
Martin Heidegger: The Philosophy of Another Beginning
Ed. and trans. Nina Kouprianova
Preface by Paul E. Gottfried
Whitefish, Mt.: Radix, 2014

Martin Heidegger is one of the most influential philosophers of the 20th century. So it should come as no surprise that Heidegger, a life-long man of the Right, is also an important thinker for the New Right in Europe and North America.

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Thinking Tragically, & Accurately

Depero-Lamp-Candle-Still-Life963 words

If personal anecdote is poor evidence of a more universal truth, then fictional anecdote is even worse, and the foundation of a great novel deserves better. So I propose that there is a place for direct, sustained, quantitive analysis/argument in literary fiction. The main characters and their immediate story need not, and absolutely should not, be touched by this, but the establishment of setting is also important, and this ought to be done, well, with direct, sustained, quantitive analysis/argument.

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Remembering P. R. Stephensen:
November 20, 1901 to May 28, 1965

P. R. Stephensen, circa 1934

227 words

Percy Reginald Stephensen was born on November 20, 1901. Stephensen was a writer, publisher, and political activist dedicated to the interests of the white race and the Australian nation. Like Jack London, Stephensen was an archetypal man of the racially conscious left. He began his political career as a Communist but later moved to the nationalistic, anti-Semitic Right. From 1942 to 1945, he was interned without trial for his pro-German and pro-Japanese sympathies.

Early in his career as a publisher, Stephensen championed the works of Nietzsche, D. H. Lawrence, and Aleister Crowley. Read more …

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Democratic Multiculturalism:
Strategy & Tactics

1,910 words

Norman Rockwell, Study for "Freedom of Speech"

Norman Rockwell, Study for “Freedom of Speech”

A Time to Complain

There are two basic things we need to do: we need to build a new society based upon a new movement (the theme of my Western Destiny blog), while, at the same time, undermining the System, which includes undermining the “movement” — which is actually part of that System (an inept bogeyman, playing a role similar to that of Emmanuel Goldstein in Nineteen Eighty-Four). Today, I have a few words about undermining the System as a whole, built as it is on the ideology of multiculturalism. Read more …

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Was Roman Citizenship Based on Laws for “All of Humanity”?


Corpus Juris Civilis

2,496 words

The claim that the Roman empire was a legally sanctioned multiracial state is another common trope used by cultural Marxists to create an image of the West as a civilization long working itself toward the creation of a universal race-mixed humanity. This is a lie to which patriots of Western Civ must not yield.

The majority of scholars agree that Rome’s greatest contribution to Western Civilization was the development of a formal-rational type of legal order characterized by the logical consistency of its laws, the precise classification of its different types of law, Read more …

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Journalists Lie, People Die 
Who Is Responsible for Ferguson?

1,040 words

demonstrators-defy-curfew-fergusonJournalists are never innocent.

Their job is not to report facts. It is to reinforce a certain Narrative. The Narrative holds that European-Americans, especially heterosexual European-American men, are uniquely culpable for creating systems of oppression. Read more …

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Remembering Wyndham Lewis:
November 18, 1882 to March 7, 1957

151 words

Wyndham_Lewis_photo_by_George_Charles_Beresford,_WWIWyndham Lewis was born on this day in 1882. A first-rate novelist, critic, and painter, he was a leading English exponent of fascist modernism. In honor of his birth, I wish to draw your attention to the following works on this website:

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Hope & Wait

DefianceCvr113 words

For Savitri Devi

Defeated? No, not defeated, not yet,
Not ever. I am not going to forget,
I am not willing to forgive, I am
Not inclined to pretend that any damn
Thing has changed except time. Which I regret,
But I can do nothing about time. Let
It pass, let it roll on, it’s not a threat
To me. I consider that boogeyman
Defeated. No,
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Two New Poems


19th-century Japanese print of “namazu” (the catfish that cause earthquakes) being restrained by a rock.

145 words

Tarn Catfish

When viewed from the grey bridge above
they are black submarines that wait
to be refueled. Each collared dove
is their tanked diesel, the sandy shore
of the green isle their pastel plate.

With gaping mouths they drag them down
to the bone yards of pike and bass,
to the cold water, deep and brown,
then they release them at the door
between the clouds that pass and pass.
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Heidegger in San Francisco

4,563 words

Illustration by Jef Costello

Illustration by Jef Costello

A short story by Jef Costello

The lesbians of Berkeley can strip a man to the bone in thirty seconds. At least, that was what Heidegger had heard. They lumbered around the U.C. Berkeley campus, their large, pale, shapeless bodies suspended in boiler suits. Land manatees with buzzcut heads full of raised consciousness. One of them dropped a few quarters into the cup of coffee Heidegger was holding as he stood on Telegraph Avenue, trying to find his bearings. He had not been enjoying the coffee anyway. Read more …

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